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  • CBD Foot Cream UK Shopping Guide

    CBD Foot Cream UK Shopping Guide

    In recent years, CBD, an acronym for cannabidiol, has been on the shelves of major cosmetic and skin care products such as foot creams. The article below delves into CBD foot cream while giving an in-depth shopping guide for first-time purchasers.

    CBD is one of the many organic compounds of the cannabis plant, with research stating that it contains several health benefits, such as anti-inflammation and pain reduction. CBD is one of the two most popular cannabinoids, besides THC, which is the sole psychoactive compound of cannabis. CBD does not produce any psychoactive effects. However, it is well-known for its therapeutic effects, including anxiety, pain and stress relief. CBD derived from hemp usually contains low amounts of THC and high amounts of THC. Marijuana, on the other hand, contains high amounts of THC and low amounts of CBD. It is why most states ban the sale of CBD-derived marijuana. Importantly, most of CBD’s documented uses and benefits are based on anecdotal evidence.

    CBD Foot Cream UK Shopping Guide

    What is a CBD Foot Cream?

    According to Jackson et al. (2020), CBD foot cream is a topical cannabidiol product applied to the sole of the feet. Its main ingredient is CBD. However, it has a pinch of other moisturising and nourishing ingredients that boost feet’ health. Most of the time, our feet go through inflammation and pain, which cause dryness and soreness, but using a CBD foot cream regularly helps to alleviate some of these common foot problems. Some of the ingredients infused into CBD foot creams include botanical extracts, moisturisers and essential oils specifically designed to keep the soles of the feet smooth.

    Types of CBD Foot Creams in the UK

    Broad Spectrum CBD

    THC, the primary psychoactive component of the cannabis plant, is absent from broad-spectrum CBD foot cream. However, it does contain other cannabis plants chemicals like terpenes and flavonoids. Broad-spectrum extraction, a method for removing THC from cannabis components after they have been harvested, is how broad-spectrum CBD is produced. This kind of CBD foot cream may be the best option for people who wish to benefit from CBD's therapeutic properties without having to worry about THC's high effects.

    Full Spectrum CBD Foot Cream

    A full-spectrum CBD foot cream includes THC and other cannabinoid components. Terpenes and flavonoids are some of the cannabis components in full-spectrum products. Full-spectrum extraction, which includes trace levels of THC, is used to create full-spectrum CBD. These goods are ideal for those who adhere to the theory that cannabis' many cannabinoids interact with one another to enhance its effects. Note that full-spectrum CBD foot creams include only trace quantities of THC, not enough to cause you to experience a high.

    CBD Isolate CBD s

    CBD is the sole and primary ingredient in CBD isolate CBD foot cream. To create a powerful CBD, the entire cannabis plant's constituent chemicals are separated. Noting that THC is absent from CBD isolate hydration serum, it is appropriate for those unsure of THC's effects on the body. Additionally, each state has laws governing the sale of CBD isolate foot cream. It may be best to become aware of your state's regulations regarding CBD products to avoid breaking the law.

    The legality of CBD Foot Creams in the UK

    Shannon et al. (2019) claimed that despite CBD becoming popular worldwide, particularly in the UK, there is still some scepticism about its therapeutic potential. If you live in the UK and are new to CBD foot cream, beware of its legal standing. As long as they adhere to a set of requirements, CBD and all its products are legal in the UK. Here are a few UK laws on CBD and related products;

    • The Misuse of Drugs Act of 1971 stated that THC, a banned substance, should be less than 0.2% of CBD products.
    • A licence from the UK home office is required for any business or brand that deals with the purchase, possession, or consumption of CBD.
    • According to the FSA standards, CBD foot cream must have clearly defined labels.
    • A Cosmetic Product Safety Report that certifies the product's safety should be included with CBD items like CBD foot cream.
    • CBD products should only be supplied or sold by qualified medical professionals who have complied with UK home office requirements.
    • All CBD products must be made from industrial hemp with UK approval.

    According to Gibbs et al. (2019), CBD is legal in the UK. It is safe to bring it on board domestic flights as long as your preferred carrier allows them. To prevent trouble with the law, read your airline's terms and conditions and the luggage and hand luggage instructions before you fly. Additionally, if you are travelling abroad, confirm that the state where you will arrive permits CBD products.

    Where to Purchase CBD Foot Creams in the UK

    Online Retailers

    Donnan et al. (2022) mentioned that numerous products are available online, including CBD. Most online stores only sell cannabidiol products at retail prices, which may exclude customers needing large quantities of CBD products. However, internet stores are among the most popular since they provide a large variety of goods with a range of prices and ingredients, enabling you to make the best choice when buying.

    Speciality Stores

    There are shops in the UK that sell various goods, primarily CBD from various brands, as long as they comply with UK regulations regarding hemp that has been approved by the EU and contains less than 0.2% THC.

    Health Food Stores

    In the UK, several health stores provide good, high-quality pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, including CBD hand lotions. These shops offer a diverse selection of goods with various substances for skin care issues.


    Dispensaries that only sell cannabis products for medical or recreational purposes can be found in several parts of the UK. You can arrange a visit if you live somewhere where cannabis products are sold to see whether they also sell skincare items. Keep in mind that dispensaries are legitimate businesses that sell high-quality CBD products, so buying CBD from them won't get you in trouble with the law.

    What is the Price of CBD Foot Creams in the UK?

    Drew and Asher (2022)stated that the cost of CBD foot cream varies considerably depending on several variables, including the brand or product's size. Most CBD foot creams sold often weigh between 10 and 50 pounds. The amount could, however, alter based on the product's quality. Experts typically advise comparing product pricing to get the greatest option that falls within your price range. It's also important to remember that most hand creams are priced according to their size. The price increases with bottle size and vice versa.

    Factors to Consider When Buying CBD Foot Creams in the UK

    Storage Conditions

    Any product will last longer when stored in ideal conditions. The general rule is to keep your CBD foot cream out of direct sunshine and extreme heat because these factors slow down the product's potency over time.


    The shelf life of a CBD foot cream is greatly influenced by the components used to create it. Organic substances have a longer shelf life than synthetic ones, which frequently lose their effectiveness after prolonged usage.

    Expiration date

    Plotkin et al. (2017) stated that the date of manufacturing and expiration are permanently affixed to the box or the underside of every product. Always make sure a CBD foot cream is still effective by checking the expiration date before buying.


    You can take care of your skin without spending a dime. Check the cost of your favourite CBD foot cream and compare it to other serums before purchasing to see whether you are being taken advantage of.


    You must carefully evaluate your foot cream's CBD dosage and delivery method. Remember that the CBD dosage should match your preferences and demands for the best effects.


    Since it is filled with high-quality CBD derived from organic hemp and tested to ensure it is of the right concentration, a decent CBD foot cream will provide your skin with the appropriate amount of hydration.


    Certain skin care products can trigger allergic responses in some users because they compromise the skin's protective barrier. Most CBD foot creams contain numerous components, so it is vital to know what you are exposing your skin too.


    To guarantee that a CBDfoot cream stays clean, you should wrap it properly. Ensure the CBD foot cream you buy is packaged in airtight containers, such as droppers or airless pumps.

    How Often Should You Use a CBD Foot Cream?

    The frequency of using a CBD foot cream depends on the type of product you are using and its purpose. CBD foot creams are formulated with different ingredients that affect the frequency of their use. Most CBD foot creams can be used once or twice a day depending on the type of skin issue being addressed. If you are unsure of the frequency of using your CBD foot cream, check its label to avoid irreversible skin conditions. Most experts advise that it is safe to use your CBD foot cream as often a day as possible because most people have a high tolerance to the compound.

    Benefits of CBD Foot Creams

    Soothes the Skin

    When combined with other relaxing and soothing compounds, CBD is renowned for its calming and soothing effects on the skin to reduce inflammation and redness for improved skin. Chamomile and aloe vera are two relaxing ingredients in CBD foot treatments.

    Combats Redness and Irritation

    A CBD foot cream reduces skin irritation caused by specific skin diseases or unpleasant reactions to drugs or cosmetic chemicals. The CBD foot cream is a good alternative for persons with sensitive skin because CBD reduces irritation.

    Hydrates the Soles of the Feet

    Cardoza et al. (2022)mentioned that CBD foot creams nourish and hydrate the skin by guaranteeing the pores and tissue recessive an additional burst of moisture. Hyaluronic acid, a humectant that helps draw moisture to the skin, is included in CBD foot lotions.

    Side Effects of CBD Foot Creams

    Gamble et al. (2018)argued that because CBD is an organic substance, most people have a high tolerance for it. However, over the years, some people have claimed to experience negative side effects after utilising CBD products. The following are a few of the most typical negative effects of utilising CBD foot creams;

    Allergic Reactions

    One or more of the chemicals in a CBD foot cream can cause allergic reactions in some people. You must thus carefully examine the serum's ingredients to be sure your skin won't react to them.


    After using a CBD foot cream, some people could feel severe skin dryness, especially if they have dry or sensitive skin. To keep your skin from chapping, it may be wise to apply a moisturising moisturiser and cleanser if you have dry skin.


    Red skin is a sign of irritation after using a skin care product that does not align with your skin type.


    One of the many chemical components found in cannabis, CBD, has been shown in studies to have some health advantages, including reducing pain and inflammation. In addition to THC, the only psychoactive component of cannabis, CBD is one of the two most widely used cannabinoids. There are no psychoactive effects from CBD. However, it is well known for its therapeutic properties, including tension, pain, and anxiety. Contrarily, marijuana has a high THC content and a low CBD content. Due to this, the majority of states forbid the selling of marijuana with CBD. It is important to remember that most of CBD's reported uses and advantages are based primarily on anecdotal evidence.


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