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  • by Nicola Boulton September 05, 2022 5 min read

    Is Delta-8 THC Addictive?

    The cannabis plant is usually known for its psychoactive effects; the main compound that causes this effect is THC. Because Delta 8 is a compound that originates from THC, one might ask themselves if Delta 8 THC is addictive. This article will talk about what Delta 8 is, the feeling of THC, and its side effects.

    The cannabis plant has been a part of man's normal life for a long time. There is evidence to show that people used cannabis as long as 5000 years ago for medicinal and recreational purposes. The marijuana plant has two types, the hemp plant, and the marijuana plant; these variations have different percentages of several compounds. The most dominant compounds are THC and CBD. THC has another variant called Delta-8 THC, which is also psychoactive. Therefore, this has made many people wonder whether Delta-8 is addictive. Let's discuss Delta-8 more in this article.

    THC 101; Introduction to Delta-8 THC

    Delta-8 THC is an isomer to CBD. Although these two are structurally similar, they have different effects on the body. Delta-8 THC is usually seen as a weaker cousin to Delta 9 THC. The latter is usually reported to give off a stronger 'high' than the former, which normally has a calming and relaxing 'high.' So it might seem as if Delta-8 is the perfect choice for those that want to feel 'high' but avoid the negative side effects of cannabis products. For those that cannot access Marijuana, Delta-8 THC can be a great option as it is usually legal federally in many states.

    However, just because it has a high demand doesn't mean that it is perfect, as it has psychoactive properties and can be active depending on the dosage. Since THC binds with endocannabinoid receptors, you must be careful to avoid addiction if you are a regular user. This makes it different from CBD, which is usually famous for its non-psychoactive properties. However, like any other THC variant, you might experience some side effects.

    What are the Side Effects of Delta-8?

    Delta-8 THC has psychoactive effects when taken in higher doses, which can be addictive. However, like consuming any other THC product or variant, users might feel their mouth is dry. Additionally, they may have red eyes depending on their eye sensitivity or consumed dosage. The consumption of Delta-8 might also have other side effects, such as feeling tired or grogginess when taken in high amounts.

    When taken in higher doses, it might also cause anxiety, mood swings, and paranoia. However, users usually report lower side effects than THC and Delta 9. According to Kruger & Kruger (2022), nausea or a change in appetite is also reported, so you must keep an eye on the dosage. Delta-8 is less potent than Delta 9 because their structural pattern might contain one more carbon-to-carbon double bond. Therefore, it attaches to the body receptors differently, altering how it affects the body.

    Although Delta-8 THC offers fewer negative effects of THC, it can show a positive result on your drug test. However, the creation of the 2018 Farm Bill legalized cannabis products that contain 0.3% or lower of Delta 9 THC; this means that Delta-8 THC is generally legal as long as it is derived from hemp with a low percentage of Delta 9 THC.

    What Does Taking Delta-8 THC Feel Like?

    The composition of Delta-8 THC is similar to that of Delta 9 THC, although it has the same number of compounds as CBD. During cannabis processing, some companies may convert CBD to Delta-8 because Delta-8 THC usually appears in a smaller quantity in the cannabis plant. Due to this similarity in composition, taking Delta 8 and Delta 9, the intensity is much lower than that of Delta 9. Users normally report feeling a euphoric 'high' when they consume Delta-8, which is calming and relaxing.

    Because Delta-8 THC is similar to Delta 9 THC, the users often report feeling the same side effects, such as rapid heart rate and reduced coordination. According to Bozman, Manoharan & Vasavada (2022), Delta-8 might also cause a slower reaction time and might sometimes cause a slight memory loss episode. However, since there is a higher demand for CBD products, many companies might opt to make Delta-8 products, increasing the risk of counterfeit products. The popularity of edibles and tincture oil or Delta 8 vape has made it easier to consume and get these products; however, you must remember to check them before purchasing them.

    In What Forms Are Delta 8 Products Available?

    Delta 8 is made into various products when the extraction and conversion from CBD are completed. It is available in edibles, tinctures, and even vapes that users can choose from. This is because the target market is diverse enough, and users might differ in their preferences.

    Edibles are much more preferred because of the sweet taste and various flavors that they come in, making it easier for the user to enjoy Delta-8. However, because these products are consumed differently, this might affect how the body responds to them and the amount of time it takes for a person to feel the effects of Delta-8.

    When tinctures are administered under the tongue, they take less time for the person to feel the effects of Delta 8 Thc because there are many blood vessels under the tongue. Barrus et al. (2016)  suggested that edible products might need to be gut processed and might take up to 45 minutes or one hour before you feel the effects. However, taking Delta 8 through vaping is the quickest way of feeling the 'high' effect. When choosing your products online, you must check the contents of Delta 8 THC to ensure that your product doesn't have harmful substances or metals.

    You must consult your health adviser if you have had a history of abusing drugs or noticed that your family member might be addicted. Getting hooked can have a devastating effect on your life.


    Addiction can happen without the user noticing; therefore, you must be careful to avoid getting hooked on drugs. There are several symptoms of being addicted to the Delta 8 THC; however, it is also important that you measure the advantages and possible side effects of any drug before deciding to use it. This means that the choice of using Delta 8 depends on you. However, this variant's purchasers and consumers must be over the age of 21 years. It is also best to check your dosage and seek advice from your health adviser before opting for any products.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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