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  • by Nicola Boulton September 01, 2022 5 min read

    Can CBD Vaping CBD Reduce Nicotine Dependence And Withdrawal?

    Long-term smoking of tobacco and nicotine can cause adverse effects on the human body. However, recent studies have shown that vaping CBD can counter the effects of nicotine dependence. The article below delves into how vaping CBD can reduce overdependence on nicotine.

    Studies carried out by scientists around the globe show that tobacco addiction is one of the highest causes of death. Trying to deal with nicotine addiction is not a walk in the park, especially for individuals who have used the drug for a long time. Besides the physical dependence resulting from smoking nicotine, it also causes behavioral addiction which wires to the user's brain. It is why most people who try to get rid of their nicotine addiction end up failing even with nicotine patches and gums. Nonetheless, scientists are convinced that CBD may effectively control nicotine addiction.

    Can CBD Vaping CBD Reduce Nicotine Dependence And Withdrawal?

    Defining Nicotine Withdrawal

    According to Bade et al. (2017), nicotine withdrawal arises from addiction. Cigarettes are made with nicotine which is absorbed into the blood and shipped to the brain, where it inhabits the nicotine acetylcholine receptors. When nicotine settles in the brain, it stimulates acetylcholine, a major neurotransmitter in the parasympathetic nervous system. Over-dependence on nicotine boosts the number of acetylcholine receptors in the brain, stimulating dopamine release. Another neurotransmitter stimulated by nicotine intake is glutamate, which boosts the communication rate among neurons.

    When an individual reduces their nicotine intake, the acetylcholine receptors reduce the amount of glutamate and dopamine released by the brain, hampers brain activity, and results in feelings of anxiety and depression. Some popular nicotine withdrawal symptoms include constipation, persistent coughs, insomnia, and irregular sleep cycles.

    How CBD Helps With Nicotine Addiction

    According to Hurd et al. (2015), refraining from smoking is tough, especially for individuals whose bodies have overdependence on nicotine. The withdrawal symptoms also have a huge impact on normal body functioning, but with time, they may go away or reduce, depending on the frequency of the use of cigarettes. Recent studies on CBD have shown that it moderates anandamide, an endocannabinoid that boosts emotions of joy and physical and emotional wellbeing. When the levels of anandamide reduce in the body, it increases stress levels and dampens moods. Additionally, anandamide boosts sleep by boosting adenosine levels in the brain.

    The ideal CBD product that individuals suffering from nicotine withdrawal can use is either a full-spectrum CBD product or a broad-spectrum CBD product. These products encompass an array of compounds derived from the cannabis plant, making them perfect for individuals looking for an entourage effect. Broad spectrum CBD contains all the cannabinoids in hemp minus THC, while full spectrum CBD contains all the cannabinoids in the hemp plant, including THC, albeit in trace levels that do not exceed 0.3%. CBD does not cause intoxication, otherwise referred to as a psychoactive reaction, unlike THC. Through vaping CBD, one can preserve their nicotine smoking culture without actually smoking it. Inhaling CBD still conveys toxic substances into the body like tar but regardless, it still aids in reducing the amount of nicotine buildup in the body.

    How To Use CBD To Quit Smoking

    According to Niesink et al. (2013), although vaping marijuana can lead to life-long dependence, CBD has no ingredients that make it an addictive compound. Cannabidiol is classified under non-addictive drugs since there have never been any reports of its addiction. For a successful journey in quitting smoking, individuals should note that the cradle of a CBD product plays a crucial role in determining how well it works. Below are some pointers to keep in mind when purchasing a CBD for vaping purposes;

    THC Content

    The concentration of THC in a given cannabidiol product is vital in ensuring its legality. Any CBD product with THC levels above 0.3% is illegal in most states, and purchasers should steer clear of such products.

    Source of Hemp

    The source of hemp is vital in ensuring that the CBD used in vaping is organic. Individuals should avoid cannabidiol products that overseas companies manufacture since most are contaminated with fertilizers, pesticides, and heavy metals.

    Lab Reports

    When choosing a brand that deals with CBD products, it is vital to ensure that the products have undergone third-party lab reports. A COA is vital since it gives clients an acumen into the product's purity, chemical profile, and THC levels.

    Purchase Broad Spectrum CBD Products

    Broad spectrum CBD products contain all the valuable products from the hemp plant minus the THC, which may cause addiction when used in high amounts. Full spectrum CBD contains THC, which may not be advisable for individuals trying to battle nicotine addiction or any addiction.

    Benefits of Replacing Cigarettes With CBD Vapes

    CBD has a vast wellness profile. Most people incorporate it into their daily lives to treat various mental and health illnesses. Below are some of the benefits of vaping CBD in place of nicotine.

    CBD Eases Withdrawal Symptoms

    According to Mehra et al. (2019), nicotine, similar to hard drugs such as heroin and nicotine, is addictive. The physical addiction to tobacco causes users to have an almost near-death experience when they try quitting. Most often, users who want to quit its use are met with a barrier of withdrawal symptoms, making quitting a nightmare. Vaping CBD will enable the CBD to network with the endocannabinoid system, which regulates normal body functions such as memory, mood, stress response, and blood pressure. These body functions are hampered when an individual is suffering from withdrawal, but through vaping CBD, the body can counter the effects of the withdrawal symptoms.

    Helps To Reduce Tobacco Cravings

    Tobacco smoking boosts dopamine levels in the body, which ties the user to a lot of constant smoking so that they may experience a dopamine high. Some studies have shown that a regular intake of CBD through vaping reduces the brain's need to smoke nicotine.


    Nicotine and tobacco usage over an extended period can harm the body. Recent research has, however, indicated that vaping CBD can counteract the negative consequences of nicotine dependence. Trying to overcome a nicotine addiction is challenging, especially for those who have used the drug extensively. Smoking nicotine leads to physical and behavioral addiction that greatly affects the addict's brain. It explains why most people who attempt to kick their nicotine habit fail miserably, even when using nicotine patches and gums. Scientists are nonetheless confident that CBD may be successful in reducing nicotine addiction.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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