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  • August 30, 2022 5 min read


    CBD is believed to aid in relieving or preventing Sciatica. Herein we discuss Sciatica, how to treat it using CBD, and the different ways people can use it for Sciatica.

    CBD is a natural supplement sourced from hemp or marijuana plants and used as a remedy for numerous health conditions. Cannabidiol or CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties that can significantly ease joint pain, promote muscle relaxation, and lower swelling, which is linked to helping lower nerve pain conditions like Sciatica. Sciatica is one of the common joint conditions that affects a huge number of the population worldwide. Sciatica is mainly triggered by swelling in the sciatica nerve, which can extend to the leg leading to buttock pain or restricted mobility. There are numerous effective treatments for Sciatica, including taking pain medications that can lower the pain and inflammation of the sciatica nerve. CBD is one of the common supplements for those who would like natural treatments to ease joint and muscle pain. Generally, CBD is not a regulated treatment option but is effective in easing and managing certain symptoms of Sciatica for improved overall wellness.

    What Is Sciatica?

    Understanding the anatomy of the sciatica nerve is important to know how CBD can be used for Sciatica. According to Ropper & Zafonte (2015), Sciatica is a nerve located in the lower back and extends to the feet. Any swelling or pain on the sciatica nerve due to damage, compression, or irritation results in a joint condition termed Sciatica. Irritation on the sciatica nerve can spread to the legs, buttocks, or feet as it is interconnected. Sciatica is a pain in the lower back, buttocks, or legs. It can also be highlighted by inflammation, pain, and achiness on the entire sciatica nerve. Sometimes patients report tingling sensations on the lower back or feet or numbness.

    Normally Sciatica takes one or two months for the pain to fade away fully but can heal faster with the right treatment plan. When left unattended, Sciatica can cause pain and inflammation for longer periods. Determining the best product to ease sciatica symptoms can be quite challenging; incorporating CBD products into a sciatica treatment routine can elevate the symptoms and improve general health. Learn more about try cbd for fibromyalgia

    How Can You Treat Sciatica?

    Most sciatica medications and treatment plans are based on decreasing pain, lowering inflammation, and thickening the muscle spasms to avoid future damage to the sciatica nerve. Ryz et al.  (2017) explained that patients could easily treat or soothe this condition at home by applying CBD creams and lotions that reduce muscle and joint inflammation.

    Can CBD Help with Sciatica?

    CBD is among the top non-medical supplements used in various life sectors to improve general health and overall wellness. This compound is highly effective in reducing swelling and pain in the body, one of the common reasons it's projected to help with Sciatica.

    How CBD helps with Sciatica is based on the idea that this condition impacts lower back nerves. Taking these compounds as a supplement can aid in treating or managing Sciatica. The Cannabidiol compound tends to bind with the endocannabinoid system, a network of cell receptors that positively impact combating inflammation and aching in the body. However, using CBD for Sciatica does not provide an immediate cure but has numerous gains in managing the irritating symptoms.

    The inflammation and pain in the lower back to the legs from Sciatica result from damage to the bone spurs or discs. Ibeas et al. (2015) noted that CBD enhances the activity of the ECS, which can lower the symptoms of Sciatica as it is in pain and swelling control. The effects of CBD on ECS can stimulate the release of anandamide, a CNS neurotransmitter responsible for enhancing moods. According to Xantus&  Zavori (2021), It can also counter the effects of stress on the body, leading to Sciatica.

    Depending on their preferred delivery method, people can use CBD for Sciatica in several ways. For instance, it can be administered orally, topically, or infused in edibles. CBD is a safe supplement with no after effects when taken in moderate amounts. No matter the health problem one intends to address never exceeds a dosage of 70omg when taking CBD products. 

    How To Use CBD For Sciatica?

    According to Anderson (2018), CBD users can use any supplement based on their preferred intake method to counter the effects of Sciatica and improve their wellness. The type of supplement a person uses has unique bioavailability; opting for a delivery method that has a higher bioavailability help in quick healing. Proper dosages are key and differ depending on the supplement you use. Highly concentrated products have an immediate effect on Sciatica. Here are some ways to use CBD for Sciatica;


    Vaping CBD oils is one of the most effective and fast ways to reduce sciatica symptoms. Vaping delivers the best and highest bioavailability to users. The cannabinoid molecules are directly absorbed in the bloodstream when vaping CBD oil. Most oils for CBD come in the isolated form as you need special e-juices to vape CBD oil which cannot bind with other CBD types.

    Tinctures and Oils

    Sublingual administration is another high bioavailability method to intake CBD oil to help with sciatica symptoms. Tinctures and oils are normally taken through this delivery method in drop form. To safely use this method, place a few drops of CBD oil or tinctures under the tongue with the dropper containing 5 to 20 mg and hold it for 2 minutes before swallowing. Start with low dosages as you gradually build up your intake.

    CBD Capsules and Edibles

    CBD capsules offer a simple way to ingest CBD oil. The capsules or pills contain fixed quantities of CBD oil and can are taken orally. It's the easiest way to incorporate CBD oil for sciatic in one’s daily routine.

    CBD edibles such as candies, brownies, shakes, and cakes are ideal ways to give taste buds something to grind while soothing Sciatica. The major downside with edibles and capsules or pills is the decreased bioavailability as the cannabinoids are broken down in the digestive system before being released to the ECS.

    CBD Topical

    Balms, lotions, and creams containing CBD oil can be applied topically to ease joint inflammation and pain. Muscle balms' heat and cool properties can reduce pain caused by Sciatica in the legs, lower back, or buttocks. To effectively use topical CBD supplements, massage the affected area gently though the cannabinoids take longer to function as they can't be absorbed in the bloodstream.


    Sciatica is a nerve pain disorder that can ease with or without treatment. In chronic situations, the pain tends to fade and return after a few weeks. CBD is one of the best natural supplements to boost overall wellbeing and prevent Sciatica. This oil is safe and can be taken in different ways to lower stress and promote better functioning of the ECS for mild Sciatica. Learn more about using cbd for chronic fatigue symptoms


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