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  • by Nicola Boulton September 07, 2022 5 min read

    Side Effects of CBD Tinctures

    One may have had the opportunity to enjoy different cannabidiol forms while tolerating some side effects that underlie them. Despite having other side effects, some people have focused on the benefits they get from such conditions.

    Despite the benefits that one might get from cannabidiol forms, these forms also bear side effects that should not be taken for granted. If one is a regular cannabidiol consumer, it is without contradiction that such an individual might have experienced its side effects. The side effects or risks cannabidiol types have should not prevent one from enjoying the benefits. Therefore, the article will help one know the side effects of cannabidiol tinctures, making one use such forms and control them. Additionally, one will learn about the cannabidiol glossary, other forms apart from medicines, how cannabidiol tincture can be delivered and extracted, and what one should do before concluding on CBD usage. As cannabidiol forms and types gain more popularity, each should know about them. Read this article and understand cannabidiol tincture.

    What is CBD

    If one is a cannabis or marijuana smoker, they might have heard some information about CBD in their archives. All the same, cannabidiol is an essential compound of the cannabis plant that everyone should know. According to Andre et al. (2016), CBD is one of the compounds from cannabis sativa or hemp plants. It has varieties of uses that outweigh the entire compounds. The benefits of cannabidiol are not limited to the treatment of cancer, alleviation of pain, controlling anxiety, and reducing stress. More research is needed to show that cannabidiol actualizes the above benefits; hence, one should consult the doctor whenever cannabidiol is used. Unlike its cousin THC, which brings 'high' effects and psychoactive problems, CBD can be consumed without one experiencing such effects.

    CBD Tincture

    If one has ever had an opportunity to explore different forms of cannabidiol, then one might have come across this form or used it in one way or another. CBD tincture is an oil-based form of high-proof alcohol that actualizes its long shelf-life. Besides contributing to its long shelf-life, alcohol is also used as a solvent for extracting cannabidiol tincture. They usually taste bitter and have an earthy smell. Here is a quick look at some aspects of cannabidiol tincture:

    Method of Extraction

    There are different methods of extracting cannabidiol from cannabis or hemp plant. Such practices have advantages and disadvantages, leading individuals to prefer one. The methods used are not limited to alcohol extraction, carbon dioxide method, oil extraction, and steam distillation. Tinctures are typically extracted through alcohol extraction; hence more compounds like terpenes and flavonoids are removed.

    Method of Delivery

     There are different methods one can use to maximize the benefits of cannabidiol. Such procedures vary from form to form of cannabidiol. Therefore, delivering tinctures may differ from gummies, lotions, and creams, but the same for oil forms. Medicines are provided through the mouth, a method known as sublingual or oral. It ensures a faster immediate effect than edibles since they get into the alimentary canal and the bloodstream.

    Side Effects of Tinctures

    Like any other product which has to create some dangers to a person using it, cannabidiol tincture also bears side effects that, when not taken into consideration, can lead to serious health issues. Therefore, the following are the side effects of medicine:

    • Liu et al. (2019) noted that it causes dry mouth. Since tinctures are taken sublingually, they may affect the secretion of saliva by salivary glands leading to drying saliva, hence dry mouth.
    • Usage of cannabidiol tinctures affects digestion and absorption of food in the alimentary canal leading to diarrhea.
    • Causes fatigue. Using tincture makes one tired and unable to perform the task.
    • According to Kadum et al. (2017), tinctures cause alteration in weight. Tinctures lead to poor appetite, which leads to a person losing weight.

    Cons and Pros of CBD Tinctures

    As it applies to other forms of cannabidiol, tinctures have cons that may prevent most individuals from it; at the same time, having pros that make it takes the day's cake.


    Pros of Tinctures

    The following are pros of cannabidiol tinctures:

    Cons of Tinctures

    The following are cons of tinctures that might discourage most people from their consumption:

    • Have bitter taste
    • It May not be available as other forms
    • One cannot use it externally. Learn more about list of cannabinoids

    Other Forms of CBD

    Apart from cannabidiol tinctures, there are other forms in which one can benefit from CBD. Such conditions include oils, creams or lotions, edibles, gummies, and CBD vapes. Here are the basics of such forms of cannabidiol:


    Cannabidiol oils extract CBD from the cannabis sativa plant and dilute it with a carrier oil. The oil used to process it can either be olive or coconut oil. They are delivered the same way as tinctures, and both take the same period to bring a change. However, fats do not have a bitter taste as opposed to medicines; they are good.

    Lotions and Creams

    According to Giacoppo et al. (2015), these are forms of cannabidiol that are applied to the external parts of the body. One must take a small amount of each state when using and avoid overdosing. It is followed by careful and firm rubbing on the affected part until the effect is felt.

    CBD Vapes

    Cannabidiol vapes are inhaled or smoked to enjoy full benefits. They are allowed to evaporate, leaving behind smokes for one to inhale. It is the fastest way of feeling the effect, but one should take precautions and ask the doctor since much is not known about whether they may be harmful to the lungs or not.

    CBD Types

    Different types of cannabidiol are identified according to constituent compounds and the level of THC used. Therefore, types of cannabidiol include full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. Below are the basics of each kind of cannabidiol:

    • Full-Spectrum – Contains most cannabis compounds with at least 0.3% of THC. It has most applications, among other types.
    • Broad-Spectrum- It is made up of most cannabis compounds except THC; hence one cannot get 'high' from its consumption.
    • CBD isolate- This is the purest form of cannabidiol with none other than cannabidiol. As Spindle et al. (2020) suggested, it is suitable for first-time cannabidiol consumers because it is free from weird taste and smell.


    Exploring the use of cannabidiol assures one number of benefits that one cannot just wait for. One can enjoy the benefits of different forms of cannabidiol. However, cannabidiol forms have some side effects that cannot be taken for granted; hence calls for each person's attention. This article has featured some side effects of cannabidiol tinctures; therefore, each person using medicines should be careful. Moreover, one has identified the cons and pros of brews which form the basics of why people use tinctures. Apart from those, each one needs to know the methods used to extract medicines, methods of delivery, and other forms, as explained in the article.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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