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  • by Nicola Boulton September 05, 2022 5 min read

    Is the Hype About CBD or Cannabidiol Real?

    Many individuals wonder whether CBD is real or is just hype. This article will discuss its medical benefits, side effects, ways of using CBD products, whether CBD is safe, its uses, and legality.

    Cannabidiol is an illicit substance with therapeutic benefits. It is also an effective prescription drug to cure epilepsy and has a significant probability of curing many other disorders. It is also an ordinary dietary enhancement with a large following among those who value wellness and health. Clinical researchers are frustrated because despite appearing to be in opposition to one another, all claims are accurate from various angles. Several studies have demonstrated that CBD, unlike the primary psychoactive ingredient of cannabis, THC, is harmless and does not lead to developing drug addiction habits. Similarly, the numerous manufacturers that tout CBD-rich oils, edibles, and lotion as a cure-all for various health problems, frequently with little respect for local regulations or scientific data, are placing CBD's therapeutic benefits in an awkward state.

    The Medical Benefits of CBD: Just Hype or Real?

    While acting on the same brain receptors as THC, CBD is a near relative of THC and typically does not cause intoxication. Like THC, CBD is the component of bogus claims about its potential medicinal uses. Still, due to its insufficient addictive and intoxicating properties, the therapeutic community has been more compliant with it. According to Hazekamp (2018), there is no evidence of public health-related issues connected to the use of pure CBD and that CBD does not have the potential for abuse.

    The first CBD-based pharmaceutical to receive FDA approval, Epidiolex, brought the substance into the mainstream of medicine. Clinical studies on a group of individuals with Dravet syndrome or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, two uncommon types of pediatric epilepsy, revealed that this medication decreased seizures.

    The WHO's ratification gives the medicinal community some assurance, and the FDA certification shows that CBD is harmless in its purity for one set of epileptic sufferers. However, there is currently a shortage of research on CBD and other therapeutic advantages. Pre-clinical research indicates that CBD may help treat pain, inflammation, cancer, anxiety, psychosis, and perhaps element use ailments in addition to its potential as an anti-epileptic.

    CBD may help lessen symptoms related to cancer and treatment-related negative effects like vomiting, and pain, nausea. Though CBD can benefit certain cancer patients, additional research is required to decide if CBD should be taken more frequently to manage cancer symptoms. Individuals must speak with their medical team if they have cancer and are interested in consuming CBD products. It is possible that not all cancer patients can use these products safely, appropriately, or effectively.

    Uziel et al. (2020) stated that CBD and other cannabis constituents are what give the plant its pain-relieving properties. The endocannabinoid system, a unique system found in humans, regulates several bodily processes such as hunger, sleep, immunological response, and pain perception. According to Eskander et al. (2020), by influencing the activities of endocannabinoid receptors interacting with neurotransmitters, CBD decreases inflammation, hence aiding in treating chronic pain.

    Side Effects of CBD: Real or Just Hype

    Niesink & van Laar (2013) demonstrated that CBD oil adverse effects are possible. The particular negative effects and the degree to which they manifest themselves vary from one person to another and from one CBD product to the next. Some CBD negative effects, as reported by individuals, include fatigue, nausea, changes in mood, anxiety, dizziness, changes in appetite, diarrhea, and vomiting.

    Ways of Using CBD Products

    There are numerous applications for CBD. These are not similar to ingesting or inhaling cannabis flowers. Users can use CBD in the following ways:

    • Use of capsules by swallowing them
    • One can mix them into beverages and foods
    • Using a dropper or a pipette
    • Applying the paste to the skin
    • Spraying under the tongue

    Is CBD Safe: Real or Just Hype?

    Individuals should consult their doctor or another healthcare provider if they're thinking about consuming CBD oil to be sure it's appropriate and safe for them to do so. This is especially crucial if you have any alarming symptoms or previous medical issues or take any medications, such as calcium channel blockers, statins, or blood thinners. Though CBD use is debatable, most people appear to be able to bear it. Nevertheless, it has infrequently led to hypotension and dizziness in individuals. The oil won't make you feel "high" because it doesn't comprise the THC component of the cannabis plant. Learn more about cbd for hangover?

    Uses of CBD

    According to its proponents, many clinical disorders, including chronic pain, refractory epilepsy, anxiety, depression, and acne, are thought to benefit from CBD. Though, because a lot of the study is done using animal models, more convincing proof is needed. It has been challenging to link the healing advantages of CBT alone, despite some animal studies suggesting CBD may be helpful for osteoarthritis via topical treatment for joint pain or inflammation.


    In the United States, the legal position of CBD is murky. According to Marinotti & Sarill (2020), hemp and items produced from it are permitted as long as the THC percentage is below 0.3%. It is important to keep in mind FDA Trusted Source has not yet certified any products that are not prescribed; thus, consumers can't be sure of the contents of their products. Individuals should observe the legal status of the state they plan to travel to.


    Numerous common health ailments, such as neurological diseases and anxiety, have been researched concerning the potential benefits of CBD oil in reducing their symptoms. Additionally, it might improve the heart's health and lessen some discomfort. Remember that some health advantages are linked to using THC and CBD together rather than CBD alone. Individuals should consult a medical expert first if interested in using CBD to accomplish a health disorder or to back up general health. They can advise whether including a CBD product in their regimen is suitable and assist them in selecting the optimal option. If new to CBD, individuals are advised to start with a small dosage to observe the side effects. If their body responds well, they can increase the dosage gradually.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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