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  • CBD Beard Oil UK Shopping Guide

    CBD Beard Oil UK Shopping Guide

    Cannabidiol-infused beard oil is legal in the UK and sold in online and physical stores. This blog highlights how to obtain high-quality CBD beard oil in the UK. 

    Cannabidiol oil is infused in topical, edibles, vapes, and sublingual products. The non-intoxicating cannabis derivative offers relief for multiple health and therapeutic benefits to its users. CBD is legal in the UK if it conforms to the Home Office requirements; the policy requires that all CBD products have 0.2% THC. Experts suggest that 0.2% THC in cannabidiol makes it a vital medical utility without the hard-hitting effects of a full-blown cannabis Sativa compound. While the regulations restrict THC within the stated levels, dubious manufacturers may produce cannabis products with a higher amount of THC. Also, the weaker regulations predispose CBD users to harmful substances, including THC, among other chemical contaminants. The constant confusion in the UK market requires customers to have the requisite knowledge to obtain high-quality products.

    CBD Beard Oil UK Shopping Guide

    Where to get CBD beard Oil in the UK

    Many users apply the trial and error method with novel products. Similarly, CBD oil users tend to apply this strategy to obtain high-quality products. There are two main sources of CBD beard oil or any other cannabis product; one can buy from a local store or online. In each case, users must adopt different strategies to obtain the best products.

    Online Shopping

    Online shoppers benefit from a wide range of products. They get to compare products from different brands, analyse the opinions of other users and learn from their experiences. Online shopping has the following benefits;

    Products Review

    Online shoppers have a section on a company’s website to share their experiences with other users. They can also express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a product through their reviews on a brand’s website. New shoppers reading the reviews get a head start from the experiences of previous users. One can select a product with positive customer reviews because they give a better treatment outcome. Nevertheless, CBD products are user-specific; what works for one user may not work for another. For instance, a user may be allergic to ingredients like THC or inorganic additives in a CBD topical product. Such a reaction may prompt the customer to review a particular topical product negatively.Similarly, some users may require more potent Cannabis-infused products to get their desired effect compared to others. In this context, a review from a few previous users may be a false alarm for new users. Therefore, a trial-and-error strategy can help new shoppers get products that suit their needs. These could involve;

    • Conducting a patch test; the user can apply a trace amount of the oil on their skin to assess their reactions to the product. Itching, rashes, or irritation may indicate a negative reaction to the product and vice-versa.
    • Seeking medical advice/consulting a knowledgeable person; some users may not have the expertise to analysea product profile before committing to it. Such shoppers may benefit from the input of a more knowledgeable person like a physician. 

    Variety of products

    Online shoppers can get a wider range of products from a CBD category. Buyers can get a wider range of CBD beard oil with varying quantities, quality, and potency. Buyers get the latest or the trendiest products under the category of their choice without spending money or window shopping from one store to the other. Geographical locations do not limit online CBD buyers. In most cases, users get the products delivered to their physical location. Buyers can return the products or order a refund if the product does not match their description. New buyers should look for brands with fair compensation policies to safeguard them in case what they get is inconsistent with what they ordered. 

    Price Convenience

    Online shopping presents a wider range of prices to choose from. Unlike shoppers who visit brick-and-mortar stores, online CBD shopping allows consumers to compare the prices of products from different brands before choosing to buy. The price difference is a useful parameter for getting the right quality products. For instance, if a company sells its products at a relatively low price, it could signal low quality and vice-versa. While pricing is not an accurate indicator of quality, it makes sense that low-quality products may attract customers with a lower price compared to other brands selling the same products.


    Cannabis products remained shrouded with myths and misconceptions due to the psychoactive effects of THC. Many cannabis derivatives (except isolate spectrum CBD) have trace amounts of THC. The psychoactive effects of the cannabis compound invite several stereotypes; the perception. 

    n may discourage potential buyers from getting cannabidiol-infused beard oil from physical stores. Nevertheless, shopping saves shopping time and preserves the users’ privacy; buyers can get the product discretely and use it indoors without drawing attention.

    Physical Shopping

    Online shopping does not come without limitations. First, online shoppers may fall for inaccurately labelled products, giving undesired results. Many dubious sellers may promote products on their online platforms with low quality, albeit with attractive profiles on their online platforms. CBD users can mitigate the risks of online shopping by visiting physical stores. Physical stores have the following strengths;

    • They provide a physical display of the products
    • They comply with CBD regulations
    • Clients can get advice from experts or traders with profound knowledge of cannabidiol
    • Conduct third-party lab testing to authenticate their products
    • Customers can have an opportunity to test the CBD beard oil before buying the product; this reduces the chances of losses incurred from purchasing a whole package with negative effects.

    Types of CBD Beard Oil  

    Cannabidiol is extracted from hemp or marijuana and mixed with a carrier oil like MCT and coconut oil before it is infused with topical ingredients to make CBD beard oil. The topical product comes in three spectrums with different strengths of cannabidiol. These include; full, broad, and isolated spectra. The full-spectrum products contain many cannabis derivatives, including some unknown compounds, although with significant importance to the beards. In most cases, full-spectrum products contain trace amounts of THC,amplifying topical products' health and therapeutic benefits. Full-spectrum beard oils may not contain THC but incorporate other cannabis compounds, which amplify the benefits of cannabidiol infused in the topical products.

    In contrast, isolate spectrum are the most purified cannabis product; they have up to 99% purity levels. They are suitable for users with THC allergies. However, they give mild effects on the beard, making them the weakest spectrum of CBD. The broad spectrum cannabidiol provides a wider range of benefits than isolate spectrums; they are used in many topical products due to the few side effects.

    Benefits of CBD beard Oil

    Cannabidiol has multiple health and therapeutic benefits for hair. CBD beard oil is a subset of topical cannabidiol. It contains many compounds, includingterpenes which reduce skin irritations. Cannabidiol beard oil benefits its users in the following ways;

    Reduce Inflammation

    Beards are synonymous with free-growing hair. The growth may result in ingrown hair characterised by redness and inflammation. Ingrown hair is a function of multiple factors, including hormonal imbalance. According to Martins et al.(2022), cannabidiol has therapeutic effects on pain caused by inflammation. CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system. The system is a complex network of enzymes, receptors, and hormones which maintain the body's balance when it is disrupted by pain inflammation. Experts believe that CBD binds indirectly with the endocannabinoid system to suppress the pain caused by ingrown hairs in the chin. Also, the cannabis derivative stimulates hair follicles to reduce the occurrence of ingrown hair.

    CBD can also stimulate long beards because it can stimulate follicle growth. Studies show that cannabidiol enhances cell growth and regeneration, enhancing thick beards’ faster growth. Other additives in topical beard oils include vitamin A and omega 3 fatty acids, which promote the regeneration of healthy hair in the beard.

    Prevent Acne

    Cannabidiol dispenses therapeutic benefits on acne, a common skin condition caused by excess sebum production. Peyravianet al.(2022), the overproduction of sebum, a waxy and oily substance found in the hair glands, clogs skin pores resulting in acne sports. Topical CBD creams could prevent the glands from producing excess sebum, thus preventing the development of painful skin breakouts. As mentioned earlier, cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties which work for acne-related inflammation.

    Other benefits of CBD beard oil include the following; 

    • Softening wiry beards
    • Reduces itching and irritation after beard shave
    • Limits hair loss from the beard
    • Provides other residual effects like reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

    Golden Tips for Buying CBD beard Oil in the UK

    The following tips are useful when buying cannabidiol-infused products;

    • Source of hemp; CBD obtained from hemp grown within the UK is likely to be non-GMO, organically grown, and high-quality. Cannabidiol products are subject to strict regulations. Buyers should prioritise CBD from locally grown hemp devoid of pesticides and other chemical contaminants used during cultivation
    • Strength of the product; a good quality beard oil should come with lab test results posted on the brand’s website. The results should detail the amount of cannabidiol in the product, expressed in grams or a percentage of the overall mass.
    • Amount of THC; full-spectrum beard oils may have the psychoactive THC added to the oil to make it more effective. Nevertheless, UK laws require that CBD products maintain a 0.2% THC; users should avoid products with more than 0.2% THC as such products are outlawed. 
    • Brand’s Reputation; Brands with a reputation to protect tend to produce high-quality products. Buyers can establish a brand’s reputation from social mentions, Google search rankings, and customer reviews of its products. Reputable brands tend to have few or no warnings from regulatory bodies like FSA and Home Office.  

    Side effects of CBD beard oil 

    Cannabis topical products are well tolerated in the body. Topical cannabis products have limited side effects because they do not enter the bloodstream. Instead, they are absorbed into the body. Instead, it exerts its therapeutic effects by interacting with peripheral receptors domiciled in the skin. The users will not get high or intoxicated with THC, even in high amounts. However, some users could experience allergic reactions to THC, manifesting as sneezing. Huestis et al.(2019) summarise the side effects of cannabidiol may include;

    • Lightheadedness 
    • Drowsiness 
    • Dizziness 
    • Changes in weight
    • Changes in appetite

    CBD topical products from low-quality brands could have harmful ingredients which cause an allergic reaction, rashes, itching skin, and burning sensation. 

    CBD could also inhibit the uptake of grapefruit-sensitive medication. For example, Balachandran, Elsohly, & Hill (2021) showed that cannabidiol inhibits the action of enzymes responsible for metabolising medications like anti-histamine and blood thinners, among other drugs. Buyers should avoid taking cannabidiol-infused drugs alongside such medications. The competition between CBD and such drugs could result in toxic accumulation of the drugs in the body. CBD buyers can also avoid the negative effects of cannabidiol beard oil by seeking medical advice. A physician’s help comes with the following advantages;

    • The expert may advise a new shopper on the right dosage to apply depending on one’s beard-related problems
    • They could recommend the best brand in the market 
    • An expert may analyse the cannabis profile on behalf of the buyer
    • Through medical advice, the users can establish the potential reaction of cannabidiol with one’s medication.
    • Vegan users could avoid allergic reactions from ingredients in the product if they have enough knowledge.

    Bottom Line

    CBD beard oil is a subset of cannabis products with health and therapeutic benefits when used topically. The cannabidiol-infused oil reduces wiry beards, treats acne, reduces hair loss in the chins, and promotes the growth of hair follicles. It is non-addictive and predisposes its users to limited side effects. Buyers can access the product from online and physical stores in the UK. However, users should buy products from reputable brands to avoid low-quality products. Consumption of beard oil alongside other medications may also result in unwanted effects; users should seek medical advice before using the cannabis derivative alongside other pharmacological drugs.


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