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  • by Nicola Boulton August 31, 2022 5 min read

    How Much CBD Shatter Should I Use?

    As users raise concerns on how much CBD shatter one should use. It is important to note that even though the leverage is up to the user, you can achieve concentrated effects on small amounts of CBD.

    CBD was recently legalized, and many CBD products have crowded the market. This is due to the rise of CBD in popularity, and since it is becoming a selling product, many companies want a piece of the cake. CBD concentrates seem to be the most peculiar of them all. A CBD concentrate is a refined product that solemnly contains pure CBD. This is often CBD isolate such as powder, but they may come in different types. One of the popular CBD concentrates is CBD shatter. CBD shatter is a concentrate of CBD categorized under solvent-based extractions. CBD shutter is utilized through dabbing or vaping to provide the effects of CBD. One of the concerns that CBD users raise over CBD shatter is how much should be used.

    What Is Shatter

    Shatter is an extract, particularly a cannabis concentrate, that combines cannabis extracts and other solvents. Shatter weed generally looks translucent, but its coloring can be either honey-like amber, bright or a dark yellow shade. Shatters are perceived to have the same consistency. The texture of independent marijuana shatter products ranges from exceedingly brittle to taffy-like snap-and-pull, which brought about the category of pull 'n' snap. Shatters with a high concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) emanate in a product with a more snap or oily consistency. A product with a higher Tetrahydrocannabinbolic acid (THCA) is more brittle and glass-like. THC concentrated at room temperature is gooey oil, giving shatter with a high concentration of THC that is more viscous. THCA is a solid that gives an easily breakable concentrate at room temperature.

    What Is CBD Shatter

    According to Stuyt (2018), there are wide varieties of shatter, and the most common is that with high levels of THC. However, there are shatter that have high concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD) and no concentration of THC. CBD shutter aims to provide the therapeutic health and wellness benefits of This shatter contains a potent and highly concentrated CBD. It can be an ideal alternative for medical marijuana as it comprises terpenes and other cannabinoids of cannabis which are also of practical value. The purity and high potency of CBD shatter maximize its therapeutic effects.

    How to Consume CBD Shatter

    The solid-state of CBD shatter might have many different methods to consume CBD. However, CBD shatter is only utilized through dabbing, which involves inhaling. Dabbing is similar to vaping, but in this case, the 'dab' used is in solid form as opposed to vape juice. A dab rig is used in dabbing, but a vape pen can also serve the same purpose.

    In dabbing, the dab is only used in small amounts where it is placed on a hot surface like a hot plate where it instantly melts and turns into vapor leaving behind a cloud of smoke for you to inhale. Dabbing is more effective, and CBD reaches the bloodstream faster through the lungs thanks to the high bioactivity of vaporized CBD.

    Sagar (2018) noted that compared to other methods of CBD intake, dabbing maintains the potency of CBD that would otherwise be lost in digestion through the ingestion method. CBD shatter can be utilized through cooking or infusion with cooking oil. Melting down of CBD shatter damages the cannabinoids and terpenes and reduces their effectiveness.

    How Much CBD Shatter Should I Use

    The most important rule of using CBD shatter is using small portions. This is considering the high potency and the high concentrations of CBD in the shatter. Portioning down a small amount of shatter can be challenging, which is why CBD shatter comes with specific portioning tools. A beginner should consider as few amounts as possible as this method provides highly concentrated effects of CBD, which reach peak fast thanks to the bioactivity of vaporizing CBD.

    The effects of CBD are not long-lasting and fade after a few hours. Starting on CBD shatter, one should consider as few amounts as possible, then gradually work your way up until you feel you have achieved the desired effects. Varlet et al. (2016) noted that dabbing or vaping CBD is more effective than the ingestion method since the vapor reaches the bloodstream effectively through the lungs, and the potency of CBD is maintained. Dabbing is powerful and gives intense effects, so don't be tempted to use a lot of CBD shatter. CBD shatter is efficient as you use less CBD concentrate for greater effects.

    Benefits of Using CBD Shatter

    All CBD products are used for the same reasons linked to CBD's health and wellness benefits. If you are new to CBD and are wondering why you use CBD shatter, here are some things to consider.

    High Bioactivity

    Shatter is often consumed through inhaling, where a dab rig is used to burn the shatter into vapor. Inhalation is the most bioavailable form of CBD intake. Perucca (2017) noted that bioavailability refers to the amount of CBD that enters your bloodstream in a particular period. Since bioavailability is measured in percentage, vaporization is highest with up to 56%.

    Rapid Effects

    While looking for a way to achieve the effects of CBD fast, then CBD shatter is the solution. Through dabbing, CBD shatter enters the bloodstream fast through the lungs, from which CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system.

    Easy to Dose

    Dosing CBD shatter is straightforward. It would help if you had a small scoop of CBD. You decide how much shatter you want to be in your dab rig but keep in mind that you can achieve higher effects with only small portions of CBD.

    Ideal for Daytime Use

    Depending on the effects you want to achieve, you can use CBD shatter at any time. CBD shatter will suit you any time, whether for sleep at night or in the morning, to improve focus and energy. You can also use it in the middle of the day to boost your mood, reduce anxiety, manage stress, or improve energy levels.


    CBD shatter may not be familiar to many, complicated, and challenging to use, especially to a beginner. However, with the high bioactivity that comes with CBD shatter, you should try it. It is all up to you concerning how much one should use, but the important rule is that you should use little amounts, considering that you can achieve high concentrations from little amounts of CBD shatter. CBD shatter is safe and does not present any adverse effects to its user.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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