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  • The Shroom Shop Enhanced Protect 67500mg Capsules - 90 Caps

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    With their Enhanced Range Capsules, The Shroom Shop has taken their amazing mushroom extracts and combined them with more powerful and proven ingredients for even better results. Each ingredient has been carefully chosen to complement each other for products that do exactly what they say on the tin (or bottle). We all know the value of a strong immune system and we all would like to improve it so we can fight off pesky colds and flu and improve our recovery from them when we do get struck down. The Shroom Shop Protect Capsules are formulated with powerful antioxidants that are proven to improve your natural immunity.

    • 90 x 750mg Enhanced Capsules
    • Boosts Immunity & Detoxifies
    • Fights Free Radicals
    • Powerful Antioxidants
    • 1 Month Supply (3 capsules daily, taken throughout the day)
    • Vegan Friendly Capsule

    Key Ingredients:
    Turkey Tail (1500mg) - Turkey Tail mushrooms are high in the polysaccharides PSK and PSP - both types of beta-glucans. It is these compounds that are thought to be responsible for Turkey Tail's amazing immune-boosting properties – improving the ability of the immune system’s natural defence cells works to protect the body against illness. It is especially effective against the types of viruses responsible for causing colds and flu.

    Ashwagandha (400mg) - Ashwagandha contains potent antioxidant properties and bioactive compounds that help support immunomodulatory actions and healthy inflammatory responses. Stress and immunity are heavily linked, a stressed body is not a healthy body and a stressed body is more likely to get ill and will take longer to recover from illness. Ashwagandha is known for its ability to reduce stress. It’s classified as an adaptogen, a substance that helps the body cope with stress. Ashwagandha appears to help control cortisol levels to help relieve stress which allows your body to better deal with infections and viruses.

    Curcumin (240mg) - An overactive immune system can be just as damaging as an underactive immune system which is why Curcumin is so important. Curcumin lowers levels of acute-phase proteins, which in excess can be damaging to your health. The research suggests that Curcumin will help to regulate parts of the immune system that tend to become overactive so your immune response is much healthier. Alongside the Curcumin is Black Pepper Extract which improves the bioavailability of Curcumin so your body absorbs it all and none is lost during digestion.

    Vitamin C (100mg) - Well known for its immune-boosting properties, Vitamin C is a must-have in any supplement formulated to improve your natural immunity. Vitamin C encourages the production of white blood cells which are vital to fighting infection and disease. Vitamin C also helps white blood cells function more effectively and protect them from damage.

    Ingredients: Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract, (30% Polysaccharides), Ashwagandha, Curcumin, Vitamin C

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Subtle overall well-being boost with high-potency mushroom extract capsules

    I recently tried The Shroom Shop Enhanced Protect 67,500mg capsules, and I'd like to share my honest experience with this product.

    These capsules caught my attention due to their high mushroom extract content. They contain a blend of various mushroom extracts, each known for its potential health benefits, particularly in terms of immune support and overall wellness.

    In terms of effectiveness, I found that taking these capsules regularly seemed to contribute to a general sense of well-being and vitality. It wasn't a dramatic or immediate effect, but over time, I noticed a subtle boost in my overall feeling of health.

    The capsules themselves are easy to swallow, and I didn't experience any adverse effects during my use. The 90-capsule bottle provides a three-month supply, which is quite generous.

    However, it's important to understand that individual responses to mushroom supplements can vary. What works for one person may not work the same way for another.

    One consideration is that the effects of mushroom supplements are typically subtle and may require consistent use over time to become noticeable. They are not quick fixes but rather supplements to support overall wellness.

    In summary, The Shroom Shop Enhanced Protect 67,500mg capsules offer a convenient way to potentially enhance overall well-being and immune support. While I experienced a subtle sense of health improvement, individual responses can differ, and it's crucial to use them responsibly and seek guidance from a healthcare provider if you have concerns or specific health needs.