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  • by Nicola Boulton December 11, 2023 6 min read

    Can CBD Vape Oil Go Bad?

    Various products have an expiry date, and CBD vape oil is no exception. However, several factors affect its longevity. Read on to learn more about CBD vape oil, whether it can go bad, and the benefits of CBD vape oil.

    CBD has taken the cannabis world by storm. Besides its several therapeutic benefits, it is considered the epitome of healthy organic products since it is available in various forms and has minimal side effects. In addition, you don’t need to worry about its legality since the 2018 farm Bill redefined hemp and acknowledged it as a non-psychoactive chemical compound, fervently distinguishing it from marijuana. CBD vape oil is infused in CBD vapes, which are popular because they are small, light, and offer a higher bioavailability. It is important to confirm the expiry date of the e-liquid while purchasing it to ensure it’s a product worth purchasing.

    What is CBD?

    Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-psychoactive chemical compound obtained from hemp. It does not cause euphoric sensations since it antagonizes certain receptors while indirectly interacting with different receptors.

    CBD is available in various forms, including gummies, capsules, tinctures, and vapes. The vapes convert CBD vape oil into vapour inhaled into the lungs. CBD e-liquids have a higher bioavailability since they do not have to be gut processed, and thus bypass the first pass metabolism in the liver to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

    Can CBD Vape Oil Go Bad?

    The longevity of CBD vape oil depends on several factors, including the ingredients, the quality of the vape oil, and the extraction process used to obtain the CBD extract. Fortunately, various indicators show you when CBD vape oil has expired. It is necessary to have a succinct comprehension of these factors to ensure your CBD vape oil stays longer and to guarantee its efficacy in your body

    Extraction Process

    The CBD extract can be obtained through Butane Hash Oil or CO2 extraction. The former requires butane as a solvent, and it is used to pull out other cannabinoids and chemical compounds, including terpenes. Although this extraction process is considered economical, it may adversely affect the purity and potency of the CBD extract by leaving deposits of the solvent. Furthermore, butane is toxic and also explosive.

    On the other hand, CO2 extraction involves using pressurized CO2 to pull out essential chemical compounds and cannabinoids. Unlike BHO extraction, CO2 extraction does not leave behind solvent residues in the extract. Therefore, the extract retains its purity and potency. High-quality CBD vape oils are infused with a CBD extract obtained using CO2.


    Higher-quality products often last longer than low-quality products. While purchasing CBD e-liquids, confirming the hemp source is a requisite process.

    Hemp plants grown using inorganic farming techniques are often of low quality. The plants may absorb pesticides in the soil, which may interfere with their quality. Furthermore, inorganic farming methods may lead to mould development, adversely affecting the CBD extract's purity. Organically grown hemp plants are undoubtedly of higher quality, and they last longer due to the quality of their ingredients.


    If you are curious enough, you’d wonder why CBD oil is often packed in airtight, dark-coloured containers. It would help if you did not mistake this for aesthetics but understand that dark-coloured, airtight containers protect the vape oil from heat and sunlight exposure which may otherwise damage the vape oil.

    Infused Ingredients

    Higher quality ingredients would increase the longevity of the vape oil. It is important to read the product label and ensure the vape oil has minimal artificial flavourings and additives. Furthermore, check the product’s Certificate of Analysis to confirm the product ingredients.


    Keeping the CBD vape oil in a cool, dry place is important since sunlight exposure may damage it. Refrigerating might not be necessary.


    How to Identify if CBD Vape Oil Has Expired

    It’s important to be keen and observe the state of CBD vape oil before inhaling it. Several indicators would notify you of the state of the vape oil:
    Rancid Taste

    CBD vape oil has a tolerable, earthy taste. Furthermore, some CBD vape oils are infused with natural flavourings to improve their taste. If the oil tastes disgusting, consider discarding it.

    A Weird Scent

    Fresh CBD vape oil has a nutty, tolerable scent. CBD vape oils may have a pleasant scent if infused with artificial flavourings. If the CBD vape oil has a skunky smell, get rid of it.

    A Thick Appearance

    Refrigeration would not be necessary to increase the longevity of vape oil. However, if the vape oil was stored in a fridge or a cold room, expect to notice a thicker appearance of the vape oil. Therefore, if you notice that the vape oil is thick yet not stored in cold conditions, consider cutting your losses and getting rid of it as soon as possible.

    Does Expired CBD Vape Oil Have Any Side Effects?

    Most people are curious about the side effects of expired CBD vape oil, if any. However, expired CBD vape oil does not make you sick or cause any side effects. Cannabinoids lose their potency with time, so using expired CBD vape oil would mean you won’t experience CBD’s therapeutic effects.

    How Long Does CBD Vape Oil Last?

    CBD vape oil can last for about 18 months if stored correctly. Therefore, it is important to store it correctly by minimizing sunlight exposure and storing it in an airtight bottle

    How To Increase the Longevity of CBD Vape Oil

    • Store the CBD vape oil in its rightful container
    • Ensure the bottle remains airtight after using the CBD vape oil.
    • Ensure your bottles are stored upright and not lying on the side.
    • Keep the CBD vape oil in the dark since sunlight exposure might affect its efficacy.
    • Ensure you store the CBD vape oil under requisite temperature conditions to avoid degradation

    Medical Benefits of CBD Vape Oil

    • According to Dawidowicz et al. (2021), CBD vape oil has antioxidant properties that reduce oxidation in the skin, muscles, and tissues.
    • Goerl et al. (2021) explained that CBD vape oil has anticonvulsant properties that alleviate epileptic conditions.
    • Jastrząb et al. (2021) noted that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce
    • According to Crippa et al. (2018), CBD can potentially reduce the symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s.
    • Khalsa et al. (2021) suggested that CBD has anti-anxiety properties that alleviate stress and anxiety.

    How to Purchase the Right CBD Vape Oil

    • Read the customer reviews to get more insight into the product’s authenticity
    • Ensure the CBD extract has undergone intensive independent third-party testing
    • Ensure the CBD extract is derived from organically grown hemp plants
    • Read the product label and ensure no inorganic ingredients such as vitamin E acetate, moulds, and pesticides.


    CBD vape oil can expire. Various factors affect its longevity, including the storage methods, packaging, ingredients, quality, and extraction method. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase CBD vape oil extracted through CO2 extraction since it maintains the purity and potency of the hemp extract. Furthermore, high-quality ingredients ensure the vape oil lasts longer and works effectively. Ensure you store the CBD vape oil in a cool, dry place.

    Moreover, ensure you keep the bottle airtight after using the oil. Minimize sunlight and heat exposure since it will cause the vape oil to degenerate. CBD vape oil is popular because it alleviates inflammation, pain, and anxiety. Ensure you confirm the product’s quality and legality in your jurisdiction before purchasing the vape pen.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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