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August 16, 2022 5 min read

What Are CBD Edibles Vs. CBD Capsules?

CBD edibles and capsules are the main ways you can have CBD. Read this article to read more about the difference between CBD edibles and CBD Oil Capsules and the types of CBD edible and CBD Pills.

Think of any form you would like to purchase your CBD product; the product already exists in the market. CBD edibles and capsules are examples of the types of products available in the market. CBD edibles include all the forms that CBD can be ingested. The CBD edibles are like food or are part of a meal. They may be the usual food or snack you consume, except that they have been infused with CBD. You may cook food or have a drink to act as a carrier of CBD. CBD capsules are consumed, but they are not food. The capsule is swallowed to be processed in the digestive system. Learn more about how do cbd edibles work?

What Are CBD Edibles Vs. CBD Capsules?

What Is CBD

CBD(cannabidiol) and THC( tetrahydrocannabinol) are chemical compounds in hemp and marijuana. You may wonder why hemp is legal in a country where it is illegal to use marijuana, yet they both belong to the cannabis family. Hemp and marijuana are not the same, and the main difference between them is based on the composition of THC. Mizzi (2022), THC is the component that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties. When you use marijuana and feel "high, " the component responsible for that feeling is THC. Palamar et al. (2014) noted that some countries illegalize THC because it can make you euphoric. Marijuana is illegal in some countries because it contains 50% to 90% THC and hemp is not illegal in most countries because it only contains 0.3%. You only need to look at the THC percentage if you purchase a CBD product and wonder whether it has been extracted from marijuana or hemp. It is hemp if it is 0.3% or below and marijuana if it is high.

The Difference Between CBD Edibles and CBD Capsules

A CBD edible is any food infused with CBD. It undergoes the complete digestive process from the mouth, so you will chew it and swallow it. CBD edibles are in different forms, such as gummies, baked treats, chocolates, lollipops, raw honey, sugar candies, and infused beverages when shopping for CBD edibles. Stella et al. (2021) stated that the Cannabidiol Pills contain some drops of oil, which act as the carrier of the CBD, and the Cannabidiol Capsules are swallowed whole and not chewed like the CBD edibles. Below are the other differences between CBD edibles and Cannabidiol Tablets;


CBD edibles take longer than CBD capsules to start functioning. The CBD  edibles take an hour to start feeling their effect, but the effect of the CBD can last up to 4-6 hours. Food passes through the liver for filtering and is released to other body parts for absorption. According to Campbell (2022), The absorption of CBD Tablets is faster than the CBD edibles because there is no food to be digested, and the caps effortlessly dissolve in the stomach. But that does not make it better or faster to start being effective than CBD edibles because CBD capsules will also take 1 hour for you to feel the effects and 4-to 6 hours for effect to last.


The CBD edibles are not strictly set; therefore, it is upon the user to determine the amount that is safe to use, and some may have the amount that you may have per serving. CBD Oil Capsules have a dosage, but it eventually depends on your need for the CBD capsule. You may need a doctor's opinion for both the CBD edibles and the CBD Softgels to know the dosage you need to achieve the desired effects.


CBD edibles and CBD capsules are discreet. The CBD edibles seem more discreet because it will seem normal to someone watching you take your snack, food, or drink no matter where you are, but if you suddenly pop a capsule to cope with anxiety or panic attacks, it may catch someone's attention. Learn more about benefits of edible cbd products

Types Of CBD Edibles And CBD Capsules

CBD edibles and Cannabidiol Softgels come in the three main types of CBD. CBD products are placed in categories known as spectrums. The most effective spectrum has more components, and the least effective spectrum will have only one component. When you use the most effective spectrum, you will experience what is known as the entourage effect, meaning that the CBD product is effective because it has a variety of chemical compounds. Below are the main spectrums that CBD edibles and Cannabidiol Capsules may belong;

The Broad-Spectrum

The broad- spectrum contains other compounds such as terpenes and flavonoids but lacks THC. People who want to enjoy relaxation, and be calm in what is known as the entourage effect, may use CBD edibles and capsules in the broad spectrum. The entourage effect is achieved when you benefit more from a host of compounds found in a plant than when the compounds are used as individuals.

CBD Isolate

The CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD and does not contain other compounds of the cannabis plant. All the other compounds are removed except CBD. CBD isolates are usually 99% pure. Although they are pure, they are considered less effective than the CBD grouped in the broad and full- spectrum.


The full spectrum includes CBD, THC, flavonoids, and terpenes. If you are looking for CBD edibles and capsules that have some natural scent and earthy flavor, then the full spectrum may be perfect. The full spectrum is the most effective of all the spectrums, but it may be unavailable in some countries because of the presence of THC. THC is illegal in some countries because of its psychoactive effects.


Gone are the days when the only way you could feel the benefits of CBD was through inhaling, which meant that non-smokers could not use CBD products. CBD is getting more popular with time as people are getting wooed by its benefits to the body. Industries are working towards making CBD as easy to consume as possible by including it in every product possible. Inhaling CBD may cause lung problems. The current options for using CBD by inhaling are safe and discreet. You can now purchase CBD in a variety of forms like as soaps, candles, gummies, skin care products, CBD edibles, CBD capsules, etc


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