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  • CBD Face Scrub UK Shopping Guide

    CBD Face Scrub UK Shopping Guide

    Do you want skin that's perfect, transparent, and silkier? Try a CBD face scrub. Exfoliating the skin using a face scrub eliminates the top layer of dead skin and impurities, facilitating the skin's natural renewal processes. This guide will help you shop for the best CBD face scrub by highlighting some of the components and advantages of a CBD facial scrub.

    Some dead skin cells will remain on the skin even after regular exfoliation. Thus, other methods of skin reinforcement are required. It's possible to exfoliate either physically or chemically. To remove dull, lifeless skin, chemical exfoliation may be used using beta hydroxyl acids. Facial exfoliation may also be achieved mechanically by the use of physical scrubbing. Cannabinoids have been included in various skin care products since CBD's legalisation. As a result, those who take it may reap the advantages of its constituents in the fight against a wide range of ailments. In this piece, we'll look at what goes into CBD facial cleansers and why.

    CBD Face Scrub UK Shopping Guide

    CBD Face Scrub 

    CBD facial scrub will remove debris and dead skin from your face. According to Qui et al. (2022), CBD facial scrubs are formulated with cannabidiol, a cannabis derivative, as opposed to normal scrubs, which do not include this ingredient. When CBD is used in other skincare products, the results are enhanced. Honey, coffee, and herbal face scrubs are good candidates for CBD face scrub use. For instance, you may get the advantages of honey and CBD when you use a honey face scrub with CBD. CBD's anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, or antifungal actions complement honey's skin-smoothing properties without interfering with them.

    The Effects of CBD on the Skin

    The endocannabinoid system comprises enzymes, receptors and neurotransmitters that work together. The system has been shown to interact with cannabis peculiarly, according to anecdotal evidence. According to Subramaniam&Yurgelun-Todd (2020), the ECS comprises a wide-ranging receptor network. It possesses CB1 receptors in the brain and another set of receptors, CB2, in the skin's peripheral nerves. The peripheral CB2 receptors are the point of interaction between topical drugs and the ECS. Pain, anxiety, and inflammation are just a few of the many physiologic and psychological processes controlled by the ECS.

    In contrast to other forms of cannabis consumption, such as edibles or vapes, CB2 receptors deliver cannabinoids directly to the sites of action, bypassing the circulatory system on the route. Cannabidiol retains its bioavailability in topical forms, such as lotions and balms. Second, it lessens the potency of psychoactive compounds like THC in certain cosmetics, reducing the risk of intoxication. Cannabidiol (CBD) beauty products are effective for localised ailments because of the specific method via which CBD appears, and producers often include tiny amounts of THC for various health and therapeutic advantages. The entourage effect refers to the positive therapeutic effects of cannabidiol products when CBD is combined with THC.

    What to Look for in a CBD Face Scrub

    Scrubbing your face with a natural CBD product does not strip your skin of its natural oils but leaves your face smooth and glowing. You must never skip the cleansing phase of your cosmetic routine. Among the qualities of an excellent CBD facial scrub are the following:

    • Ingredients are grown using organic methods
    • THC-free and 100% vegan
    • Non-abrasive
    • Just pure, natural stuff (no nasties)
    • Purifying and calming
    • Formulated with care in the UK

    For People with a Sensitive Skin

    According to Arsenie et al. (2020), the Willow bark extract is the most often used remedy for sensitive skin. This skincare aid is antifungal and anti-inflammatory, which may calm inflammation and fungus-related skin irritation.

    For People with Oily Skin

    Salicylic acid-containing skin care products are ideal for oily skin since they help combat acne without causing the pore-clogging that often occurs with such skin types.


    Online shoppers might learn from the experiences of other women while purchasing cosmetics. Brands that sell CBD topicals often encourage customer feedback and reviews. There's a dedicated area labelled "customer reviews" where people can provide feedback. If a product consistently receives high customer marks, it probably works well as intended. Users should do patch tests to assess the impact of CBD products on their skin, even if the product has received great reviews.

    Request for the Product's Analysis Certificate

    A cosmetic topical's certificate of analysis lists its contents, extraction processes, and raw material sources. Those sensitive to CBD skin care products or other cannabis chemicals should read the product's profile carefully. The certificate on a brand's website indicates the company's legitimacy, transparency, and dedication to quality since the findings of third-party lab tests are included in it. If the certificate is not readily available on the brand's website, consumers may request it by mail. When using the product to treat a skin issue such as acne, eczema, or psoriasis, customers may discuss the product's components with their doctor; first-time users may also benefit from seeing a medical professional for guidance in assessing the product's ingredients' impact on their skin.

    Why Facial Scrubs are Essential

    Unblocking Skin Pores

    The skin is vulnerable to harm from the internal and exterior environments due to the skin's constant interaction with both. The skin's natural oil is called sebum. While sebum keeps the skin from drying out, too much production may cause outbreaks due to pore clogging. When dead skin cells are scrubbed away during exfoliation, the skin absorbs the nutrients included in topical skin care treatments. Further, when blocked pores are cleaned, the skin takes on a more revitalised and young appearance.

    Gives the Appearance of Firm Skin

    Exfoliation followed by a light massage may remedy skin laxity associated with ageing. Puffy eyes and cheeks are easily remedied with a good face scrub and massage, which drain fluids beneath the skin. In the end, the skin will seem healthy and plump.

    Suppresses or Controls Oil Production in the Skin

    Skin health is not complete without sebum. The waxy, greasy material helps the skin to retain its natural moisture and keeps it supple and supple. However, excess sebum production leads to skin problems. Sebum may combine with debris and dead skin to cause pores to get damaged. Second, increased sebocyte production of waxy materials may block pores, leading to skin breakaways, inflammation, and a major cause of acne. CBD lowers sebum production. Cannabidiol inhibits the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS) from making damaging sebum, allowing the skin to develop normally.

    Aid In The Skin's Quicker Absorption of Other Skin Care Products

    Dry skin prevents moisturisers from penetrating the skin's outer layer. To some extent, CBD may help keep the skin moisturized. The cannabis products not only exfoliate the skin but also helps keep it supple and moisturized. For a skincare product to be effective, it must first and foremost clean the skin of any impurities and dead cells.

    Acne Treatment

    Stress, hormone imbalances, and dietary changes all have a role in acne, but these are far from the only causes. Acne is brought on by an overabundance of sebum production, an abnormal shedding of epidermal cells, and a build-up of germs. In addition to the psychological complications, such as worry and insomnia brought on by these skin abnormalities, inflammation and discomfort are common. The build-up of germs and dirt triggers acne. However, using a topical lotion mixed with cannabidiol may help eliminate both factors. In addition to relieving the discomfort brought on by acne-related skin breaks, it also has anti-inflammatory qualities. The overproduction of sebum may be halted because of the endocannabinoid system's interaction with CBD at sebocyte receptors. Acne's underlying causes, such as hormone imbalances and sleep and anxiety disorders, are also alleviated by CBD. Anxiolytic features of cannabidiol-infused topicals include alleviation of anxiety and induction of a restful night's sleep. Cannabinoids in the product bind to CB2 receptors in the body's peripheral nerves, prompting the body's endocannabinoid system to secrete chemicals that induce sleep. Consequently, it reduces the discomfort associated with inflammation, reducing the difficulty sleeping brought on by that pain. The anti-inflammatory effects of cannabidiol also make it easier to go to sleep.

    Keeps the Skin Moist

    Skin dehydration results from a complicated interaction between external and internal variables. Factors such as dry air, poor shut-eye, and dehydration are among those that might contribute to this. Chronically dehydrated people often have noticeably patchy, rough, scaly, or dull skin. Low-quality cosmetics applied directly to the skin are another potential cause of dryness. Cannabidiol-infused cosmetics are waxy and anti-inflammatory, preventing moisture loss and easing the inflammation that comes with dry skin. The anti-oxidant capabilities of the cannabis derivative help to counteract the effects of free radicals on the skin. There's a chance that the free radicals may cause your skin to dry out in spots.

    Risks of CBD Cosmetic Products

    The negative consequences of using cannabis-infused topicals are minimal. According to Scholfield et al. (2022), topical skincare products are safer for human administration. The potential for psychoactive effects is a major factor in the scepticism of cannabis consumers. On the other hand, cutaneous signalling does not result in any altered state of consciousness. Peripheral CB2 receptors are the entry point for topical medicines into the endocannabinoid system. The peripheral nervous system route used by CBD does not stimulate systems that induce altered states of consciousness in the user. The user's digestive system does not absorb cannabinoids in cannabis, so even if someone ingested a lot of THCS, they wouldn't become high.

    What Ingredients or Components To Avoid in Face Scrubs

    Standard face cleansers sold in stores are notorious for containing several ingredients that might be dangerous if used often. Certainly, it's annoying if it's making you sick. Among the substances to be wary of are:

    Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

    The surfactants sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and sodium Laurethsulphate (SLES) may be found in your go-to shampoo and conditioner. One can clean up quite fine without using any foam. Many individuals find these substances annoying, and some are even carcinogenic. Since the liver cannot process SLES, its effects will remain in place for a longer period. As a by-product of their production, these compounds often include the carcinogenic contaminant 1,4-Dioxane.


    TEA, DEA, and MEA are common ingredients in cosmetics. In animals, they have been associated with a rise in inflammation, organ damage, and even cancer.


    Phthalates, another endocrine disruptor, may be found in various cosmetics and toiletries. According to Sharma et al. (2020), researchers have shown that these plasticizers reduce testosterone and sperm count in male animals, cause premature puberty, and disrupt the endocrine system. Stop using hormone-disrupting chemicals!

    Petroleum Products

    Due to their inexpensive price and emollient properties, they are used in various cosmetics. Unlike other substances, some won't be broken down by the liver after they enter the body. The hormones in your body might be thrown off, and balance and even cancer could have results. Not only does it prevent moisture from penetrating your skin, but it also traps pollutants below.


    Due to its pleasant-sounding nature, this one often gets by those who check ingredients. Allergens, carcinogens, and endocrine disruptors like phthalates may be found in some of these compounds.


    The health and therapeutic advantages of cannabidiol-based cosmetics are extensive. Scrubbing your face more than once or twice a week may irritate your skin and cause damage. Either sex may do exfoliating to remove dead skin and reveal fresh new skin below. Scrubbing your face, on the other hand, is completely safe to perform regularly. Scrubbing your body may be rough on your skin, so it's best to save that for your arms and legs and steer clear of your face. Cannabidiol has been reported to have several health and therapeutic advantages; however, these benefits have not been verified in randomised controlled trials or by the Food and Drug Administration.


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