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  • January 16, 2023 5 min read

    How to take CBD products

    The methods of consuming CBD oil are not limited. Different forms of cannabidiol, such as edibles, capsules and topicals, are handy. They portray different effects, as we will discuss in this article.

    Cannabidiol's original intention was for medical use only. However, as research continues to suggest its safety, people use it for other benefits. In some parts of the world, CBD is not legalized, while in others, it is approved for medical use. Technology evolution has helped develop different methods of administering CBD oil to fulfill consumer demands. Each method of taking cannabidiol serves a specific function. This article features CBD oil and its method of extraction, different methods of consuming, medical use and precautions while consuming CBD.

    What is CBD?

    Hemp or cannabis sativa plant is the commonly known source of cannabidiol (CBD). Over the years, it has proved to have potential benefits in treating common therapeutic conditions. It is the most researched element of cannabinoids. It is described as a non-psychoactive element of cannabinoids and has other properties like antioxidative and anti-inflammatory that makes it unique.

    How Cannabidiol Oil Is Extracted

    Flowers and leaves are the most harvested part of a cannabis plant. After being harvested, like most plants, they are dried out. Different drying methods are used; air drying and industrial drying are the most common. According to Lazarjani et al (2021), CBD can be extracted through;

    Use of a Solvent

    Butane is a commonly known solvent used as it helps maintain cannabis's chemical properties. The solvent is soaked with the plant allowing it to absorb the intended hemp compounds. The solution obtained is a combination of cannabinoids and alcohol. It is distilled to separate the cannabinoids and then refined to remove CBD oil. The final product is then used to make CBD oil products for consuming cannabidiol compounds. Due to most solvents being highly flammable, this process can be dangerous in certain circumstances.

    Carbon dioxide extraction

    It is the safest method of extracting CBD oil. CBD isolate type of cannabidiol oil uses this method as it contains at least 99 per cent purity. CO2 is pumped into the cannabis plant harvested. It is pressured in an enclosed chamber with liquid carbon dioxide allowing it to dissolve important compounds of cannabis. It is then converted to gas through evaporation, separating the oil. The end product is highly concentrated with CBD oil with fewer impurities. It is an expensive method of extracting cannabidiol. However, it is environmentally friendly.

    Forms of Taking CBD Oil


    Barrus et al (2016) noted that edibles are a standard method of taking CBD through ingestion. Gummies, candies, cookies and sweets are infused with CBD oil. They are consumed through chewing. CBD edibles passing through the digestive tract allows the absorption of CBD compounds through the intestinal walls.


    Tran &Kavuluru (2020) suggested that tinctures are made by infusing CBD oil into alcohol and are administered through sublingual. In most cases, they come with small bottles and a dropper, making it easy to put drops of CBD oil under the tongue. It takes about 30 seconds before swallowing. This method allows up to 35 per cent of content that gets to the body and hence takes less time to kick in. If you are looking for a faster method to feel CBD effects, this is the ideal method to take cannabidiol.


    Creams and lotion are the most common topicals. They are administered by applying them directly on the skin. This method of taking CBD takes a while to kick in. It is because about 16 per cent only of CBD content gets to the place of action in the body.


    It is administered through inhalation. CBD oil is heated to vapour, which can be smoked. This method kicks in quickly, as about 60% of cannabidiol compounds reach the body. This method is preferred for anxiety and migraines as it gets to action quickly.


    Like most medical drugs, a capsule is preferred. It comes in a tube-like membrane with CBD oil inside. The method makes it easy to record the dosage, as every capsule has an indicated quantity of CBD oil. Capsules are ingested orally. Hence, they are suitable for pain and stress.


    It is recommended to take CBD oil in smoothies.Drops of CBD oil is added into the desired liquid to hide the aftertaste of CBD oil. However, it is difficult to track the dosage of CBD in this method.

    Benefits of Taking CBD Oil

    It has been found that cannabidiol compounds can treat common disorders and diseases. Learn more about does cbd make you feel high?

    Easing Diabetes Complication

    Naccache (2020) suggested that chronic pains caused by diabetes can easily be treated by cannabidiol. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system receptors (ECS), responsible for controlling neurotransmitters. Pain is messaged to the brain by these transmitters. Additionally, dry skin is also a symptom of diabetes. CBD interaction with ECS increases sebum production therefore preventing dry skin.

    Improves Sex Life

    As sex is a big concern today, everyone is looking for methods to spice it up. Moltke&Hindocha (2021) suggested that cannabidiol interaction with CB1 and CB2 receptors in every tissue of the body causes an increase in blood flow. Increased blood flow in the male reproductive system leads to a long-lasting erection. It also increases sensitivity which encourages cuddling. Learn more about cbd peanut butter bars

    Improves Sleep

    Anxiety and stress are the main causes of insomnia. Cannabidiol has the potential of reducing tension in the body since CBD treats pain which can as well be the cause of sleeplessness.

    Precaution When Taking CBD Oil

    As research is still ongoing, it is not confident that cannabidiol works. Most studies are from animal behaviors tested with cannabidiol. Before consuming any CBD, consult with your doctor. Buy your products from a trusted source with a certificate of inspection.


    Sublingual, ingestion and vaping are the most common way of taking cannabidiol oil. Most CBD products in these forms are still under supervision as CBD's mechanism of action is not really understood in the human body. There is need for more research before concluding whether cannabidiol products are safe. However, there is hope it can be recommended from people's experience. Before going for CBD products, instructions from your doctor are necessary. Knowing the danger of the product you use is recommendable in all drugs.


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