Chaga (45g)

This spiritual medicinal mushroom is full of antioxidants, boosts your immune system and calms inflammation to keep your body well and happy. It’s chicory like taste makes it the perfect super shroom to amp up your oat milk latte.
*Medical Disclaimer* Please consult a doctor before using our products if you are on any medications, undergoing medical treatment of any form or have a pre-exisiting condition such as MS or Lupus.


* Wild Harvested

Our products are all natural, powdered herbs. As a result they need a little bit of help to dissolve into your drinks! To save time, you can add them straight into your hot drinks, smoothies or kitchen creations. However, for the best results we recommend following our Elixir Formula!

1. ½ Tsp Chaga + splash hot water
2. Whisk
3. Add to matcha, coffee, golden mylk, acai bowls...
4. Chill, sip & glow

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