Our Lavender Latte is the Sleep Tonic You Need to Make Tonight

Saturday 2nd December 2017

Soothing lavender and calming Ashwagandha come together to make this delicious night time tonic. If you have trouble clearing your mind, or drifting easily to sleep, this recipe is your newest obsession! Taking the time to make a warm drink that both tastes good and does good is one of the best forms of me-time a girl can get.

Lavender Latte | Serves 1 


1 cup almond mylk

1 tsp dried lavender

1 tsp Glow Bar Ashwagandha

1 tsp dried butterfly pea flower tea

1 tsp wild honey

1 drop lemon juice

1 tbsp tocos


1. Bring almond mylk to a boil and add dried lavender, leave to infuse for 15 minutes

2. Strain mylk and reheat

3. Steep the butterfly pea flower tea in 1/4 cup hot water for 2 minutes, strain and add a drop of lemon juice (watch it magically turn to


4. Use an electric whisk to dissolve the ashwagandha, tocos and honey into the butterfly pea flower tea

5. Whisk in the lavender infused almond mylk and enjoy!

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