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  • September 28, 2022 5 min read

    How Many mg of CBD are in Your Edibles?

    People want to explore types of CBD and take them differently. The amount of CBD in edibles is not easy to determine. However, use this article to know what CBD edible is, the amount of CBD in an edible, and the factors determining the best dosage for a user.

    The legalization of hemp (from which CBD is derived) in the US caused many discussions about CBD as many people joined in the CBD wave out of curiosity. CBD has been used since immemorial as it is believed to possess medicinal properties. For a long time, CBD was shunned worldwide as it was believed to contain psychoactive properties like marijuana.  in 2018, the US discovered that CBD contains a negligible amount of THC at only 0.3% and could not have a psychotropic effect on the user. Many questions arise about CBD use, and this article will discuss the number of mgs in edibles.

    How Many mg of CBD are in Your Edibles?

    What Is CBD?

    CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a chemical compound (cannabinoids) found in hemp and marijuana. Hemp and marijuana are confused as the same plant. They are not the same, although they belong to the cannabis family. The difference between hemp and marijuana is based on the amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) the cannabis contains. Cannabis is hemp if the THC level is 0.3% or less, if the cannabis has levels above 0.3%, it is referred to as marijuana.

    What Are CBD Edibles?

    As CBD continues to be popular, research about CBD gets more intensive, and the industries infuse as many products in the form, and CBD edibles are one example of CBD products. Other forms of CBD products are topicals and inhalants. A CBD edible is any food or drink infused with CBD. They are consumed and metabolized and are not popular among users who want an instant effect.

    How Much  Mg of CBD in an Edible?

    Lo (2022) stated that the CBD edible could have as little as 1mg CBD although it depends on the size of the edible. The standard amount of CBD in edibles such as gummies is 5 mg per unit; users can re-adjust the amount when they feel they need more CBD. No one knows the proper dosage, as CBD works differently for everyone, but starting with a smaller dosage is always advisable.

    How Many CBD Edibles Should I Consume?

    Working et al.(2022) concluded that there is no standard amount of dosage. Deciding on the proper dosage can be confusing for the new user, but the effect will always determine the right amount that you should consume that you are hoping to get from the CBD edible. However, users should start small when consuming CBD edible. Below is an idea that will guide you on how to buy the CBD edible;

    • Gabaglio et al. (2021) showed that 5 – 10 mg is the best suited for the first-time CBD user or people who want to manage a mild ailment.
    • MacCallum & Russo (2021) suggested that 20-30 mg CBD edibles are for a person who wants to move from the smaller dosage.
    • + 50 mg is the best for the veteran CBD edible user or a person who wants to treat a chronic ailment

    What Determines the Best Dosage for an Individual?

    As the dosage requirements differ from one person to the next depending on the following factors;

    The Body Weight

    Body weight directly correlates with the amount of CBD you should consume. The lighter the body, the less the amount of CBD edibles you will need compared to a heavier person. The relationship between weight and CBD consumption is constant and sometimes related to the user's age. A person with less weight needs a lesser dosage of CBD edibles than a person with more weight.

    The Metabolism

    Metabolism is the rate at which our body converts food into energy. It is related to the activities that you engage in. However,  if your lifestyle is sedentary, your metabolism will be lower than a physically active person. A person who does not engage in activities needs less dosage than an active person. When you are not physically active, CBD takes more time to kick in than when you are active. That means the CBD will wear out faster in active persons than those who spend most of the day at a desk.

    The Spectrum of CBD Edible

    Spectrums are categories of CBD edibles based on their effectiveness. A CBD spectrum with several chemical cannabis compounds is more effective than a CBD spectrum with only one chemical component because the user experiences the entourage effect, meaning that the user gains more from a group than they would from only one chemical component. You will need less dosage for the most effective spectrums. The following are the main types of CBD spectrums;

    The Full-Spectrum CBD Edible

    The full-spectrum CBD edible is the most effective of the three types of CBD spectrums because it contains a majority of cannabis compounds, including THC. The user experiences the entourage effect.

    The Broad-Spectrum CBD Edible

    The broad-spectrum CBD edible has as many chemical compounds as the full spectrum edible. It does not have THC; the entourage effect experienced is not as strong as the one experienced with the full spectrum CBD edible. It is the best spectrum for users who want to enjoy CBD without THC.

    The CBD Isolate Edible

    The CBD isolate edible is the purest CBD spectrum, and the user does not experience the entourage effect because it only has one cannabis chemical component. It is also the mildest spectrum and the best for the first-time CBD edible user.

    The Potency of the CBD Edible

    The potency is determined by how strong the CBD edible is. The CBD edible with the most CBD per milligram is the most potent.

    The Ailment Being Addressed

    Legal (2022) stated that CBD could be used to manage anxiety, pain, insomnia, seizures, and many other ailments. Acute ailments will need less CBD dosage than chronic ailments. For instance, a person seeking to manage anxiety will need less dosage than someone coping with depression. Larsen et al. (2020) observed that the higher dosages were better for people treating chronic illnesses.

    Body Chemistry

    How your body reacts to the CBD edible will determine the dosage; if the reaction is too harsh, you may need to reduce the dosage. Learn more about benefits of cbd edibles


    The dosage has always been a topic that arouses the most curiosity while producing the least satisfactory answers. However, industries pack CBD edibles in as little as 5 mg so the user can increase the dosage to the desired amount. CBD edibles in higher dosages also exist, and the user can reduce the amount to the level they can tolerate. Various factors determine the dosage requirement, such as the body weight, the metabolism, the CBD spectrum, and the ailment being addressed. The body chemistry is an essential determinant because the user should continue using the CBD edible insofar as they get the desired effect. Learn more about do cbd edibles really work?


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