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  • by Nicola Boulton September 28, 2022 5 min read

    How Do I Take CBD?

    This article will explain the methods of consuming CBD, ranging from edibles, sublingual products, topicals, smoking and vaping, oral ingestion, and CBD in coffee.

    CBD is a refined substance from the hemp plant. In contrast to marijuana, CBD oil is legal in many countries and has a very low concentration of the "toxic" ingredient THC. Cannabis plants contain a wide variety of cannabinoids. And although scientists have only recently begun investigating them, one, in particular, has so far demonstrated promise in terms of possible health advantages. 

    CBD has potent anti-inflammatory properties and can shield nerves from harm. Additionally, it can treat several ailments, such as anxiety and pain. As a natural remedy for Alzheimer's disease, it is being studied. Although CBD has several applications, it's important to note that some CBD formulations are much more accessible than others. This indicates that now the body can assimilate them more quickly. There are different methods to consume CBD, as discussed below.


    An excellent and covert way to experience CBD is through edibles. Several CBD edibles, such as truffles, gummies, and even mints, are excellent at hiding a weedy taste. Nevertheless, there are some restrictions on edibles. According to research, eating CBD causes it to experience what is known as the "first pass effect." The digestive system and liver partly break down CBD in the first-pass effect. This indicates that it may take as long as two hours for the CBD to start working, and one will only absorb 20–30% of the cannabis derivative.

    Sublingual Products

    If individuals prefer to stay away from additives, they may wish to consider a sublingual product since many foods comprise preservatives and sugar. They consist of tablets, oils, sprays, and tinctures prepared by immersing cannabis flowers in oil or alcohol. Individuals notice benefits more quickly if they let the substance dissolve beneath the tongue as opposed to letting it go through the digestive system. Learn more about the science behind cbd


    CBD topicals are intended to be used topically. The epidermal patch, lotions, creams, balms, and salves contain CBD. According to Dyble & Ashton (2011), topicals are an excellent option for discreetly addressing skin diseases such as eczema or acne. Evans, (2020) indicated that applying CBD significantly lowered joint inflammation, which is encouraging news for people with illnesses like arthritis. Although studies on topicals have not provided a bioavailability estimate, few things are known.

    • Topicals deliver focused relief to a specific location since they are not affected by the first-pass impact.
    • Individuals' skin has a much lower viscosity than mucous membranes, such as sublingual tissue. This indicates that when utilizing a topical product, they should pick one with a lot of CBD and use a lot of it.

    According to Menaet et al. (2020), utilizing a CBD product with extra analgesics like camphor, menthol, and capsaicin may increase the mixture's medicinal potential.

    Smoking and Vaping

    You can inhale CBD concentrations like sugar waxes with a vape pen containing a concentrate chamber, use a vaporizer with a CBD oil cartridge, or smoke elevated cannabinoids in a joint. Individuals experience effects far more quickly with smoking and vaping than with other techniques since they immediately let the CBD enter their bloodstream. They ingest thirty-four to fifty-six percent of the CBD in less than ten minutes. Individuals should remember that cannabis smoking exposes them to carcinogens. Although vaping gets around this by heating cannabis just beneath the ignition threshold, it might not be the ideal option because its safety is still in question. Individuals should avoid using CBD vape cartridges produced with softening chemicals or carriers like fractionated propylene glycol, coconut oil, or vegetable glycerin if they choose to vape; these substances can harm lung tissue.

    Oral ingestion

    If individuals are using CBD for the first time, ingesting it is a good place to begin because they are certainly used to ingesting capsules and tablets and will not find it too dissimilar. Additionally, dose monitoring is simple as capsules are available in pre-measured amounts. It's simple to figure out which functions well for them when they have a steady concentration and pay attention to dosage. Twenty-five-milligram Soft Gel capsule is a popular starting point for clients who gradually raise the dose in twenty-five-milligram intervals until they reach the right level. Capsules might find their way into the system for forty-five-minute or longer before lasting for a few hours.

    A tincture of CBD oil is another option that users have. Typically, individuals should keep this beneath their tongue for about a minute before they can swallow it. Some incorporate it into their meals or smoothie recipe. Why pick a tincture? Individuals may easily change the dosage by adding or removing a few drops, and it could act very little quicker. The third choice is edible, like a gummy that can be chewed. These bite-sized treats come in various sizes and flavors and still contain a significant amount of CBD.

    Oral products with a stimulatory delivery, including tinctures, Soft Gels, and Gems, affect the entire body. This is excellent for anyone using CBD to treat anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, or other systemic concerns. But a cream may well be recommended if you're trying to ease a sore knee or a tight back.

    CBD in Coffee

    If there were a method to get the energizing effects of coffee without any of the jitters, infusing CBD into coffee beans, according to the growing amount of CBD coffee businesses, would eliminate the discomfort of caffeine use. This softens the edge of the "high" that coffee provides and makes it a bit softer. Individuals might even use lactose milk mixed with CBD to effortlessly manage the dose and keep drinking the preferred coffee blend. Learn more about what does cbd taste like?


    There isn't one perfect or optimal method to consume CBD; there are many different ways. It's crucial to test several techniques and see which works best for you. Seek medical advice before attempting any CBD product, particularly if you are on any medications at the time. Prescription drugs like blood thinners, antidepressants, antibiotics, and more may interact with CBD. However, CBD products are well-tolerated in the body, and users should not worry about cannabis derivatives.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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