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  • CBD Affiliate Program

    CBD Affiliate Program UK

    Join Glow Bar's CBD Affiliate Program and start generating commission from every sale that you refer. Glow Bar is UK's leading online CBD shops carrying over 15,000 products ranging from CBD Gummies and CBD Oil to CBD Creams and Beauty products.

    How it Works

    • Sign up to our affiliate link.
    • You will receive your unique affiliate url
    • Simply share that url inside articles, videos, social media posts, emails, etc
    • For every sale that is made using your link, you will receive a percentage of the sales

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    Why Join our CBD Oil Affiliate Program UK

    Extremely High Conversion Rate

    • Glow Bar London has over 15,000 products across the CBD, vape, smoking and nootropics categories which means that customers are more likely to find a product for them.
    • The site has an ongoing BUY 1 GET 1 FREE offer across all vape, CBD and nootropics categories which incentivises customers to make a purchase from the online CBD shop.
    • Free Shipping on all orders over £25.
    • New products are added to the store on a daily basis.
    • Glow Bar London stocks most of the leading nootropic, vape and CBD Oil brands, which gives customers are broad choice.
    • Live Customer Support

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    CBD Oil Affiliate Program Details

    • 20% commission rate
    • 25% commission rate after 5 orders
    • 30% commission rate after 10 orders
    • 30 day cookie duration
    • £200 minimum pay out amount via a bank transfer
    • Extensive range of marketing materials: CBD infographics, banners, animated banners and videos.

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    Are you looking to capitalize on the soaring popularity of CBD products? Joining a CBD affiliate program is one way that you can make money while supporting something you believe in. This post breaks down everything there is to know about joining a wholesale CBD affiliate program.

    An individual or company can sign up as an "affiliate", meaning they agree to partner with a certain brand or product line within the industry and promote their programs in exchange for commission-based payouts. The more sales generated, the higher the payout will be - usually coming in at 10%-40%, depending on how many products have been sold over time.

    How to Make Money as a CBD Affiliate Program Member

    Becoming an affiliate member is a great way to generate additional income while promoting healthy and helpful products. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the most popular natural supplements on the market. Henson, Vitetta & Hall (2022) noted that this cannabinoid could treat many medical conditions like anxiety, depression, chronic pain and inflammation. As more people turn to alternative treatments, such as cannabis-based remedies, they are also turning to CBD-based products, making them ideal candidates for becoming affiliated with these programs.

    Affiliates can access CBD product selections, including topical salves, oils and tinctures, and edibles such as gummies, chocolates and tea blends. When someone purchases any of these items through your link, you receive a commission from the company, earning you passive income even when you are not selling their merchandise directly.

    By joining a CBD affiliate program, you will gain access to promotional materials, such as banners or discount codes, that can be shared via social media posts or blog articles. This allows your followers/readers to purchase from your specific link (a special code provided by the program). Additionally, if anyone else becomes an affiliate based on yours, you can reap additional rewards due to residual commissions. This means that both parties get rewarded once those customers have purchased something through their links. This type of compensation structure creates endless earning opportunities without any associated inventory costs, making this an attractive solution if seeking financial freedom while working remotely from home full-time (or part-time). No matter what kind of lifestyle best fits your needs, becoming involved in a reputable affiliate program could help you get closer to achieving long-term goals!

    How to sign up for the CBD Affiliate program?

    Find an Appropriate Program

    The first step is to find an appropriate program that meets your needs. The best way to do this is to search online for companies offering programs related to CBD and review their requirements and benefits carefully before signing up with one. Ensure that the company offers quality products and pays competitive commission rates. These factors will determine how much money you can make as an affiliate.

    Create an Account

    The next step is to create an account with the chosen company's website or platform. This should involve providing basic personal details such as your name, address, email address, and other information required by the company's system. Once your account has been created, it's time to start promoting.

    Most companies offer tools and resources specifically designed for affiliates, such as banner ads, product images and links which allow customers who click on them access directly from your site or blog post into theirs. Trackable links will help track all sales made through your posts. You must take advantage of these features to maximize success with your campaigns!

    It takes time (and some experimentation) to achieve maximum returns from any marketing effort. Don't give up if success doesn't come immediately - diddle around until something works.

    Benefits of CBD Affiliate Programs

    Earning Commission

    One great benefit of joining a CBD affiliate program is that you can earn referral commissions from your website or blog's traffic. When someone clicks on an ad placed by one of your affiliates, they are taken directly to their online store, where they can purchase whatever products or services they need. If that visitor buys anything during their visit, you will receive a commission on whatever was purchased. This means you are helping people find what they need and earning income while doing so – it truly doesn't get much better.

    Access to Discounts

    By partnering with select brands and companies through an affiliate network, you may gain access to special offers. This could increase your bottom line significantly over time by simply spreading awareness about them amongst friends or followers across social media platforms.

    Passive Income

    Many people join these programs because they want more control over how much money they make each month without devoting too much time. By establishing yourself as an authoritative source within the industry, you can easily establish relationships with other businesses that offer higher commission rates once trust has been established between both parties. This allows for greater financial stability down the road.

    Types of Commission Structures Available in CBD Affiliates Programs

    Pay per Sale

    This model pays commissions when a sale is made through your referral link or code. Often, these programs have tiered rates based on sales volume, so the more you refer, the higher your payout rate will be. The advantage of this setup is that it pays out quickly, making it easier to track income and payment cycles than with other models, such as CPA or CPC.

    Pay per Click

    Another common commission structure for CBD affiliates is pay-per-click (CPC). For every click on an advertisement from someone who came from your referral link/code, you get paid a small amount depending on what was agreed upon. This option works well if you can create catchy ads that get lots of clicks but may not result in many sales overall since there's no guarantee people will follow through with purchases after clicking through your ad.

    Cost per Action

    These arrangements involve paying only when a customer completes specific actions like filling out forms or signing up for newsletters/mailing lists instead of just making a purchase outright. This also helps ensure steady revenue streams even if few direct sales occur. Customers still need to complete certain tasks before being registered as having referred business towards you, which also earns them points and benefits.

    Pay Per Sale and Pay Per Click

    This is a hybrid deal involving both PPS & CPC together. It is often used by larger companies offering multiple products alongside their main focus product line. Each item has different levels associated with each category, usually paying between 5% - 25% per sale depending on total sales figures over time rather than any single transaction itself. This provides greater flexibility while the earning potential remains high regardless.


    CBD affiliate programs are a great way to make money through passive income. With the right strategy and effort, you can make significant profits. The key is to join an established program with solid payouts, reliable tracking systems, and quality customer service. As long as you research and take the time to build up your presence on social media platforms or forums related to CBD products, you can create a substantial platform for promoting these products. Given that the industry is growing exponentially, it won't be too long until you reap the rewards of this lucrative business opportunity.


    Henson, J. D., Vitetta, L., & Hall, S. (2022). Tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol medicines for chronic pain and mental health conditions. Inflammopharmacology30(4), 1167-1178.