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  • CBD Body Scrub UK Shopping Guide

    CBD Body Scrub UK Shopping Guide

    Legalising CBD in the United Kingdom led many individuals and companies to adopt and use the product in various ways. Today, CBD is infused in various products that an individual can use in their daily life. It can be infused in edibles, topicals and even vapes. This article explains CBD body scrub and how best to shop it in the United Kingdom.


    CBD is the short form of cannabidiol, a chemical compound in the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant contains various cannabis, with CBD and THC as the primary cannabinoids accessed. They contain different effects on consumption by an individual, making one legal and the other illegal. CBD is obtained from the hemp plant because it contains more CBD than THC, thus legally accepted in the UK. THC is obtained mainly from marijuana, which contains more THC than CBD. However, it is not legally accepted in the United Kingdom because of the side effects associated with THC. CBD's popularity is because of its wide range of health and therapeutic benefits associated with its consumption. It is seen to help manage stress and anxiety, relieve pain and inflammation and improve an individual's sleep. Many individuals have adopted the consumption of CBD because it is non-psychoactive. Thus, it does not make an individual high. With the world's innovations, CBD is infused in various topical products like salves, lotions and creams. You can consume CBD orally or apply it topically on the skin. CBD Body scrub is one of the products that can be used topically by an individual. Individuals should be keen on using the CBD body scrub as the product interacts differently with the skin receptor, unlike those consumed orally.

    CBD Body Scrub UK Shopping Guide

    What is CBD Body Scrub

    The CBD body scrub is one of the topical products that individuals can apply on their skin to benefit from different aspects. It is a body care product infused with CBD as one of the main ingredients. CBD is associated with various benefits, both health and therapeutic. On infusing it with the body scrub, one can benefit from the various aspects as CBD is added to help provide additional nourishing and moisturising effects on an individual’s skin. An individual's skin is among the largest body parts in an individual body, as it covers around 70% of the body. How best the skin is looked up to and taken care of will determine how efficiently it will work to excrete and protect the internal organs. CBD body scrub exfoliates the dry skin and cells on an individual’s skin, making it look younger and better. Skin exfoliation and removal of dead cells and skin are important as they make the skin rejuvenated, healthy, and smooth.Downs et al. (2020) explained that the CBD body scrub is applied on an individual’s skin in a circular motion for some time before it is rinsed off. For better benefits, the CBD body scrub can be infused with some natural exfoliants, terpenes and essential oils that can enhance the health care of an individual’s skin without many problems. The infusion of CBD in body scrub is because of the various related aspects associated with CBD, like nourishing and moisturising effects. CBD contains natural nourishing and moisturising properties; thus, when used on the skin, it helps make the skin lean and smooth with no wrinkles. Although CBD body scrub is anecdotal, individuals are advised to be keen on using CBD products that are not of good quality.

    CBD Body Scrub and the ECS

    CBD body scrubs interact differently with an individual's body than edibles and vapes. Gnat et al. (2022) stated that when the CBD body scrub is applied on the skin, smeared and scrubbed, the CBD infused in the product interacts with the skin receptors in the skin with other underlying tissues. The receptors are all over the body ECS, which is seen to control various physiological processes like the immune system, mood, appetite and pain. Some cannabinoids and endocannabinoids are found all over an individual's body that helps in binding and interacting with the receptors for one to feel the various effects. The CBD in the body scrub interacts with the receptors on an individual’s skin, thus influencing various ECS activities. The CBD infused within the body scrub cannot get into the bloodstream but interacts with skin receptors to perceive pain and other effects.

    Types of CBD Body Scrubs In the UK

    There are various types of CBD body scrubs that an individual can access in the United Kingdom. The difference comes with the ingredients, components, and results one will feel after using the product. They include:

    Full Spectrum CBD Body Scrub

    It is a type of body scrub that contains full-spectrum CBD. It is seen to contain all the components in the cannabis plant. One can benefit from various aspects because of the many compounds contained.Individuals should be keen as the full spectrum can cause highness because of the psychoactive effectsof THC. Few people are comfortable with the intoxicating and psychoactive effects of full-spectrum CBD.

    Broad Spectrum CBD Body Scrub

    This body scrub contains the same compounds and ingredients as the full spectrum but no THC levels. Individuals uncomfortable with THC can use broad-spectrum body scrub CBD as it has no intoxicating or psychoactive effects. It is advised to consume the product in specific dosages to prevent adverse effects.

    CBD Isolate Body Scrub.

    The CBD isolate body scrub contains only pure CBD making it one of the best products an individual can access in the market. It is non-psychoactive and can benefit from various aspects associated with arrays of benefits, especially to an individual’s skin.

    The legality of CBD Body Scrub in the UK

    Lieblinget al. (2022) explained that different countries have different rules regarding the legality of CBD and related products. In the United Kingdom, CBD is a controlled substance under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. It is deemed illegal to possess, produce and supply the product without a license. Products like body scrub CBD are seen to contain no more than 0.2% THC levels and are legally accepted to use and sell in the United Kingdom. It is accepted only when the products are marked as food supplements and have no medical claims.Individuals can find CBD Body scrubs in the UK for sale, made from legally accepted and naturally sourced hemp plants. Before making the purchase, one is advised to check the product's labels and confirm if the product is derived from the hemp plant and contains less than 0.2% THC. One should be keen on consumption as the product are not evaluated or regulated by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory agency (MHRA) in the UK to prevent access to low-quality products in the market. One is advised to consult a health care practitioner, especially when using a new product that can interact with some medications. CBD products sourced from marijuana and contain more than 0.2% are illegal in the United States. To prevent any repercussions and effects from the product, one should check on the product they are using for potency levels and legality.

    Benefits of CBD Body Scrub

    An individual's skin is seen to shed off the skin through a natural process known as desquamation, which happens in a regenerative cycle. Abdel-Shafyet al. (2016) explained that some factors that allow this process to occur depend on the environment, the product used, and skin type. How often one can use the CBD body scrub depends on factors like skin type and sensitivity. There are various benefits associated with the CBD body scrub that an individual can access. Since each person has an end goal and purpose for using the product, it is seen to help manage various conditions. Some of the benefits are:


    When the body scrub CBD is applied on the skin, it helps moisturise the skin making it smooth. After removing the skin cells that had built up, the scrub helps make the skin look soaked and moisturised.

    Unclogging Pores

    The skin of an individual is clogged with dirt and other materials. When the CBD body scrub is applied, it helps unclog the pores and prevent ingrown hairs. It helps in preventing any razor bumps on an individual’s skin.

    Smooth Skin And Even

    Removing dry skin tends to make the skin rough when one touches it and is dull. It feels cracked in appearance, making it a better and healthy look. Removing the dry and dead cells makes the skin smoother and more even than normal. One is advised to follow the instruction on how best they can use the CBD body scrubs.

    Factors To Consider When Purchasing CBD Body Scrub In the UK

    Purchasing a CBD body scrub is important as one should be keen on some aspects that will help them access quality and legible products.


    Individuals are advised to look for quality products accompanied by third-party lab-tested results that one can check for the ingredients contained. The Certificate of analysis should be from a private laboratory with a good reputation, and make sure the body scrub contains only CBD. The quality is important as one can feel the full effects of CBD infused within the product. Avoid products with heavy metals and pesticides.

    Source of CBD

    CBD is sourced from hemp. With the United Kingdom being large and CBD's popularity growing, individuals should check where they source hemp. Not all hemp is of quality. Some are grown in unfertile places with corroded soils, making them susceptible to contaminants. One is advised to look for products abiding by the strict regulations behind hemp cultivation and processing.

    Method of extraction

    The quality of the CBD infused in the body scrub, and the final product can be affected by the type of extraction method. One of the recommended extraction methods widely used in the United Kingdom is the C02 extraction. It is seen to be the safest and most effective method that one can use in the production of pure and concentrated CBD extract.Individuals should avoid products that use cheap extraction methods like butane and propane in the United Kingdom, as they produce non-quality CBD extracts.


    Before purchasing a CBD-related product like the body scrub CBD, one is advised to confirm that the product abides with the regulations governing hemp in the UK. The products should contain no more than 0.2% THC and be obtained from hemp. One is advised to avoid CBD extracted from marijuana because of its richness of THC.


    The cost of CBD products varies from place to place, resulting from the type of CBD infused and the potency levels. Consider the price of the product about the dosage and quality of the product. One should look for a product that offers good value for money.


    CBD body scrubs are some of the best skin care products that an individual can access in the market and are used in nourishing and exfoliating an individual’s skin. As a naturally occurring compound, CBD is sourced from the hemp plant and is associated with various health benefits, including improving skin health and reducing inflammation in an individual’s skin.Individuals with sensitive skin can largely benefit from using CBD body scrub as it helps in soothing and moisturising an individual's skin. Individuals with inflamed skin and other skin conditions can benefit from CBD body scrub. When choosing a CBD product like a body scrub, one is advised to check on the product's quality and legal status. In the UK, products allowed should contain no more than 0.2% THC. One is advised to follow the instruction of how best to apply from their physician or dermatologist.


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