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    CBD oil is legal in London and you can buy it online and in-store. Reliable online suppliers sound like a better option since they allow you to view 3rd party test results ahead of purchase and present you with many options.

    CBD oil is becoming popular every other day, and many embrace it. The UK is also fast embracing CBD oil, and while in London, you can enjoy the cannabinoid. You can buy the liquid oil, but capsules, edibles, vapes, and topicals featuring CBD are equally available. While you can shop in-store and online for CBD oil in London, we prefer the latter since it exposes you to many product options and allows you to view 3rd party test results ahead of purchases. Here is all you need to know about CBD oil in London.

    Is CBD Oil Legal in London?

    Kicman & Toczek (2020) defined CBD as a non-intoxicating chemical compound in cannabis plants. There are many chemical compounds in cannabis plants, but it stands out for its non-psychoactive nature, which many relate to. Meanwhile, CBD oil is only one way of enjoying CBD, and there are other options to explore. It features CBD in a liquid base, and many take it for fast delivery. Is CBD oil legal in London? Yes, it is legal in London and the rest of the UK, so you can readily shop and use it as long as it comes from hemp and has less than 0.2% THC per dry weight. Where, though, can you buy it in London? See the next section for this.

    Where to Buy CBD Oil in London

    Are you in London and would like to enjoy CBD oil and related products? We are happy to inform you that you can readily shop for them. The Foods Standard Agency (2022a) report shows that CBD oil was declared a novel food in the UK, including London in 2019, so you can enjoy it while keeping abreast with the changing cannabis laws. Where do you shop for it in London? There are basically two options; shop online or visit stores for CBD. While in-store shopping may seem cheap since you don’t pay delivery fees, it may not have the many benefits you enjoy as you shop online, as the next section shows.

    Benefits of Shopping CBD Oil Online in London

    Online CBD oil shopping is the best way to go if you want to buy CBD in London. It allows you have many options since you can readily access many brands and products. Yet, with such options, you readily enjoy quality items at affordable prices. You may also enjoy online CBD oil shopping since it allows you to view 3rd party test results ahead of purchase, so you are sure about the quality of whatever item you choose. With online shopping, you enjoy home delivery, so you can focus on other things as you await your orders.

    CBD Oil Products in London

    Are you ready to shop for CBD oil in London? Here are the available options;

    1. CBD tinctures and oils; are liquid-based CBD products that you add to drinks and meals, but which you can also administer orally or sublingually for fast delivery.
    2. CBD edibles; including homemade and ready-made cookies, brownies, and drinks are great at masking the bitter taste of CBD oil. Still, they may take time to deliver the expected results.
    • CBD capsules; if you want to supplement with CBD oil, CBD capsules are just great since they consistently deliver the cannabinoid despite taking time to kick in.
    1. CBD topicals; like massage oils and lotions are good if you need external benefits of the cannabinoid, but more studies are needed to prove them effective.
    2. CBD vapes; many with previous vaping experience vape CBD for fast delivery, although there are numerous concerns about how vaping affects health.

    What to Consider as You Buy CBD Oil in London

    As you shop for CBD oil in London and elsewhere in the UK, you must know what to consider to carry home the best items that meet your needs and match the value for your cash. Here are factors to consider as you buy it;

    1. Source of CBD; while CBD can come from many cannabis plants, the legally acceptable CBD oil in London should come from hemp.
    2. THC levels; ensure your CBD oil has less than 0.2% THC per dry weight to be legally accepted in London.
    • 3rd party testing; there are many CBD oil companies in London and the UK, and the only way to prove a company’s legitimacy is to look up its 3rd party test results.
    1. Contaminant purity; the 3rd party test results of the CBD oil you buy must prove that it is pure and lacks heavy metals, organic matter, and other standard contaminants.
    2. Type of CBD; CBD oil can feature isolate-based, full- or broad-spectrum formulations depending on the composition. Thus, choose your ideal type depending on what you are looking for in the oil.
    3. Potency; any CBD product has concentration and potency, go for what suits your needs and experience.

    How to Safely Consume CBD Oil

    According to a UK Medical and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) (2016) report, CBD oil can be taken as a medicinal substance and one needs not exceed 70 mg in a day. Besides such recommendations, talking to a doctor before trying any CBD product goes a long way to help you consume the cannabinoid safely. The Food Standards Agency (2022b) report also adds that vulnerable groups like pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take CBD oil.

    Is CBD Oil in London Safe for You?

    Whether you reside in London or elsewhere in the UK, you want to know how safe CBD is. Thankfully, no reports show that CBD oil has led to serious concerns, so you can consume it worry-free. Still, you want to pay attention to 3rd party test results and vet a brand before buying CBD oil from it, so you land quality products that match the value of your cash. Besides, listen to the doctors’ advice on how much CBD oil to take and the precautions to keep in mind.


    CBD oil is legal in London as it is in the rest of the UK. It only needs to be from hemp and feature less than 0.2% THC per dry weight to be legal in London. While you can buy it in stores or online, we recommend the latter. It helps you find many products and allows you view 3rd party test results ahead of purchase.


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