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  • by Nicola Boulton September 01, 2022 5 min read


    What do you think is the relationship between stress and sleep? How can CBD help relieve stress and boost your sleep cycle? Herein is all you need to know about the relationship between stress & sleep and CBD's effects on them.

    If you are stressed and getting inadequate sleep, understand that this can affect anyone. Numerous things or life challenges, including relationship conflicts, poor working environment, and more, can always trigger prolonged exploration to stress. Generally, this can result in low-quality or shorter sleep duration without proper relaxation. Moreover, improving your sleep pattern depends on how you operate your lifestyle. Sleep can also be affected depending on the level of stress disorder. Therefore, improving your sleep cycle will depend on coping with chronic stress.

    Furthermore, improving the quality of your sleep can also differ depending on the strategy taken. Some might be easy to control, while others can be challenging. But how can stress affect the quality of your sleep?

    How Chronic Stress Affects Sleep

    Most people often experience perceived threats. Generally, this can come in different forms, including physical, real, imagined, or psychological threats when the stress hormone in your body is triggered by the release of glucocorticoids such as cortisol. The endocrine system releases this, and other stress hormones create a high energy level that helps fight running from any present and real danger. Additionally, the negative feedback loop in the central nervous system that is mediated by the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) controls the endocrine system responses. It happens when a healthy stress response is involved in a cortisol spike. Generally, it is essential to understand that HPA is critical in ensuring your sleep cycle is well-modulated. Moreover, prolonged stress levels can greatly affect your sleep duration, HPA access hyperactivity, delta power, and reduced REM sleep. These factors lead to poor quality sleep, poor mood regulation, and impaired memory. Learn more about how to get more deep sleep?

    Stress Management Sleep Strategies

    Sleep problems are a great challenge to many. It affects different people regardless of their age, gender or income. But dealing with sleep problems compounded by the effects of stress can be easier when you understand the strategies or techniques to implement. Coping up with stress can be done in numerous forms, including consuming CBD products. However, the most common stress management methods include proper medication and breathing exercises. Most people believe these techniques can greatly reduce stress levels in your body. Generally, it is essential to manage stress levels and improve your sleep pattern. Learn more about how to go sleep faster?

    Can CBD Oil Help with Sleep?

    According to Shannon et al. (2019), CBD oil and other related forms of CBD can greatly help sleep disorders. Most people have long used cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes. THC and CBD affect your system differently when consumed. CBD is linked to numerous health benefits, including reducing pain, anxiety, and depression. But research also proves that CBD products can also be used to improve the sleep cycle. However, the effect of CBD oil on your body will depend on various factors, including age, body, and weight. Studies show that taking a high CBD dosage can support sleep. Generally, a CBD dosage between 25 and 175 mg can be the perfect choice for someone struggling with troubled sleep. These studies prove that CBD products are the best choice for boosting your sleep pattern. Moltke et al. (2021) explained that CBD oil could also help in other symptoms like anxiety, stress, and depression that can greatly affect your sleep cycle. If you plan to use CBD for stress, you must visit your doctor or physician for a dosage prescription.

    How Can CBD Help with Sleep?

    Research on the overall effects of CBD on sleep is limited. But most people who have used CBD for chronic pain prove they had a quality sleep. However, it is still unclear if people using CBD have a better sleep because of the pain relief or direct consumption of CBD. Shannon et al. (2016)  suggested that CBD products positively affect sleep disorders. However, using CBD for a sleep disorder is not something experienced by everyone. Also, a different dosage of CBD can lead to contradicting effects, which will determine the level of stress reduced. Research also shows that a low dosage of CBD is good for depression and anxiety, while a high dosage can be ideal for sleep disorders. Additional research on CBD oil for a sleep disorders is still needed for deeper understanding.

    Our CBD Oil Good for Stress

    VanDolah (2019) explained that CBD oil could help reduce stress levels for people who take it. Generally, the emerging research on CBD suggests that it is an ideal product that can help with different symptoms, including depression, panic disorder, and anxiety. By protecting you against chronic stress and dampening your stress response, CBD oil can help prevent you from any condition related to stress disorders. Stress prevention and other related conditions like anxiety and depression can help improve your sleep pattern. However, CBD products are yet to be proved to be a solution to psychiatric conditions, meaning more research is required to evaluate their effectiveness on stress and sleep.

    What is the Effect of CBD on Sleep and Stress?

    Cannabidiol (CBD) is known for its vast positive effects on human health. This product comes with a wide range of health benefits, including pain relief, reducing stress, anxiety, & depression, boosting the sleep cycle, and more. Generally, the effects of CBD on your system depend on the purpose of use, weight, dosage, and body. Its reaction and effectiveness also depend on how your body responds to the dosage. Studies show that an individual can take CBD to reduce stress. The positive effects of CBD on stress disorder will help improve your sleep pattern. However, for anyone with stress and sleep problems, you will need a high dosage of CBD for it to be effective in your system.


    Not all problems related to sleep affect you as a result of stress. Your sleep pattern can also be affected by natural aging or menopause. Moreover, certain medications, alcohol, drugs, or caffeine, can greatly affect your sleep. However, if your sleep pattern is affected by stress disorder, then the best solution for restoring your sleep cycle is CBD consumption. Taking CBD in a prescribed dosage can positively affect your sleep and stress levels. Generally, CBD can lower stress levels, giving you quality and deep sleep. CBD oil is the product you need to manage your stress levels and improve your sleep pattern.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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