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  • by Nicola Boulton September 03, 2022 6 min read

    CBD Bioavailability: How to Harness the Power of CBD

     All CBDs are not the same. However, CBD provides both healing and health benefits. It is so convenient to most of the drug conventional because of its high history of safety and non-addictive character. This article explains what CBD bioavailability is and how best an individual can harness the power of CBD.

     However, CBD must come across the endocannabinoid system to be effective. Meaning it is first required to be absorbed into an individual's bloodstream. Therefore, it is essential to stay in circulation long enough as it waits for delivery to organs and tissues that require it. Knowing how compounds are processed in the body depends on pharmacokinetics. Pharmacokinetics entails the sum of the body’s absorption and elimination mechanisms and many external barriers that might temper or promote how CBD is assimilated and used. This process is also applied to know how much CBD an individual uses and absorbs into the body. This process is a property associated with CBD. The method of delivery or the route of entry determines how quickly or how CBD goes into the bloodstream.

    What Is CBD Bioavailability?

    Bioavailability is the amount and the speed at which our body absorbs substances into the bloodstream. The quantity of substances that arrives in the body’s bloodstream is then Translocated into the body cells and tissue that needs them to use.

    CBD bioavailability is the amount of CBD that might be absorbed into an individual’s body system and its rate of occurrence. CBD products have varied rates as CBD oils are the leading in bioavailability. Getting rid of CBD in our bodies involves several methods. The bioavailability rate of each way seems to be different. The techniques range from adding an individual’s coffee in the morning to using CBD at night as infused cream for skincare routines. It shows that the CBD's potential effects will be felt in the delivery method rates. Some methods will give high absorption when compared to others.

    Leen-Feldner et al. (2021) explained that bioavailability speed knowledge is essential in determining the type of CBD an individual requires and which will be the optimal dose the system needs to take to feel the effects of the CBD. Though there are many potential benefits of CBD, the form of CBD might affect the rate at which CBD arrives in an individual body system in the process of delivering any crucial regulatory and therapeutic effects. Once the form of CBD delivery that is faster in coming to the system is known, it will help an individual lower the value amount of CBD lost during the body's natural processes, which might result in extraordinary costs and wasteful consumption. The main reason for doing this is because when the bioavailability rate is lower, it requires an individual to take vast amounts of CBD for the potential effects of CBD to be felt. So, bioavailability is necessary when selecting the best CBD that might positively affect an individual.

    CBD Administration Methods and Their Bioavailability.

    CBD intake methods that are well known are numerous. They range from daily CBD capsule swallowing to CBD oil addition to morning foods. However, these products vary in their bioavailability methods. Therefore, bioavailability plays an essential role in CBD consumption.

    Consuming CBD Orally

    Consuming CBD orally is one of the significant popular ways. It is a convenient method that only needs one to take in CBD by swallowing your CBD product of preference. They are edible CBD products ranging from CBD gummies to beverages that are CBD–infused and brownies. Most varieties affect bioavailability when consumed orally. Devinsky et al. (2021) explained that oral CBD consumption has a 4-20% bioavailability. It is because CBD gummies and capsules have their metabolic processes. The users require one to consume vast levels of CBD to achieve their potential effects. It is due to the metabolic enzymes of our body system impairing the entrance of CBD into the bloodstream that picks the desired components that are large. CBD consumed orally takes about 2 hours to reach the bloodstream, and the CBD‘s potency is lost since it goes through the digestion system, which meets the enzymes and digestive acids before absorption takes place. This lengthy process tends to destroy the potential percentage of CBD. When the whole CBD has gone through the various digestive systems, it is metabolized by the liver before being transported to the rest of the body.

    Consuming CBD Sublingually

    CBD consumed sublingually tends to be simple and effective with a high speed of CBD bioavailability. In this method, CBD is finished through the mouth, as in the case of oral. The technique is believed to be effective during CBD administration since it has very high bioavailability. The user administers the oil as they hold it under his tongue for some time. It allows absorption to take place via the sublingual glands. The CBD is then transported straight to the bloodstream passing through the digestive canal. More CBD is available for the body, resulting in more effective potential effects. According to  Sperry et al. (2021), degradation of this CBD is done by the saliva enzymes in which the CBD remains in huge concentrations rather than going through the liver, destroying and lowering its bioavailability levels by about 35%. Optimum results of CBD will be felt after 20 minutes, allowing more time for the membrane under the tongue to take in as much CBD as possible. Learn more about how does alcohol interacts with cbd?

    Consuming CBD Informs of Topicals

    CBD topical is the CBD-infused creams, lotions, and balms. It is among the methods with the lowest bioavailability rates. It is because some water-soluble cells of the skin act as a barrier preventing the absorption of the fat-soluble CBD. Meyer (2022) explained that the use of transdermal CBD helps to facilitate the absorption that is slow and steady into the body. Apart from the topical entering the bloodstream, the effects on the cellular level helping deliver some therapeutic benefits. They are, therefore, effective when applied on isolated skin parts such as arthritic joints and sore muscles. It makes them useful after working as many people by massaging the balms or creams onto the skin to provide anti-inflammatory benefits and soothe tired muscles with terpenes contained in full-spectrum CBD.

    Vaping And Inhalation of CBD Consumption

    CBD inhaling by vaporizers or vape pens is one of the methods of CBD consumption with the highest bioavailability rates. CBD vaping can raise the bioavailability of CBD drastically to a range of 34-46%. Decarboxylation of CBD facilitates this to be achieved. Decarboxylation breaks the CBD to certain heat levels suitable for inhaling. The heat turns CBD into air droplets easily inhaled by the user and directly absorbed via the lung's thin membrane containing the mucus. The CBD is then transported to the endocannabinoid receptors of the endocannabinoid system.


    CBD’s bioavailability is determined through the method of choice and consumption. Better delivery methods may result when changes in the process of administration are made. It will promote great effectiveness. So, whichever the reasons for taking CBD, either to curb sleep, pain management, or mood, there are several ways of making sure that an optimum dose of CBD is achieved through the increment of its bioavailability that is suitable to a person’s needs. Since CBD is fat-soluble, one can consume it with high-fat meals or snacks. It will aid in dissolving CBD quickly into tinny molecules, enhancing absorption and allowing it to survive if it is orally used and finally absorbed into the bloodstream. Trying water-soluble CBD is said to provide faster bioavailability. They are easily absorbed when compared to fat-soluble CBD. They are easily emulsified hence combining faster with oil-based products. Emulsification gives the molecules more bioavailability compared to the larger particles of CBD. If the method of delivering CBD during its administration has a faster bioavailability rate and its CBD production is low quality. There will be a feeling of its effects. Learn more about how can cbd affect you?


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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