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  • by Nicola Boulton August 29, 2022 5 min read


    There are many benefits of CBD as far as health is concerned, such as treating anxiety, alleviating pain, and helping one cope with stress. Regarding Fertility, the research has not been conclusive on whether CBD can treat it.

    CBD is gaining popularity, and many individuals are getting used to it. Many women and men have dealt with infertility since time immemorial. Conventional medication has proved futile to some, so they have resulted in alternative medicine such as CBD. This article will explore how CBD affects Fertility and what one should do before using this product. It will also give the qualities of CBD to help one choose the best from the display. First, let's look at the critical thinking behind CBD and its oil form.


    What is CBD?

    According to Schilling et al.(2020), this compound is manufactured from Cannabis sativa or hemp flower. It is one of the 100 and above compounds found in the cannabis plant. Most people smoke cannabis sativa to feel' high.' This has led to confusion between CBD and THC. However, it has three formulations: full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate.

    What is CBD Oil?

    Ucci (2020) claimed that it is manufactured by extracting CBD from Cannabis sativa or hemp flower and then diluting it with a carrier oil like coconut or olive oil. Different types of CBD oil depending on the concentration of THC in them. The types of CBD are full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate oil. The oil can be used for either medical or nutritional purposes. It requires proper storage to prolong the shelf life and avoid introducing bacteria. CBD oil has a shelf life of 2 years which can be liable if properly stored and away from light. Moreover, it can be used topically, masked in food, or taken orally. These applications may depend on how many times one has used CBD.

    CBD with Fertility

    As CBD is gaining popularity, most individuals feel compelled to explore its benefits. Apart from health conditions like anxiety, chronic pain, and cancer, some say CBD can be used in infertility. Consider this part of this subheading to know the truth behind the matter.

    Does CBD affect Fertility?

    No solid facts have been provided, but CBD has been proven to affect infertility indirectly.

    Cocuzza et al. (2014) suggested that smoking marijuana reduces the sperm count by 28%. Low sperm count leads to infertility by affecting male performance. CBD, a compound in the Cannabis plant, may lead to male infertility.

    Equally, smoking marijuana has been proven to be affecting Fertility in females. Some researchers have suggested that smoking marijuana lowers the chances of ova formation. Consequently, a woman's Fertility is affected. It is advisable not to use CBD when one has a problem with being pregnant. Still, more research is yet to be conducted to support this verdict and belief. Learn more about what is cbd oil used for?

    Proofs That CBD Affects Fertility

    The endocannabinoid compounds are found in different parts of the body. They can be found on the skin, bones, organs, glands, and blood vessels. Gebba et al. (2016) explained that CBD aids in maintaining the body's internal environment through homeostasis. Sperm, a substance in the body, is maintained at its correct level. For these to be achieved, CBD can be taken. It stimulates the endocannabinoid system to secrete compounds that ensure the correct level of semen. CBD also affects follicle maturation and sperm's ability to fertilize an ovum. All this contributes to Fertility which is an important aspect of life continuity. Learn more about what is organic cbd oil?

    Proofs that CBD Limits Fertility

    Through the smoking of marijuana, a substance called anandamide is inducted into the body's cells and organs. According to Schuel et al. (2006), anandamide inhibits embryo development; hence smoking is discouraged during the early stages of pregnancy. It also affects sperm mobility, making the movement of the sperm reaching the ovum difficult. Men are therefore advised not to smoke when interacting with children. More research is still needed to explain how CBD limits Fertility. Learn more about what percentage of cbd oil is best?

    What One Should do before using CBD

    If the information about the use of CBD has not been well understood, one may end up misusing it. It is necessary to have background information and put them into practice. The following are what one should do before using CBD:

    1. Know the types of CBD and their uses
    2. Consult your doctor
    3. Know whether CBD can interact with prescribed medication
    4. Ask others about CBD and the benefits they have gained from it

    How to ensure the Best Pick

    There are things one should look at from a CBD packet before purchasing. Without such qualities, one should not buy as it shows an unsafe product. The following are qualities of safe CBD:

    • Should bear Company’s Third-Party test
    • Should have Certificate of Analysis
    • Should have passed test for heavy metals and pesticides
    • It should be free from contaminants.

    Benefits of CBD

    Apart from Fertility, there are other areas in which CBD helps a person. According to Williams& Nutbrown (2021), the following are the benefits of CBD:

    1. Help in the treatment of autoimmune diseases. CBD oil helps to treat diseases like arthritis which can lure one to other infections.
    2. Treatment of cancer. CBD kills cancerous cells
    3. Alleviate chronic pain
    4. Treat anxiety. CBD triggers the release of chemical compounds that makes one feel calm and relaxed
    5. Treat insomnia. CBD help to treat this condition which disables one to sleep
    6. Reduces stress and other nervous conditions like epilepsy.



    No concrete research has been conducted to explain whether it is effective or not when it comes to Fertility. Thanks to scientists that other areas where CBD is important to one's health have been explained. Still, one should be careful not to use CBD at the early stages of pregnancy; since it has been found that CBD affects pregnancy indirectly. CBD is effective if one has anxiety or stress because of a lack of children or a child, as it helps reduce anxiety. It is also advisable to consult your doctor before embracing the use of CBD. This will help one to avoid risks that may arise from its use. In the market, it is important to follow the above guidelines to confirm a product's safety.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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