Fridge Series: Lucy Sesto from @sestoyoga

Tuesday 18th August 2020

Welcome to our fridge series! We've curated this series by picking our favourite wellness gals and asking them to show us what's in their fridge. They'll be giving us tips and tricks, telling us their go-to snacks, and how they balance healthy eating and routine! 

First up, we have the ultimate yoga babe, Lucy Sesto (@sestoyoga on Instagram), she's been teaching yoga for years, hold virtual classes on Zoom, and also teaches at @lift.themovement@burnrgym and @moreyoga_ !

What is the first thing you have in the morning?

I love my smoothie bowls! I love to switch it up with different smoothies but my go to at the moment has been with oat milk, koko plain yoghurt, dates, frozen banana, caramel protein powder & I’ve recently been using the Shatavari powder from Glow Bar ever morning too! Absolutely love it.

How do you balance healthy eating and routine?
Whenever I cook a meal I always try to cook up a lot of veg or whatever I’m making so that there are leftovers I can freeze in little Tupperwares, then I use those leftovers if i need a quick meal if I’m in a rush. I really believe the best way to keep eating healthy is to make it a lifestyle rather than a diet! Learn recipes with healthy whole foods and start to incorporate them into your daily routines.

What are your top 3 staples in your fridge?
Oat milk, hummus and lots of green veg

What is your go to morning/evening drink?
I have a matcha latte with oat milk every morning! I use the barista oatly milk for this as it’s so creamy!

What is your go-to treat when you’re on your period?

I have SUCH a sweet tooth, especially that week before I’m due on, if I’m feeling it I’ll grab some Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream out of the freezer, especially when it’s hot! Or if I’m feeling savoury I love Tyrells sweet chilli crisps!

What is your easiest go to dinner after a long day of work?

I’m definitely a little bit pasta obsessed! My mum grows basil in the garden so we make our own pesto with pine nuts, olive oil & yeast flakes! A super easy dinner to make from this is to fry some spinach & broccoli & garlic in a pan and cook some pasta. Mix the pesto in with the pasta and serve the veggies on top with a sprinkle of roasted cashews! 

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