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  • by Nicola Boulton August 30, 2022 5 min read

    Looking for Ideal Products according to Your Zodiac Sign? Here’s an Interesting Connection

    As zodiac signs may dictate personality traits, they may also influence the choice of a CBD product. For example, Aries will go with massaging CBD, Taurus will pick chocolate CBD, and Cancer will go with bathing CBD. Therefore, this article looks at ideal CBD products according to your zodiac sign.

    You have probably come across zodiac signs by reading horoscopes or on the internet. These days, zodiac signs are so important that people have linked them to compatibility regarding dating. Furthermore, astrologists suggest that each zodiac sign has a significant meaning. It is often said that they are a reflection of one's personality. Each sign is linked to a range of dates under which each fall.

    With all the things linked to zodiac signs, who thought that CBD could also be linked to astrology? CBD has numerous health and wellness benefits, and with the various CBD consumption methods, different products will suit different zodiac signs.

    ARIES: Massage CBD

    Aries is governed by action, and there is a high possibility that you deal with stress by exercising your muscles in the gym or while performing sporting activities such as cycling. These activities often leave the muscles in pain, and to alleviate this, you need CBD topicals such as balms and salves to calm the muscles. Stojkovski (2022) noted that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD come in handy in relieving muscle and joint pain.

    TAURUS: Chocolate CBD

    Taurus is ruled by luxury; Taurus individuals love chilling and relaxing at home. With Taurus, more time is dedicated to their pleasure than participating in activities. The perfect CBD product for them would be edibles, preferably chocolates. According to Baron et al. (2018), CBD has anxiolytic properties that are essential in reducing stress and providing relaxation to the body and mind.

    GEMINI: Social CBD  

    A super communicator rules Gemini; Geminis relieve their stress through bonding or spending time with their loved ones, physically or virtually. With this in mind, as a Gemini, you should consider a CBD product that you can enjoy with others, like CBD-infused cocktails or edibles such as cookies that you can share with friends to bring up the fun vibe.

    CANCER: Bath Time CBD

    Cancer is a water sign ruled by the maternal moon, and Cancers are often compassionate and have empathetic hearts that allow them to share in the burden of others. Because Cancer is a water sign, spending time in the water makes them feel better. In this case, a relaxed CBD bath bomb or a CBD shower gel should do the trick in calming and providing relief. Gu (2017) stated that CBD has a calming effect when it interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which has receptors in the central nervous system.  


    Ruled by the confident sun, an optimistic character is linked to Leos, and they easily find themselves in leadership. Either way, Leos are often in the spotlight and bring joy and cheerfulness to a room. In this case, they should use CBD- infused skin care products such as CBD serum or lip balm to look lovely as they light up the mood of those around them. Baral et al. (2020) suggested that CBD has nutrients such as fatty acids, omega-6, and 3, which come in handy in dealing with acne and other skin-related conditions.  

    VIRGO: CBD Variety Packs

    Virgo is governed by information-gathering; Virgos are natural communicators who pay more attention to the slightest details. As a Virgo, you are often busy and stressed from working extra hard, so stress management is not foreign to you. Therefore, to reduce stress and anxiety and offer relief, a Virgo does not need a single CBD product but instead needs various products in one pack. These include topicals, tinctures, bath bombs, CBD-infused skin care products, and CBD oil.     

    LIBRA: Skincare CBD

    The Libra is defined by harmony and balance. Therefore, Libras often strive to create equilibrium in all areas of life. Moreover, they are obsessed with self-care. Thus, the ideal CBD product that would suit them is skin-care CBD, which includes CBD-infused products such as serum, lotion, and CBD creams.    


    Scorpios are mysterious and often misunderstood. They are immensely emotional, but even so, they don't just open up to anyone. Bottling your feelings inside can adversely affect you, so Scorpios need some form of release and what better way to do so than with sex? Therefore, a Scorpio's ideal product would be CBD–infused lube and products they can enjoy behind closed doors. Learn more about how do i choose a cbd?

    SAGITTARIUS: On-the-go CBD  

    Sagittarius is a joyful sign and not so susceptible to stress. In this case, they will need something to calm their nerves whenever they feel stressed. Remember that the Sagittarius is free-spirited and rarely limited in any way. In light of this, a Sagittarius needs CBD that they will enjoy on the go. Something thrill-seeking like gummies, easily portable, will do the trick. Learn more about can you take cbd with alcohol?

    CAPRICORN: Nature-Focused CBD  

    Characterized by patience and perseverance, Capricorns are also known to be hard working and diligent, ruled by the planet taskmaster Saturn. Even so, everyone needs some time aside to chill and relax, and since they are linked to nature, they need CBD products that will come in handy when interacting with nature. These products include CBD topical salves, oil-infused lotions, and energizing CBD-infused coffee.       

    AQUARIUS: Hightech CBD   

    This is the last air sign of the zodiac ruled by Uranus, which dictates innovativeness and progressiveness. Aquarius is all about exploring new technology, especially when managing stress. In this case, they will need something high-tech like vape pens or CBD cartridges.

    PIECES: Artistic CBD  

    Pieces are ruled by Neptune, which dictates creativity. Additionally, they are characterized by their deep empathy and like escaping reality. Stress and toxic forces are not foreign, leading to moodiness and depression. They also love art, music, painting, poetry, and acting. Beautiful scenery and works of art make them chill, and in the spirit of relaxation, bath bombs suit them right to connect with their inner artists.


    Even though it's complex, astrology is a part of life where different people identify with zodiac signs linked to their birth month. These signs are twelve, but they work together to create one whole. Different zodiac signs are ruled by different planets and have different meanings. In line with this, each zodiac sign is known to dictate different personality traits for each individual.

    CBD has numerous products in the market that suit different people. Therefore, one may pick a CBD product that will suit them based on their zodiac sign linked to different personality traits. For example, Aries is known for athleticism and thus requires topical CBD products to alleviate muscle pains and inflammation after an intense workout.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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