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  • by Nicola Boulton September 29, 2022 5 min read

    Why Can't I Find Any Health Claims on CBD Products?

    Health claims on CBD products are usually avoided until they are authorized. Read this article to know more reasons why you cannot find the health claim on CBD products and understand the CBD health claims. You will also know how to buy the best CBD products despite the lack of health claims.

    There are health claims associated with CBD, but they are all dismissed as rumors. For medicine to advertise itself with the claims, it has to be approved by the authorities. The only CBD drug approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is epidiolex. CBD, a hemp derivative, was not as prevalent before 2018 as it is now. In the US, hemp was listed among drugs such as heroin and LSD in the Controlled Substances Act and was therefore stigmatized as an illicit drug. The decriminalization of hemp has allowed more research on the anecdotal health claims credited to CBD. While health claims are available, the fact that they are not scientifically backed and approved by the government makes them less credible. Read on to know more about why you can't find health claims on CBD products;

    What Is a Health Claim?

    A health claim is a statement about what a product can do for you. For instance, the manufacturer may state that CBD treats ailments when marketing CBD. Evans (2020) stated that health claims are triggered by aggressive marketing. Learn more about should cbd be used daily?

    Reasons Why You Cannot Find Health Claims On CBD Products

    We may know that CBD can cure specific ailments, but you will never buy a product that claims to treat those ailments. It does not mean that CBD is a dangerous drug. The authorities intend to protect society from misleading information. When the health bodies have not approved a product as a medicine, it should not advertise itself as a product that has medicinal properties. Therefore, purchasing CBD products is akin to buying honey. Honey may have some anecdotally backed benefits, but it is not advertised as medicine for ailments.

    Understanding the CBD Health Claims

    It was not until the legalization of hemp in 2018 that more people started showing interest in CBD. Besides the person-to-person claims about what CBD can do, the industries also played a massive role in creating awareness about the benefits of CBD. However, of all the claims associated with CBD, the only one that has been authorized is the use of CBD to manage epilepsy. The other claims are as follows;

    • CBD can help as a pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory because CBD interferes with pain signals.
    • CBD can help the user relax by activating serotonin which alleviates anxiety, stress, depression, and panic attacks.
    • CBD can help the user sleep by eliminating all the issues that may cause them to have insomnia.
    • The hair industry claims that CBD has beneficial nutrients for hair growth.
    • The skin care industry claims that CBD moisturizes the skin, is a sebum regulator, has valuable nutrients for healthy skin, etc.

    Are The Health Claims Accurate or a Marketing Ploy?

    Most CBD health claims are referred to as 'anecdotal,' meaning they are based on practice and regular use rather than scientific research. Some users have also dismissed CBD as a placebo. There is, therefore, debate on the actual effect of CBD. The research on CBD is ongoing; therefore, there is evidence that CBD may help reduce pain and inflammation. However, some claims, such as the ability of CBD to cure cancer, are not factual. CBD is considered safe to use, and scientists believe it is promising. Epidiolex set a significant milestone when the US FDA approved it for treating epilepsy. There could be hope in what CBD can and cannot do, but some of the claims are ridiculous, and some are mere marketing ploys, mainly when they refer to the benefits of CBD to chronic illnesses. It is, therefore, advisable to seek the doctor's opinion before treating any disease with CBD.

    What Can CBD Do or Not Do?

    CBD can help the user cope with emotional distress, pain, inflammation, and insomnia. However, when the ailment is chronic, CBD may not be helpful. For instance, CBD can help in helping the person cope with stress but not PTSD. CBD can help treat pain and inflammation but will not treat cancer. Depression may also be too much for CBD, as psychologists insist that the effect of CBD on depression is still on trial with no scientific backing.

    Is CBD Safe?

    CBD is considered safe by most people as it is a pure substance and does not have psychoactive properties. Peyravian (2020) stated that CBD is safe. However, like every other drug, CBD has its side effects when misused or if the CBD is not pure. For instance, some of the side effects associated with Epidiolex are decreased appetite, fatigue, diarrhea, and weakness. When CBD is used topically, some side effects are skin rash, itching, and burning. Vaping CBD has also been associated with liver damage. It is worth noting that some of the side effects of CBD are attributed to its ingredients, additives, and contaminants. Improper use of CBD, e.g., overdosing, is also a factor that can cause side effects.

    How To Buy the Best CBD Products Despite the Lack of Health Claims

    CBD is legal in many countries and is therefore available online and in stores. Unfortunately, the CBD market is unregulated, and finding the best CBD oil may not be easy, especially for a new user. The following are some tips for buying CBD products;

    Buy Products That Have a Certificate of Analysis (COA)

    The COA is a list of the composition of the CBD product. It is essential because it helps the company gain users' trust and confidence. Mead (2019) stated that the COA is available on the website or can be sent to the user.

    The Proof That a Third-Party Laboratory Has Tested the CBD

    Testing by a third-party laboratory is necessary because it implies that it is a fact that the contents are as they appear in the CBD product. Blebea (2019) opined that testing by a third-party laboratory guarantees safety to the user.

    Seeking a Doctor's Opinion

    Seeking the doctor's opinion before using the CBD product because the doctor can help you identify contaminants in the CBD product, advise you on the dosage, check if the medication you are on is compatible with CBD, and check if you are in good enough health to use CBD. The doctor will also advise you can use CBD for your ailment.


    CBD products do not have health claims because the government has not approved the benefits. Epidiolex, a CBD drug, was approved by the FDA as a conventional drug that can be used to treat epilepsy. While CBD has been used to treat ailments, it cannot be marketed with that information because the authorities have not approved it as a disease remedy. The fact that CBD is not sold with health claims does not imply that CBD is dangerous, as CBD is safe if in its pure form, even though it may have some side effects.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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