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  • September 14, 2022 5 min read

    How Long Do CBD Dabs Last?

    What are CBD dabs? Can a person take CBD dabs orally or inhale them? How long does CB dab take in the system? Herein, the article discusses everything you need to know about CBD dabs.

    CBD is a popular and versatile product. You know the world of cannabis products and may be familiar with the numerous potential health benefits and claims. However, most of them are still in their early stages but have promising results. CBD is available in different forms, one of which is the dabs. However, what exactly are they? How long do they last in your system? Which is the better option; CBD dabs or edibles? Consider reading on to get the answers to these and much more. Learn more about what are flavonoids?

    What Are CBD Dabs?

    CBD, cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Also, it is the form of CBD, which does not contain THC, the intoxicating compound of the cannabis plant. Therefore, taking CBD does not result in getting you "high."

    CBD is available in different forms. One of these is CBD dabs. What are they? These are the most concentrated forms of CBD. Unlike other CBD concentrates that are produced by combining with other ingredients, CBD dabs do not contain any.

    They have very high CBD content regardless of flavor, consistency, or texture. Also, CBD dabs are available in different products, all of which vary in consistency. They range from crystals, budder, shatter, crumble, and pull-and-snap. When shopping online for CBD dabs, remember that they have different textures, flavors, and consistency. However, one thing to be sure about is the high concentration of CBD in them. Besides buying CBD dabs online, you can also get them in person.

    Will CBD Dabs Make You High?

    You may consider this when buying CBD dabs if you are worried about getting "high" after taking cannabis products. CBD has no or low levels of THC, below 0.3%, a content that will not cause intoxicating effects.

    CBD dabs have little THC or none at all. Therefore, THC is the ingredient behind making users high. However, the fact that CBD dabs do not make you high does not mean they will leave you feeling sober 100%. They have some psychoactive effects when you take them in relatively low amounts, such as reducing anxiety and restful sleep. When viewed from a different angle, these can be benefits you obtain from CBD. Other therapeutic effects of taking CBD dabs include reduced inflammation.

    The effects you get from CBD dabs are similar to those you obtain from using any other CBD product. However, the difference is in the concentration levels and the intensity of the therapeutic effects. Raber et al. (2015) suggested that CBD dabs have high concentrations, hence high potency levels. Therefore, you can expect intense benefits when using CD dabs compared to taking CBD oil.

    According to Lachenmeiere et al. (2019), very high doses of CBD dabs may have side effects such as drowsiness. Also, CBD products may interact with other medications you may already be under. When you are buying CBD dabs, ensure you check the label to confirm if it has the "grapefruit" warning or not. You may not want the CBD products such as CBD dabs you take to cause dangerous interactions with the prescription drugs you are already under.

    Therefore, if you are a newbie, we suggest you start with low levels of any CBD product. So, when you want to take the CBD dabs, begin with the smallest doses as you gradually increase the amount you take. This depends on how your body will react or how much you will get the desired effects. Moreover, talk to your doctor before trying CBD products like the dabs.

    Also, remember that the FDA has no regulations or evaluations on CBD or its purported benefits. Therefore, ensure you first consult your professional and trusted healthcare provider before giving CBD dabs a try. Learn more about what is cbdv it better than cbd?

    How Long Do CBD Dabs Last?

    Spindle et al. (2020) noted that you could take CBD products orally, topically, or vaporize them. Also, in each of the techniques, the effects vary. There are techniques you go for when you want immediate and instant effects of CBD. Evans (2020) suggested that While taking CBD orally delivers more long-lasting effects, taking CBD dabs or dabbing does not result in long-lasting effects.

    CBD dabs stay in your systems for a long. According to Davenport (2021), when you inhale CBD dabs, they will take nearly half of the time taken by oral CBD products.

    Therefore, you can feel the CBD dab's effects immediately or after a few minutes, 2-10 minutes, and they can last in your system for around 2 to 3 hours or more. The following are some of the things affecting how long they stay in your system;

    • The dosage
    • The THC content
    • Your physical condition, e.g., weight
    • Your metabolism
    • Your tolerance levels

    CBD Dabs vs. CBD Edibles; What Should You Take?

    Having learned about the amount of time both edibles and CBD dabs take, you may be lost for choice on which one to choose. Some people wonder if they should inhale CBD dabs or consider ingesting CBD edibles. Thurber (2019) recommended that you could vape CBD rather than swallow or eat it. This is because inhaling CBD products has a high bioavailability level. The CBD will efficiently get into your bloodstream compared to when you ingest it as it will have to pass through your gut first, and a lower amount of the CBD you consume will be delivered to your blood.

    Therefore, if you have higher levels of CBD in your bloodstream, dabbing or inhaling CBD is an alternative to consuming CBD orally. CBD dabs offer quick and powerful effects.


    CBD dabs are the most concentrated forms of CBD. They contain low to no levels of THC. Therefore, you may not get intoxicated from taking the dabs. CBD dabs last for a shorter period compared to taking CBD orals. This is usually anywhere between 2 to 3 hours. However, the period can be longer depending on the amount of CBD dabs you take, the THC levels, your metabolism, or even your weight. CBD dabs deliver instant effects and get the CBD direct to your bloodstream. Therefore, due to their high bioavailability, you may consider taking CBD dabs rather than CBD orals.


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