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  • September 01, 2022 5 min read

    Vapes, Tinctures, Topicals, and Edibles: Which Is the Best Way to Take CBD? 

    CBD recently gained popularity due to the endless benefits linked to it. There are numerous methods of taking CBD, from vapes, tinctures, and topicals to edibles. With these methods, many consumers often argue and wonder about the best method to take CBD.  

    Over recent years, hemp products have become popular, especially CBD. This is based on the ongoing research on the potential benefits of CBD and hemp and the recent legalization of hemp as an industrial raw material. CBD is of important value to the body whether used topically or ingested. Cannabidiol (CBD) extracts comprise other cannabinoids and chemicals, including terpenes, vitamins, antioxidants, and flavonoids that deal with inflammation, skin issues, and mental illness. These findings are based on the research that proved that hemp could cure a rare type of epilepsy. CBD products come in different formats, which include: vapes, topicals, gummies, oils, and tinctures, which can be delivered to the body in various methods.

    Vapes, Tinctures, Topicals, and Edibles: Which Is the Best Way to Take CBD?

    CBD Administration

    As mentioned earlier, there are several methods of taking CBD; with these methods, effectiveness will vary. Also, the intake method will determine the CBD product to be used. Other factors will also come into play to determine CBD's effectiveness, including; gender, sex, and the potency and purity of the hemp extract that CBD was derived. Even so, here are the various methods by which CBD can be taken. 


    There are two types of vapes; concentrate and CBD vape juice. Vaping utilizes a specially formulated liquid known as vape juice which comprises propylene, vegetable glycol, and CBD extract. These ingredients are blended in a perfect ratio to ensure you benefit from CBD and stay safe when smoking. The vape juice is then heated up into vapor by a unique device known as a vape pen. They can be smoked. The use of vapes is arguably the fastest way of CBD intake since the vapor reaches the bloodstream quicker via the lungs. Even so, the effects of vaping are not long-lasting as compared to other methods of taking CBD. Vapes may be helpful in stressful situations where instant results are needed. According to Razavi et al. (2021), CBD comprises anxiolytic properties that come in handy in dealing with stress and anxiety.


    Tinctures or CBD drops are specially formulated liquids suspended in an alcohol solution and mixed with CBD. Sublingual intake is the standard and ideal method of using CBD tinctures; even so, some suggest that tinctures can be added to food. It involves placing the drops under the tongues and then holding them in the mouth for a minute or so for the drops to be absorbed into the body. This method is more productive as CBD takes a shorter time to reach the bloodstream through the numerous blood vessels under the tongue. Sublingual intake also makes tinctures the most suitable method of CBD intake as CBD maintains its potency, which would otherwise be lost through digestion in the case of edibles. Furthermore, the effects of tinctures last over long periods of up to four hours as compared to vaping, whose effects last only minutes. Tinctures thus come in handy when looking for long-term effects of CBD. The only downside that comes with the use of tinctures.


    The topical use of CBD involves the use of CBD directly on the skin. This will include skincare and healthcare products laced with CBD extract. CBD skincare products come in handy for skin dryness and nourishing the skin. Though still under research, CBD is also beneficial in combating acne and other skin-related issues. The hair healthcare industry has also used CBD in hair products such as shampoo and conditioners, as CBD can be helpful in hair growth and nourishment. Baral et al. (2020) noted that CBD contains fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6, which come in handy in stimulating hair growth and other benefits. CBD balms are also useful in pain relief, and they are gaining popularity, especially with athletes, where they can be applied in specific areas to relieve muscle and joint pain. Studies also show that CBD balms could also be used to offer pain relief to arthritis patients. Khaleghi (2020) stated that CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties, which come in handy in relieving pain.       


    Edibles are foods infused with CBD oil, either cooked or baked. They include; brownies, gummies, cakes, candy, and cookies. Consuming edibles is a good way of CBD intake as it involves chewing and swallowing your preferred edibles. The use of edibles will deploy the digestive system, which will affect the edibles' potency level. Furthermore, through the digestive system, CBD will take a relatively long period to reach the bloodstream making edibles inconvenient in instances where instant relief is required. Even so, edibles offer long-term effects to the user since CBD is released gradually into the bloodstream. What makes edibles popular among CBD users is that they are discreet and can be used anywhere, whether at home or on the go. Taking edibles is also safer as there is a reduced risk of overdosing since they come in defined dosages. According to Tzadok et al. (2016), CBD can help with gastrointestinal problems. Therefore, edibles are often recommended for people with gastrointestinal issues


    There are various methods of taking CBD extracts, including vapes, tinctures, CBD oils, and edibles. The question of which method of taking CBD is better in terms of efficiency and the time taken to experience the effects is not a straight answer. This is because efficiency depends on the hemp extraction method, the existence of other cannabinoids and compounds, and purity. For example, vapes are the fastest methods of CBD ingestion, but their effects are short-lived. Edibles take a more extended period to take effect, but their long-term effects. With this knowledge, you now know what to go for if you want to try CBD. It is also essential to get advice from a doctor or professional in the related field about CBD products and their effects.


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