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  • CBD Vape Oil and Disposables UK Shopping Guide

    CBD Vape Oil and Disposables UK Shopping Guide

    Disposable vape devices with CBD e-liquid are sold in many online and physical stores across the UK. This article highlights the buzzwords to look out for when shopping for CBD e-liquid and disposable devices in the UK.

    CBD is legal in the UK if the cannabis derivative contains 0.2% THC or below. The cannabidiol is converted into e-liquid and consumed using special hand-held devices called vape kits. The devices convert cannabidiol vape juice into vapourinhaled through the lungs. CBD consumed through inhalation offers health and therapeutic benefits to the users within a record time; they are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and dispensed into the body without first-pass wastage. CBD vape liquids contain 0.0% THC to reduce their capacity for mental alteration from the psychoactive components.

    Vape devices come pre-filled with cannabis juice called e-liquid. Vape devices are refilled or disposed of after the depletion of the cannabis e-liquid; the former is called refillable vape devices, while the latter is referred to as disposable vape devices.

    CBD Vape Oil and Disposables UK Shopping Guide

    What is CBD?

    Cannabidiol (CBD) is among the over 140 compounds of cannabis domiciled in hemp, although it is also extracted from marijuana. Hemp-derived cannabidiol is non-intoxicating and non-addictive, making it an ideal alternative to pharmacological drugs. CBD extract is infused in a wide range of products, including, but not limited to, edibles, vapes, topical, and oral products. Vape products are infused with a CBD e-liquid variable using hand-held kits. Vaping is a more convenient way to inhale cannabis compounds due to its safety, bioavailability, and quick effect on the body. 

    What is CBD vape oil?

    Cannabidiol vape oil is also called an e-liquid. The juice is formulated with cannabidiol and added to a hand-held vaporiser. While the e-liquid contains different cannabis derivatives, it is unsafe to inhale e-liquid containing essential oils; the oils may cause serious damage to the lungs. Instead, CBD vape oil should contain additives such as propylene glycol, terpenes, flavonoids, vegetable glycol, and flavourings. It may also have other cannabis derivatives depending on the type of CBD spectrum used in the e-liquid.

    How CBD Vape Oil Works

     Cannabidiol e-liquid is filled in a small device called a vape pen. The vape pen has an atomiserthat heats the cannabidiol-infused e-liquid into vapour. Users inhale the vapourthrough the lungs; the CBD reaches the bloodstream much faster than other forms of CBD, such as edibles and topicals. The cannabis derivatives manifest between 5 and 10 minutes when inhaled through this method. Nevertheless, their effects on the body linger for a relatively shorter duration compared to edibles and sublingual; they remain effective between 30 minutes and 1 hour before their fade away.

    Cannabidiol inhaled through the e-liquid does not cause psychoactive effects; the level of THC in many e-liquid devices is as low as 0.0%THC. Instead, the vape oil induces calmness and relaxation within a record time. 

    Benefits of CBD Vape Oil

    Cannabidiol e-liquid vaping is a novel practice in the cannabis sector. Studies on its efficacy for health and therapeutic properties remain anecdotal. Reliable studies indicate that Vaping is about 95% healthier compared to smoking nicotine found in substances like tobacco. Also, the cannabis derivative is non-addictive. Instead, Studies show that CBD inhalation reduces addiction to hard drugs like THC associated with marijuana smoking.

    CBD’s Interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) results in multiple health and therapeutic benefits to the user. Lu et al. (2021) observed that the human body contains a complex network of enzymes, hormones, and receptors called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Experts believe that the system uniquely interacts with cannabis derivatives to restore imbalances caused by pain, inflammation, irregular physiological functions, and other mental stressors. ECS contains receptors spread throughout the body. For example, CB1 receptors are a subset of the ECS domiciled in the central nervous system.

    In contrast, the CB2 receptors reside in the peripheral nerves. Vape products interact with the ECS through CB1 receptors CB1 receptors. The Interaction between ECS and vape juice products results in the following effects on the body;

    Provides Quick Relief 

    CBD e-liquid is inhaled through the lungs and absorbed in the bloodstream without digestion or metabolism in the liver. Unlike edibles, vape products avoid lengthy gut processes, increasing the onset time and reducing wastage through enzyme action. E-liquids manifest within 5 minutes; this makes them ideal for users who want quick relief from pain, anxiety, or inflammation. According to Evans (2020), CBD's anti-inflammatory effects reduce inflammation-related pain when taken in the right amounts.

    Suppress Intrusive Thoughts

    CBD contains anxiolytic and analgesic properties, which work for many intrusive thoughts like stress and anxiety. According to Elms et al. (2019), cannabidiol exerts therapeutic effects on users with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Similarly, De Gregorio et al. (2019) opined that CBD increases the firing of 5-TH receptors, suppressing anxiety-related behaviours. Therefore, the CBD e-liquid works for users with mental-related conditions promptly.

    Has a higher Bioavailability 

    Bioavailability is a measure of the rate of drugs that enter the bloodstream. Unlike edibles, vapes do not go through gastrointestinal processes; the process is synonymous with enzymatic actions, which break down cannabis derivatives before they reach the bloodstream. Studies show that more CBD is absorbed from e-liquid than edibles or topical products of the same amount and strength; therefore, one can get a better treatment outcome from relatively small amounts of vape oil.


    Vaping is an ordinary practice; one can do it anywhere without attracting much attention. The cannabis derivative in the disposable vape comes with a variety to choose from. Users benefit from the wide range of flavoursavailable for e-liquids.

    Other benefits of the e-liquid CBD include;

    • Treatment of arthritic and cancer-related pain
    • Induce sleep and relaxation 
    • Reduce insomnia symptoms
    • Treats fibromyalgia and nerve pains

    Limitations of Vaping 

    CBD vape oil has many health and therapeutic benefits, although it does not come without limitations. Cannabidiol vaping may result in the following side effects and risks;

    Interaction with other drugs

    Cannabidiol inhibits the uptake of grapefruit-sensitive drugs like anti-histamine and blood thinners, among other steroids. When taken alongside such drugs, CBD may result in a toxic accumulation of the medications in the users' body system. According to Iffland & Grotenhermen (2017), CBD lowers the efficiency of specific receptors, facilitating the uptake and clearance of steroids and other opioid drugs in the body.

    Unsuitable for Children or Pregnant users

    Cannabis products are recommended for all types of users. For instance, vaping is not safe for children below 18 years or pregnant users. Anecdotal studies show that cannabidiol may slow down cognitive development among pregnant users.

    Irritation to the Lungs

    CBD products with essential oil may damage the lungs. Although anecdotal, studies have shown that CBD inhalation may irritate the lungs. Other side effects of CBD vape juice include;

    • Dry mouths
    • Dizziness 
    • Lightheadedness
    • Changes in weight and appetite 

    CBD vape oil with high amounts of THC may also produce psychoactive effects.

    How to Dose CBD Vape Oil 

    There is no standard dosage for CBD oil that works for every user; people have different body chemistries, metabolism rates, ages, and tolerance to cannabidiol. Other intervening factors in CBD vape oil dosage include the strength of CBD, the user’s body weight, and the reason for taking CBD; subtle conditions like anxiety may require low doses compared to more profound issues like pain and inflammation.

    CBD e-liquids come pre-filled with specific amounts of cannabidiol; this makes it easier for new users to do cannabidiol. However, refillable vape devices do not have a specific dosage of cannabidiol. Vapers can manipulate the CBD amounts in vaping devices, predisposing them to an overdose. Generally, one should start with low doses before one can adjust accordingly.

    Types of Vaping Devices

    Vaping involves inhaling CBD e-liquid with an e-cigarette. The practice is a mouth-to-lung activity which makes it simple for many users. The two categories of vaping devices are disposables and refillable. The latter is relatively less durable, disposable, and cheaper. In contrast, the former has a refillable cartridge in which users can add an e-liquid of their flavour and strength. The refillable has a rechargeable battery, is more expensive, and comes in large sizes. The vaping devices have the following parts;

    • Battery: The battery powers the device; it can be changed or recharged depending on the type of device.
    • Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece is the avenue through which e-liquid vapourreaches the mouth from the heating chamber.
    • Atomizer: The atomiseris a special chamber where the vape oil ore-liquid is converted to vapourfor inhalation.
    • Chamber: The chamber holds the e-liquid before it is transferred to the atomiserfor vaporisation.

    Disposable vaping kits

     Disposable vape kits are small pen-like devices or cartridges which operate under low power wattages. They come pre-filled with CBD vape oil. Once the e-liquid is depleted, they are replaced with new kits. Disposable vape kits run at a wattage range between 10 to 20 watts. Nevertheless, an e-liquid is heated using 15 to 30 watts to get the best vaping experience.

    Disposable vaping devices are temperature sensitive; the ingredients in the e-liquid could lose their efficacy under very high temperatures. Therefore, users should maintain the vaping temperature below 360 degrees Fahrenheit.

    How to Buy a Vape Oil and Disposables in the UK

    Cannabidiol-infused products are available in online and physical stores in the UK. However, CBD products are not subject to very strict regulations, predisposing their users to substandard products. Buyers should look out for the following qualities in a brand before committing to any products from the brand;

    Positive Customers’ Reviews

    Online buyers should read the experiences of other users of vaping products. Many CBD brands provide a platform on their websites where users share their satisfaction rate with others. E-liquid and vape kits with positive reviews show that the products are highly qualified and vice-versa. Customers should prioritiseproducts with positive reviews to get the best vaping experience.

    Check for Grape Fruit Warning

    CBD may have negative effects on other pharmacological drugs. The cannabis derivative could suppress the metabolism of the following drugs;

    • Antimicrobials 
    • Blood thinners 
    • Cholesterol medications, 
    • Anti-histamines

    Drugs with grapefruit warnings should not be taken alongside CBD oil. According to Balachandran, Elsohly & Hill (2021) effects of CBD on other pharmacological drugs are still anecdotal. However, its ability to inhibit certain drug uptake could lead to toxic accumulation in the bloodstream. Buyers should check for grapefruit warnings on certain drugs if they want to vape alongside such medications.

    Check for a Certificate of Analysis (COA)

    The Certificate of analysis shows a product's ingredients, extraction methods, and source of CBD used in the vape pens. Buyers should get products without essential oils. Quality vaping oil should come from CBD distillate because products with essential oils may cause serious damage to the lungs.

    COA also shows independent third-party lab test results. Brands that submit their products for third-party testing and show such results on their websites indicate transparency. Suppose a brand does not give the Certificate. In that case, customers should avoid their products because they may have illicit ingredients to hide.

    Check for the Strength of E-Liquid

    CBD vape oil comes in spectra with different strengths; these include full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. The full-spectrum oil contains cannabinoids ranging from CBN, CBG, THC, terpenes, flavonoids, and fatty acids, among other derivatives. In contrast, the isolates contain cannabidiol as the major ingredient.

    Full-spectrum e-liquids are the strongest, although users may experience psychedelic effects if they take such products in high amounts. Nevertheless, the UK government regulates THC below 0.2%; CBD vape oils keep 0.0% THC to protect users from mind-altering effects. Users with severe conditions like chronic pain may require stronger doses of CBD vape oil than milder cases like lack of sleep; buyers should understand their needs for the vaping products before purchasing.

    Other Factors to Consider when buying vape oil and disposable kits include the following;

    • Buy crystal clear vape juices; products with precipitates may have intoxicants with negative health effects.
    • The products’ labels should remain consistent with claims on the websites or the relevant databases.
    • Buys products with a wider range of cannabidiol to have a better vaping experience.
    • Test the vape kit before buying to ensure it does not have mechanical damages
    • Buy from reputable brands

    CBD vapes Vs CBD Edibles

    Cannabidiol edibles come in gummies, capsules, smoothies, and drinks. They are gut-processed and metabolised through the liver before getting into the bloodstream. The lengthy digestion processes predispose the cannabidiol in the edibles to low bioavailability and delayed onset period; edibles take between 30 minutes and 2 hours to manifest, making them unsuitable for users who require fast pain relief. In contrast, CBD vapes are inhaled through the lungs; they are not gut-processed and manifest within a few minutes. They also avoid gastrointestinal wastage, making them have a higher bioavailability than edibles. However, their effects on the body are short-lived; they linger for about 30 minutes before their effects subside. 

    The edibles predispose users to side effects like nausea, diarrhoea, and drowsiness. At the same time, vapes may result in throat irritation and chest pains.

    CBD Vape Oil vs Sublingual

    Sublingual products like tinctures are placed underneath the tongue and allowed to settle there for about 60 seconds before swallowing them. Sublingual CBD has the highest bioavailability; the number of cannabis compounds wasted through enzymatic action is lower. The tinctures have a characteristic bad taste and flavour. They have a bad appeal to the taste buds. Nevertheless, their effects manifest in the body almost immediately. On the other hand, CBD vape oil is inhaled through the lungs. Unlike sublingual, Vaping users have benefited from the wide range of flavours, making them ideal for beginners.

    FAQs about Disposable Vape Kits  

    Is Vaping Legal In the UK?

    Vaping is a legal practice in the UK, albeit under certain obligations. Vaping Juices or CBD e-liquids must contain at most 0.2% THC. There are no legal age limits for CBD e-liquid users. However, experts discourage vaping among children, pregnant users, or customers taking certain pharmacological drugs.

    Does Temperature Affect CBD E-liquid?

    CBD e-liquids are sensitive to high temperatures. Cannabis derivatives become less effective under extreme temperatures. An effective vape device should not heat the liquid beyond 360 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides preserving the cannabis content in the vape juice, low temperature protects the lungs from overheated e-liquids. Most disposable vape kits are set to maintain a safe temperature limit for the lungs.

    Can CBD Vaping Make Me High?

    CBD vape oil does not have intoxicating effects. THC, a prominent cannabis compound, is responsible for the psychoactive effects associated with marijuana. Unlike marijuana, hemp-derived CBD vape oil does not contain THC, which could produce psychoactive effects on the users. Instead, CBD vape oil makes the users feel calm and relaxed. The e-liquid also contains anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory properties, which reduce anxiety and pain caused by inflammation.

    Can I Re-Use a disposable Vape Kit?

    CBD vape kits come in two categories; refillable and disposable vape kits. The former contains a rechargeable battery and a refillable chamber, making it reusable after depleting the first dosage. In contrast, the latter come pre-filled with specific amounts of e-liquid. The disposables are not rechargeable; this makes them non-reusable; they should be disposed of after depletion and replaced with new vape devices.

    How Long Does CBD vape Juice take In My System? 

    CBD vape juice manifest after about 5 minutes after inhalation. However, their effects on the body are short-lived compared to other cannabidiol products like edibles and sublingual; they linger in the body for about 30 minutes, although the effects may take shorter depending on the user's body metabolism rate and the amount of Vape juice.

    What Is the Right CBD vaping Juice Dose?

    Cannabidiol e-liquid does not have a universal dosage. CBD dosage is user-specific; what works for one customer may not produce the same result for the other user. Nevertheless, new users should begin with low doses of CBD to allow their bodies to build a tolerance to the cannabidiol e-liquid. Other factors which mediate the dosage are the user’s weight, body chemistry, age, metabolism rate, and gender.


    CBD vape oil offers a better treatment outcome for users who want quicker relief for different conditions. Cannabidiol-infused e-liquids are inhaled using the vape devices like disposable vape kits or cartridges. In the UK, vaping is legal for THC levels below 0.2%. However, the practice is not recommended for users below 18 years, pregnant or lactating patients. The cannabidiol-infused e-liquids are unsuitable for patients taking grapefruit-sensitive medications like blood thinners and anti-histamine. In the UK, CBD vape products are found in online and physical stores; buyers should commit to products from reputable brands, buy disposables with positive customer reviews and purchase vape juices without essential oils. The body well tolerates CBD vape juices. However, improper usage or low-quality products could have negative vaping experiences.


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