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  • by Nicola Boulton August 30, 2022 5 min read

    Storing CBD Products

    How are CBD products stored? What are the benefits of proper storage of CBD oil? What are the optimal temperatures for CBD oil? Keep reading.

    How do you keep CBD fresh and potent? CBD and other cannabinoids degrade over time, much like any other naturally edible substance. To get the most out of CBD oil, store it properly. CBD oil products are costly, so don't waste money. Cannabis oil has a shelf life of one to two years, which is powerful and of the best quality. The cannabinoid's expiry is accelerated if it is stored incorrectly. Because of this, CBD oil is stored properly. Here are the best ways to keep your CBD oil fresh and safe.

    What Are the Benefits of Properly Storing CBD Oil?

    The most important reason to store CBD oil correctly is to keep it as effective and potent as possible. CBD oil users have asserted numerous advantages despite a lack of scientific evidence to support these claims. To get these advantages, keep CBD oil carefully. Munjal et al. (2006) showed that CBD oil reacts or decomposes similarly to other compounds when exposed to heat, light, moisture, or air. CBD oil is stored in various ways; here are some guidelines.

    Keep the CBD Oil in an Airtight Bottle

    CBD oil reacts with air; thus, keep it out of the reach of the air and the reaction that ensues from it. O2, N2, H2, CO2, and inert gases are only a few of the many components that make up the atmosphere. Oxygen is the most reactive of these gases and has a strong affinity for molecules. Wolff et al. (2015) argued that when CBD oil is exposed to oxygen during oxidation, it decreases in quality and develops the rancid smell associated with expired oil. Even though CBD oil has a shelf life of one to two years, air exposure accelerates its decomposition, especially when oxygen is involved.

    Keep the CBD Oil Away from Light Exposure

    Keep it out of direct sunlight if you want to store CBD oil correctly. It isn't a coincidence that most CBD oil businesses utilize amber or dark bottles to package their products. Because of the dark-colored bottles, the CBD oil's purity is protected from light degradation. CBD is easily broken down by light. CBD oil bottles should be kept away from windows. Keep the oil in the fridge or a dark cupboard to avoid oxidation.

    Store the CBD Oil Away from Heat

    When exposed to heat, CBD oil undergoes a reaction. The oil should never be used near heaters, air conditioners, or stoves. Citti et al. (2018) noted that CBD oil's cannabinoids are sensitive to high heat; therefore, it's best to keep the temperature moderate when preparing it. Heating CBD oil causes THC to break down into the cannabinoid CBN. Some CBD oil's components break down when heat exposure, making it less effective as a full-spectrum product.

    Keep CBD Oil Away from Moisture

    Moisture stimulates chemical reactions in CBD oil. A compound's response to moisture is termed hydrolysis, which disrupts the oil's makeup. Moisture contact dilutes CBD oil, although the oil has to be powerful to exhibit any advantage. Keeping the oil in its original container and an airtight light or cap increases the storage conditions and eliminates any potential response.

    Maintain Optimal Temperatures for CBD Oil

    Keeping the CBD oil at the right temperature is critical if you want it to remain fresh and strong for as long as possible. The optimal temperature for CBD oil is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. You may safely keep your CBD oil in the pantry if you don't expose it to light, heat, or air. Baratta et al. (2021) indicated that CBD oil might be stored in the refrigerator for six months or longer if consumed less regularly. Chilling CBD oil prevents the oil from being exposed to potential reactants or degradation factors, enhancing its potency and shelf life. To keep air, use an airtight cover or cap on the top of the bottle while it is still in its original packing.

    Does CBD Need To Be Refrigerated?

    The best way to keep CBD fresh is to keep it in a cool, dark place. So long as the CBD products aren't exposed to direct sunlight, wetness, or extremely high temperatures, and you reside in a climate with cold to moderate year-round temperatures, you're OK storing them outside the fridge. For those living in a hot area, storing CBD in the fridge becomes vital, especially during the summer when the temperature rises above 23 degrees Celsius. However, a low temperature can extend CBD oil's shelf life and keep its efficacy; therefore, some individuals opt to refrigerate it regardless of the weather. Storage of CBD oil, edibles, and other CBD products in the fridge is safe despite the lack of scientific data to back this claim (yet). It is important to keep CBD products in the fridge since they are shielded from the sun, high temperatures, moisture, and other potentially dangerous impurities. Low temperatures can thicken liquids, such as CBD oil. The product may become solid if you keep it in the refrigerator for a long time. Keep your CBD oil at room temperature, and it will revert to its liquid condition if this happens.

    CBD Storage While Traveling

    Carrying CBD products on a trip makes it more difficult to store them properly. However, you may need to do this to receive CBD dosage regularly. Even if this is the case, you may still carry CBD. Keep the product out of direct sunlight and heat and in a cold, dry spot where it won't be exposed to the air. These are the only measures to take. Keep in mind that if you're traveling by automobile, the temperature in the vehicle might quickly rise. The rules of CBD oil differ widely from nation to country, so if you're traveling with it, be extra careful. Putting CBD in your carry-on luggage might also harm your product if the temperature changes. Bring CBD with you instead of staying in baggage for lengthy periods. While traveling, you may use aluminum foil to protect your CBD products from heat and light.


    It is critical to keep it in the appropriate conditions, so it doesn't lose its effectiveness or freshness. To maintain the oil's maximum quality, keep it away from air, light, temperature, and heat. In addition, keep the oil at the correct temperature, but you may also refrigerate it to prevent it from going bad too quickly. Remember, however, that before using any CBD oil product, you should see a doctor first.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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