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  • by Nicola Boulton September 27, 2022 6 min read

    The Benefits of CBD Products Are Loud and Clear! But Does It Really Work?

    One may find that each product sold in the market has benefits and, at the same time, side effects. Like any other product, cannabidiol can also fall on the same list but is really what most will expect, having more benefits and the same time, side effects.

    Cannabidiol is the major cannabis compound having wider applications in today's world. Not only does cannabidiol serve therapeutic purposes, but it is also essential for a nutritional approach. This has made most people get through their comfort zone of procrastinating and hesitation and embrace it. This article will discuss the benefits of cannabidiol as a cannabis compound while providing solid facts on the side effects. The benefits shall be discussed include and are not limited to anxiety, stress and others. Additionally, one will have a look at the cannabidiol its relationship with THC and its types. Peer into the article and obtain a bunch of factual information.

    CBD vs. THC

    Researching cannabidiol, which can also be referred to as CBD, you might have been bothered to know the preliminary information about it, which is the definition and its cousin. Therefore, cannabidiol is one of the compounds extracted from cannabis sativa or hemp. It is the most recognized compound since it serves in a wide range of therapeutic applications. It is also considered to have a cousin known as THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. According to Lachenmeier et al. (2019), THC is a compound like cannabidiol, but it is responsible for causing a 'high' effect in an individual after consumption of cannabis sativa. Despite some people confusing the two, a typical cannabidiol consumer might have realized that the duos are different. The fact that CBD can be consumed and have no effect mentally while THC can cause shows that they are apart.

    CBD Glossary

     Cannabidiol has different types according to the level of THC and the number of compounds used. There are three types of CBD: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate. Below is a discussion of each of them: Learn more about is cbd psychoactive?


    This type of cannabidiol contains all the compounds of cannabis sativa except THC. Therefore, according to Sarbadhikari et al. (2001), a broad spectrum can be taken without causing psychoactive chaos. Are you in need of a cannabidiol type that can either be incorporated into the diet or taken directly, enjoying all the cannabidiol types and still feels no alteration in mind? Taking broad-spectrum will be good.


    Full-spectrum is a type of cannabidiol that contains all the compounds of cannabis sativa with atleast 0.3% of THC. It has an outrageous effect enabling one to treat several pains and infections. Wallace et al. (2020) noted that the benefits of full-spectrum cannabidiol include treatment of cancer, alleviation of chronic pain, and reduction of anxiety and stress. However, full-spectrum cannabidiol is not suitable for the first CBD consumers since it contains an earthy smell that discourages one from it. Moreover, it is associated with psychoactive effects due to the THC it contains; hence one should be careful not to use much of it. If one wants to enjoy all the benefits contained in CBD, it is advisable to go for full-spectrum.

    CBD Isolate

    This is the purest form of cannabidiol made of no compound from the cannabis plant. Are you the first cannabidiol consumer who wants to benefit from it? Going for CBD isolate will be the best option for you without hesitation. CBD isolate is free from any weird taste or odor, enabling one to incorporate it into the food. However, cannabidiol isolate has a limited number of benefits since it has no compound from the cannabis plant.

    Potential Benefits of CBD

    The benefits of cannabidiol indeed are what push us to explore it. If one has ever used CBD and is researching about it, knowing the benefits will make that person cling to it, viewing it as the solution to problems. Are you interested in knowing the benefits of cannabidiol? Below are its potential benefits:

    Treat Anxiety

    Leaving with anxiety can be overwhelming; hence one may die within a short while. Studies have shown that cannabidiol can be used for treating or reducing anxiety. How can this be achieved, and is it realistic? Such questions may arise, making one doubt if such benefit is valid. According to Boggs et al. (2018), CBD stimulates one’s endocannabinoid receptors to release chemical compounds that reduce anxiety aiming at making one calm.

    Treat Cancer

    Being a cancer victim makes one have a thin line between death and life. Over the years, cancer has been recorded as one of the deadliest diseases worldwide. Studies by Lukhele et al. (2016) suggested that cannabidiol treats cancer by working on the cancer cells. If one is living with cancer or has one suffering from it, consult the doctor and get a dose, which will enable you to sustain the cells in good condition. Learn more about how to get rid of a hangover?

    Alleviate Chronic Pain

    You may hear someone crying about pain from either side of the body or in the joints, or you may be the one. If so, consider getting a prescription from a doctor or buying cannabidiol from a nearby station and get your pain relieved. According to Fine et al. (2013), cannabidiol stimulates the production of compounds by the body's endocannabinoid system, enhancing pain relief.

    Boost Sleep

    Lack of sleep hinders one's performance at work and concentration on duty assigned. Sleep may not be achievable, especially if one has pain all over the body. According to Brezing et al. (2018), considering cannabidiol can enable one to achieve the maximum sleep a human being should have, hence well preparedness for the next day's activity. More researches are yet to be conducted to reveal the interaction of cannabidiol with sleep; hence one should consider a doctor's consultation before concluding to use it.

    Potential Side Effects of CBD

    One may find that every product that has something to do with life has benefits and, at the same time, side effects. This is not far from cannabidiol and its products; hence one should consider being careful when using such products. Here are potential side effects one will be exposed to incase of bad usage:

    1. According to Moltke et al. (2021), CBD causes dry mouth
    2. Diarrhea
    3. Fatigue associated with loss of focus
    4. According to Gilmartin et al. (2021), CBD interacts with medications
    5. May cause nausea and migraines
    6. Results of loss of appetite


    For a product to be bought, one must have accurate and satisfactory information concerning its use. Inaccurate know-how about the product may expose one to the dangers and risks of using that product. Consequently, unsatisfactory information makes one doubtful about a particular product. As time progresses, many states and countries worldwide are yet to legalize cannabidiol. Don't we need to have information at our fingertips concerning the benefits one may get and the side effects underlying it? This article has given the benefits of cannabidiol, but more researches are yet to be done to have full knowledge of it. Although the benefits might be sound, one should look at the side effects to ensure they are free from dangers. One needs to know the types of cannabidiol to enable easy decisions that will prioritize your peace. Get more information and have your favorite type of CBD that will meet the demands.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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