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  • by Nicola Boulton August 16, 2022 5 min read


    One does not need CBD in oil or capsules to experience its effects. CBD users can equally enjoy the benefits through their food or drinks to experience the effects.

    The exponential rise in cannabis derivative products has prompted manufacturers of CBD products to create novel ways of appealing to consumers. Ideally, CBD products exist in solid, liquid, or vapor. Users experience the benefits of CBD in each form depending on their tastes and preferences. Currently, CBD can be infused in drinks or food and consumed like ordinary snacks or as food additives. This article discusses CBD edibles, listing their health benefits, side effects, and how to get quality edibles in the cannabis market.


    What is CBD?

    CBD is abbreviated from cannabidiol. It is a derivative of the cannabis sativa plant and the second most abundant compound in Hemp after THC. Unlike THC, CBD does not have psychoactive effects. The cannabis plant has many compounds called cannabinoids with various health benefits (Williams, & Nutbrown, 2021).

    CBD is derived from the hemp plant using different methods. The CO2 extraction method is essential for providing the purest CBD from the hemp plant (Aladić et al., 2015). CBD can be made in different forms; tinctures, gummies, oil, or balms, among other forms. These CBD products may also contain up to 0.3% THC; this amount of THC is not enough to make the user feel “high.” There are three different types of CBD. These are broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and CBD isolates. Broad-spectrum CBD contains other cannabinoids apart from THC. Full-spectrum contains all cannabinoids, including THC, while the isolates only contain CBD (Marinotti  & Sarill, 2020).

    What are CBD edibles?

    Astray et al. (2021) described the prospects of CBD edibles and how they are infused in food or drinks. The most common edibles are infused as a tea, coffee, cookies, cakes, wines, candy, and energy drinks. These edibles deliver CBD to the bloodstream through the digestive and endocannabinoid systems, respectively. Normally, CBD edibles consumers do not prefer the product in tinctures or capsules. Drops make the edibles of CBD oil into food or drinks. However, some CBD might be lost while cooking due to high temperatures. Therefore, users should infuse the CBD at moderate heat. To ensure the edibles have a reasonable amount of CBD, they should add larger amounts of the oil to compensate for the content lost in the heating process. Like other CBD products, CBD edibles come in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate forms. Users can get the products from the local market or prepare them at home.

    Benefits of CBD edibles

    The following are the health benefits obtained from CBD edibles:

    Treating anxiety

    Edibles are very effective in treating anxiety. CBD contains antidepressant properties that treat anxiety and depression. Research has shown that CBD edibles can improve sleep by reducing anxiety (Astray et al., 2021).

    Treat pain

    CBD corrupts the receptors responsible for relaying pain signals to the brain. Additionally, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that suppress pain caused by inflammation (Hammel et al., 2015). Patients with diseases such as arthritis can benefit from the edibles.

    Treating seizures

    CBD edibles can be administered to patients who experience seizures. The drug contains anti-seizure properties that can benefit patients with epilepsy. US Food and Drug Administration approved using Epidiolex, a CBD drug that treats seizures in children with severe epilepsy (Britch et al., 2021). However, patients with epilepsy should take CBD products only if administered by an experienced doctor.

    Are CBD edibles legal?

    Brunetti et al. (2021) observed that CBD edibles are legalized or prohibited based on the country's policy on cannabis use. Some countries have legalized the use of Cannabis and all its constituents. In contrast, other prohibits select compounds in Cannabis. 

    How long do CBD edibles take to work?

    Unlike CBD oil, vapes, and capsules, edibles might take more than an hour manifest. However, the effects of edibles are long-lived compared to vapes and capsules.

     How many CBD edibles should you take?

    CBD is not well absorbed in the gut. Therefore, users might have to consume higher amounts of edibles to feel their effects. Luckily, CBD is safe for all healthy adults. It does not have serious side effects even when ingested in higher amounts. However, users can boost CBD absorption by taking the edibles on empty stomachs. Fatty meals can also boost absorption.

    Can CBD edibles make you fail a drug test?

    CBD edibles may contain a small amount of THC that is illegalized in many social spheres. However, the amount of THC in edibles is negligible and cannot affect a drug test. Users should consume broad-spectrum or isolates for lower THC in blood.

    How to buy quality CBD edibles

    The main secret to quality CBD edibles is the Certificate of Analysis (COA). Usually, the COA shows the results of third-party testing. Third-party analysis indicates the amount of CBD and THC in a product. It also shows the contamination levels from heavy metals, solvents, or bacteria. The manufacturer should provide this certificate indicating transparency and commitment to quality.


    CBD edibles are foods or drink infused with CBD. They have long-lasting effects on the body compared to tinctures and capsules. People take edibles to relieve anxiety, and pain, improve moods, and treat seizures. The quality of the CBD edibles depends on the manufacturing process; the CO2 extraction process provides the purest CBD ingredients; consumers should prefer the products extracted using the CO2 extraction methods. Lastly, users should analyze the COA for harmful metals and chemical contamination. Buy CBD edibles from licensed sellers in countries that have legalized cannabis.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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