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  • August 16, 2022 6 min read

    Understanding CBD Edibles: What Is the Deal With Cookies?

    CBD edibles are CBD products used through ingesting. Read this article to learn more about the meaning of CBD, what CBD cookies are, the advantages of using a CBD edible over inhaling CBD, and the benefits of CBD to the body.

    The only way to consume CBD is through fire. Adding it to baking gained popularity because people realized that you could feel the same effect that you could feel of CBD in food too. It became a common trend to include CBD in baked products, making it perfect for non-smokers and people who wish to consume CBD discreetly. Instead of having friends enjoying the party while inhaling CBD, you can have it as a cookie. Having CBD as a cookie is safer for your lungs and more environmentally friendly than inhaling CBD

    Understanding CBD Edibles: What Is the Deal With Cookies?

    What Is CBD

    CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are two of many chemical components found in hemp and marijuana. You may wonder why marijuana is not legally accepted in the same countries where hemp is legally accepted. The CBD from marijuana is illegal in some countries, while CBD from hemp is legal in the same countries. Marijuana and hemp are not the same, and the difference arises from the difference in THC composition. Sharma et al. (2012) noted that THC is the component that makes marijuana have psychoactive properties.THC is the chemical compound responsible for you feeling "high." Hemp has less THC, 0.3%, while marijuana has more THC, 50% to 90%. Therefore, CBD from hemp is more commonly used in most products than CBD from marijuana. When buying a CBD product, you can check the package information for details on whether it is from hemp or marijuana. You can also know by checking the THC percentage. If it goes way over 0.3%, you will know that the CBD product is from marijuana, and if it is 0.3% or less, you will know that it is from hemp. CBD products come in various forms: soap, lotions, toners, candles, and cookies. VanDollah et al. (2019) stated that CBD benefits the body as an anti-inflammatory, painkiller, stress reliever, and part of the treatment plan for ailments such as arthritis, epilepsy, and multi-sclerosis. Ashton (2022) stated that CBD added also be used to manage panic attacks.

    What are CBD Cookies?

    CBD cookies are taken by the mouth and ingested. The CBD cookie can be purchased as ready-made products, or you may add the CBD to your food as an ingredient like baking with it. You can also add it to drinks. Some of the most common ready-made cookies in the market are gummies and cookies. For a long time, inhaling was the only way a user could use CBD. This meant that non-smokers could not use CBD, but nowadays, CBD products are in many forms, and anyone can use them in the form that suits them most.

    Advantages Of CBD Cookies Over Inhaling CBD

    Below are the advantages of CBD cookies over other inhaling CBD;

    You Can Make Some Cookies at Home

    Cookies are easy to bake, and turning them into CBD cookies will only involve infusing the CBD into the baking batter. Cookies have always been a thing, especially at parties. Cookies are environment friendly while smoking is not. You can make CBD cookies at home and share them with friends so that they may enjoy the benefits of CBD. According to Schoedel et al.(2018), CBD cookies make the user relax and improve their mood without making them euphoric.


    The CBD cookies are discreet. When people see you eating the cookie, they will not imagine that it is anything more than a cookie which makes it best suited for emergencies and as a painkiller. It is a perfect choice for people who do not want to pay attention to themselves when using CBD as smoking.

    You Can Munch Your CBD Cookie Anywhere

    You need not be in a perfect place to have your CBD cookie; if you were smoking CBD, you might have offended some people, or you will have to find a designated place for smokers to have your CBD. This makes smoking CBD the worst choice for emergencies, and CBD cookies are among the best choices.

    It Does Not Damage the Lungs

    Smoking harms the lungs, while CBD cookies will not harm any organ. Smoking is bad for the user and the passive smokers. Passive smokers suffer the same lung problems as active smokers. Cookies are a neat option for smoking.

    The CBD Effect Lasts Longer

    When you inhale the CBD, the effects may kick in as soon as you use it. The effect on the body will not last much longer after the smoking ends. When you take the CBD cookie, the body takes longer to ingest it as it must go through the intestines and the liver for metabolism. The effects remain long after the CBD cookie is ingested.

    The Benefits of CBD Cookies to the Body

    Types of CBD

    Brockway (2020) suggested that CBD products are not the same. Some are more effective than others, depending on their chemical composition. The more the chemical compounds, the more effective the CBD product. The entourage effect is achieved when a CBD product has more than one chemical compound.


    When CBD comes in the full spectrum, it contains THC, Terpenes, and Cannabinoids. It is worth noting that the presence or lack of THC will determine if the CBD can have intoxicating effects or not because THC is responsible for the psychoactive qualities. The full-spectrum CBD is considered the most effective. CBD products are grouped into categories known as spectrums. The following are the main spectrums that your CBD cookie may belong to;

    CBD Isolate

    CBD isolate is pure CBD and does not contain all the other compounds of cannabis. CBD isolate products are considered the least effective spectrum of CBD products because they only have one chemical compound – CBD.


    When cannabis is described as a broad spectrum, it contains all the other compounds of cannabis except THC. The broad spectrum is more effective than the CBD isolate because it has a variety of chemical compounds.


    The full-spectrum CBD is considered the most effective because it has a variety of chemical compounds. When CBD comes in the full spectrum, it contains THC, Terpenes, and Cannabinoids. The presence or lack of THC will determine if the CBD can have intoxicating effects or not because THC is responsible for the psychoactive qualities.

    How to Choose a CBD Cookie

    The CBD cookies may be safe for you, but it is prudent that first-time users of CBD seek medical advice from a professional. There is an influx of CBD cookies in the market; the cookies are now readily available both online and offline, but some CBD cookies have additives and impurities that may harm your health. Some people have medical conditions that may not be compatible with CBD. The doctor may recommend the best CBD cookie, or an alternative, for you and may even recommend the best place for you to get the CBD cookies.


    There is an influx in the CBD community as people want CBD products in other forms, and the industries are making CBD products to meet the user's demands. A variety of CBD products and edibles seem to be the most popular, probably because they are discreet. You may get CBD edibles in many forms, including infusing your homemade food and drinks with CBD. Cookies are a great idea because you may have them for parties, and you will inform your guests of their contents.


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