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  • by Nicola Boulton August 30, 2022 5 min read

    How Long Does CBD Stay In Your Body?

    Various factors influence how long CBD will stay in the body. That means CBD users cannot have the same experience because of individualized variables. This article explains how long CBD can stay in an individual body after consumption.

    Consuming CBD has become the new norm. Almost everything contains this natural compound-creams, lotions, body wash, gummies, capsules, drinks, snacks, and the list continues. With the variety of CBD products worldwide, individuals can choose their preferred way of consuming CBD. Cannabidiol is well recognized for its health benefits. As someone who wants to stay healthy and protected from diseases, one may want to know more about CBD, and one of the questions you might have asked yourself is; how long does CBD stay in your body? CBD is becoming a critical product that everyone wants to benefit from.

    What Influences Longevity of CBD in the Body?

    CBD is designed to help with various medical conditions. Its effectiveness and how long it will remain in your body largely depend on multiple factors. Among them are;

    • Activity levels
    • Frequency of use
    • Dosage
    • Body physiology
    • Method of consumption
    • Eating habits

    How Do These Factors Influence CBD Duration in Your Body?

    Activity Levels

    According to Nachnani et al. (2021), aside from maintaining the right weight, improving brain health, minimizing the risks of disease, and improving the abilities to perform different daily activities, staying active also improves the effectiveness of medicines and supplements like CBD. Living an active lifestyle improves metabolism, and having a well-maintained metabolic rate allows your body to process, metabolize, and retain CBD for longer.

    Frequency of Use and Dosage

    White (2019) suggested that frequent use of CBD determines how long you will feel its effects. The more you take, the better the results you will receive. Take CBD products more frequently if you want faster and long-lasting effects. However, one should not overdose. Let your doctor guide you on how often you can use CBD daily. Different CBD products have different dosage instructions. It is necessary to consider the manufacturer’s dosage recommendations. Reach out to the manufacturer anytime you feel you have not understood the instructions. Seeking clarification about products is important because it will protect you from using them incorrectly. There is a reason why vendors provide instructors. Thus, never assume that you will not like the aftershocks.

    Method of Consumption

    Nowadays, a person can easily take CBD in various ways. If using a dropper to receive CBD sublingually is not your thing, one can use another option like CBD gummies. CBD usage has become more interesting because you can take it in any way that seems fun. However, understand that CBD products also come with different characteristics and abilities. The method of delivering cannabidiol affects how long CBD can remain in your system. Remember, most CBD products that are fast in exerting the effects are sometimes the ones that last the shortest time in your body. Conversely, options like CBD capsules take time to get into the bloodstream and absorb the system for longer.

     Body Physiology

    Engeli (2012) explained that body weight also influences how long one will feel the cannabidiol effects in their body. CBD is usually packed into the body’s fat cells because it’s fat-soluble. That means higher body fat will make CBD stay longer in your system. Hence, one will enjoy the benefits and effects for a more extended time. Although the metabolic rate might be lower because of a higher fat percentage, the CBD effects will only take time to kick in, but once they do, the beneficial properties will stay with for longer.


    Individuals' eating habits largely affect whether CBD will work in their bodies correctly or not. Eating healthy turns your body into an accommodative environment for CBD; hence, cannabidiol can last in your system for a long time. They are consuming CBD when the stomach is empty means it will get processed quickly more than on a full stomach after taking a heavy meal. Many individuals have claimed more CBD potency after changing to a healthy diet. That happens because CBD ingested orally gets absorbed into the system through the small intestine. The food you eat affects your body’s absorption abilities. Poorly digested foods reduce CBD absorption by delaying digestion or altering the metabolism rate. Conversely, eating healthy makes CBD work faster and more effectively and stays in the body long enough.

    How Long will CBD Remain in Your System?

    Cannabidiol gets sacked in the fat tissues after getting introduced into your body. It usually stays in the body for about 30 days. However, that’s not the case for everyone. Different factors determine whether CBD effects will disappear soon or after a while. Learn more about top 6 workout recovery tips

    Can You Eliminate CBD From Your Body?

    It’s rare for people to get rid of CBD from their bodies. However, it’s understandable to want cannabidiol effects out of your system. Arzimanoglou et al. ( 2020) suggested that how long the cannabis extracts will leave one's body depends on how much CBD is in their body. Drinking herbal tea and exercising is the simplest way to flush CBD out of one's system. It's not a guarantee these strategies will work. If one feels they don’t need CBD effects anymore, the perfect way to handle it is to stop taking CBD products. One may have to tolerate a few days or weeks before the traces of CBD completely disappear before the body becomes CBD-free. It all depends on how regularly one has used the product.


    If one wants CBD effects to stay longer in their body, that’s possible. They can achieve that goal by using CBD regularly, taking a high dosage, choosing the right method of CBD consumption that allows longer retention of CBD, and maintaining the right body weight. The longer CBD stays in the body, the more they will receive its benefits and improve your health and wellness.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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