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  • by Nicola Boulton September 01, 2022 4 min read

    CBD Vape Pens VS. CBD E-liquid

    Cannabidiol (CBD) has different consumption methods. For example, some people prefer ingesting cannabidiol oil in tincture form, while others edibles or capsules. Though every method has unique benefits, vaping cannabidiol oil has the highest efficacy. Vape juices (CBD E-liquid or vape oil) are designed purposely for e-cigarettes and vape pens. Thinning substances are incorporated into cannabidiol extracts to improve their flow. Learn more this article.

    There are various methods of consuming your cannabidiol CBD dosage. Some users ingest cannabidiol oil in tincture form, while others edibles or capsules. However, certain customers prefer dabbing cannabidiol concentrates. Every method has unique benefits, with vaping cannabidiol oil having the highest efficacy. Regular cannabidiol oil cannot be poured into vape pens directly, rather, it utilizes special oil called cannabidiol E-liquid. Vape juices (CBD E-liquid or vape oil) are designed purposely for e-cigarettes and vape pens. Thinning substances are incorporated into cannabidiol extracts to improve their viscosity for easy flow in vape pens and generate inhaled vapor.

    CBD Vape Pens VS. CBD E-liquid

    Why Should People Vape CBD?

    Vaping has different benefits compared to other consumption methods:

    Vaping CBD Has Greater Bioavailability

    Bioavailability is the cannabidiol amount that enters the bloodstream after intake. When bioavailability increases, a greater cannabidiol amount enters your body system. For instance, oral cannabidiol bioavailability like edibles and capsules is approximately four to twenty percent. This implies that about one-fifth of the major compound penetrates the bloodstream. Sublingual products like tinctures or oil drops show a better bioavailability ranging within 25-35 percent. Singh & Lippmann (2018) noted that vaping cannabidiol oil has the highest efficacy. About 56 percent of cannabidiol compounds absorb into the bloodstream through vaping.

    Vaping has Greater Convenience

    Most vaporizers scattered in the marketplace are concealable. Certain units have a small size that fits into your pocket or purse. For this reason, vaping cannabidiol oil provides the best method of consuming cannabidiol dosage. Package the vape pen, choose the appropriate temperature, burn your oil, and inhale your cannabidiol-dense vapor directly into the lungs.

    Vaping Enables Consumers to Regulate the Dosage Accurately

    Generally, cannabidiol vape oil is measured with the overall cannabidiol amount per bottle. When determining the cannabidiol dose of the vape, calculate the cannabidiol amount per every milliliter of your E-liquid. For instance, when a thirty-milliliter bottle contains 1000 milligrams of cannabidiol, every milliliter should have approximately 33.3 milligrams of cannabidiol. The consumer requires a fraction of an entire charge to experience the desired results when vaping.

    The Effects Manifest Quickly

    According to Pearlson, Stevens, & D'Souza (2021), consumers must wait approximately thirty to ninety minutes to experience results after ingesting cannabidiol edibles. Although cannabidiol persists longer when ingested through this method, you might remain unsatisfied when seeking immediate relief. Oral cannabidiol enters the digestive system before absorption into your bloodstream. Tinctures penetrate the body system quicker since they absorb into the bloodstream through capillary glands located in your mouth. Therefore, the onset period is reduced to approximately fifteen to twenty minutes after consumption. However, the effects manifest faster when vaporizing cannabidiol oil. The vape oil diffuses straight into your bloodstream via the lungs. The consumer does not experience first-pass results meaning the cannabidiol effects are felt almost instantly.

    Vaping is an Enjoyable CBD Consumption Method

    Cannabidiol vape oil provides the most enjoyable CBD consumption method due to its varied flavours and aromas. Additionally, they puff greater vapor clouds than when vaping cannabidiol concentrates or flowers. For this reason, vaporization attracts many younger consumers than other consumption methods. According to Kligerman et al. (2020), approximately 37 percent of twelfth graders in the United States of America (3.6 million) acknowledged vaping cannabidiol oil in 2018. Following the escalating cannabidiol oil popularity, teens and adolescents might shift from better preferences to E-cigarettes with addictive nicotine. Learn more about does cbd e-liquid get you high?

    Potential Dangers of Vaping CBD Oil

    Some cannabidiol consumers might experience allergic reactions from ingredients in the vape products. Ziarati et al. (2018) observed that products intended for vaping might have heavy metal contaminants. The following are some downsides related to vaping cannabidiol oil. Learn more about how long does a cbd pen take to hit?

    Heavy Metal Intoxication. Is Vaping Cannabidiol Risky for the Lungs?

    Vape pens are accompanied by heating compounds often manufactured with clean nickel wire, nickel-chromium alloy, or stainless steel. These elements generate unhealthy metal particles when heated. Prioritize units manufactured with stainless steel or borosilicate glass rather than a quartz wick or titanium heating coil.

    Unknown Prolonged Negative Vaping Cannabidiol Oil Effects

    Research on the mid-term and short-term vaping health impacts has not shown any significant risk to consumers. However, the long-term effects are still unknown. Therefore, consult medical experts or choose better alternatives like edibles or tinctures.

    Allergy to Some Components in CBD Vape oil

    Some cannabidiol consumers report sinus irritation, nausea, and headaches when vaping cannabidiol oil. Such effects emanate from a negative response to vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol, the major constituents alongside cannabidiol oil. Many extreme allergy symptoms include breathing difficulties, skin irritation, hive breakouts, and swelling. Luckily, most people have encountered these allergens such that they discover their allergic state before attempting to consume cannabidiol vape oil.


    Cannabidiol (CBD) contains several health benefits, and consumers use various methods to acquire daily doses. For instance, some prefer tinctures while others edibles or capsules. Vape juices (CBD E-liquid or vape oil) are designed purposely for e-cigarettes and vape pens. However, these consumption methods have unique bio availabilities and onset periods. People who desire to experience vaped cannabidiol effects should utilize vape-compatible cannabidiol liquid. Cannabidiol is not regulated by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Therefore, certain brands may produce low-quality cannabidiol E-liquids. Before choosing a brand, confirm its reputation and customers’ reviews to identify authentic vaping products.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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