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  • by Nicola Boulton August 26, 2022 5 min read

    How Long Does CBD Take to Work?

    Are you a newbie who is using CBD? Are you interested in how long you should wait for results after consuming CBD? this is the article for you.

    CBD gas is compelling to users because of a list of health benefits after use. The list of questions related to this product is ever-growing. Learn how long CBD takes to work. The best way to enjoy the benefits of a prescribed drug is after use within a considerable time. This way, you are sure that your ailment has been properly dealt with by the medication you are using. This is the same for CBD; to benefit from using it, you must consume it for at least 8-12 weeks. However, different factors affect the time it takes for CBD to work.

    Factors That Can Impact The Time It Takes For CBD To Work

    The factors that can affect how long CBD might take to work include:

    The Method CBD Is Taken

    The time it takes for CBD to start working in your system can vary depending on the method of ingestion. Inhaling CBD smoke or vapor will quickly transport CBD’s effects to your body. Inhalation passes smoke through the lungs containing permeable tissue that allows CBD to flow to your bloodstream faster. The effects can be felt as early as five minutes after use. Applying CBD under the tongue or sublingually provides a quicker effective delivery than edibles. According to Pagano et al. (2020), the tongue contains a mucous membrane responsible for the absorption of CBD into the blood. Its results are felt after 2 hours of consumption. Topicals Are CBD Products Placed On The Skin.

    Topical products are not meant to reach the bloodstream but induce an effect on the area of the skin it is applied to. As the product is directly applied to the part where the pain is felt, the effects of CBD topical might be quick. Evans (2021) suggested that CDB edibles are taken by ingesting or swallowing a capsule or pills with water, milk, or juice. It takes time for CBD edibles to reach the bloodstream as absorption is slow due to the nature of the gut. Edibles take up to 4 hours to feel their effects.

    CBD Transdermal Products.

    These are patches that are designed to attach to the skin. They take a few hours to a day to reach the bloodstream. They typically have additional ingredients to help them penetrate through the skin. An effective transdermal product has stronger effects than CBD edibles. Learn more about how does alcohol interacts with cbd?

    Dosage and Concentration

    The dosage and concentration of a CBD product will influence how long it takes you to feel any effects. However, if a person takes CBD once a day and thrice a day, one of them is likely to feel the effects more than the other. It is also likely that if you have been using CBD for longer, you can get better effects than those who use it for shorter periods and stops. CBD to work consistently and stick to a routine for some weeks will make the effects more visible. It is important to start with a CBD product with low concentration and in a low dose and gradually increase the dosage and concentration as you build tolerance.


    Everyone has been created with unique structures and general body system that differs from others. This means how CBD might work for a person is not the same as it will work for another. Depetris et al. (2022) noted that a person with a higher metabolism could process CBD faster than someone with a slower metabolism. This means the product might reach the bloodstream in a shorter period and be ready to be used in the body for a person with a high metabolism and the opposite for one with a slower metabolism. It is therefore important to be diligent and careful about the impact CBD has on your body when you begin to use it. This helps you understand how it works for you and achieve a more personalized dosage.

    The Quality of CBD Products

    Plants are fantastic at absorbing the nutrients and compounds from the specific soil they are grown in. this means from the right soil, CBD can have nourishing ingredients. Still, if the soil has been contaminated by toxic pesticides, metals, and solvents, the result will hurt the consumer. While buying CBD straight from a manufacturer, they should possess lab test results that prove their products are free from contaminants. Anand et al. (2022) recommended using full-spectrum products as they will allow you to benefit from the entourage effect. Ensure to read the packaging to read the quantity of CBD. It is advised that if the package reads anything like 2000mg hemp oil, the product does not contain any CBD.

    How Long Do the Effects Last?

    The effects of CBD last for 2-6 hours, depending on the method of consumption and how the body processes it. CBD can remain in your system for up to 2-6 days even after the effects are no longer felt. This explains why it is important to be used regularly to build up effects and tolerability for your body to achieve better results.

    Why People Take CBD Gummies

    Below is various reason people are turning to CBD edibles:

    It Has No Respiratory Risk:

    Vaping CBD may cause lung irritation since it delivers toxic substances into your body. Since gummies do not involve inhaling or combustion, it is a safer way to take CBD.

    Longer Duration

    Vaping has the highest bioavailability; its effects do not last long. CBD gummies will take around eight to twelve hours for their effects to last, making it a good option for individuals who yearn for long-acting relief for their conditions.

    Take Away

    The time taken for CBD to work varies depending on the factors we have discussed above. Some people feel the effects between 30 minutes and 3 hours after use. While you stick to a routine and practice consistency, the effects of CBD will build up in your body over time, and you will benefit maximumly from it. Remember to choose a high-quality full-spectrum product from a reliable manufacturer and company and take the correct dose agreeable to your body and doctor.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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