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August 30, 2022 5 min read

Are THC and CBD Used Together to Treat Different Diseases?

CBD and THC have been known to be essential compounds in the human body. It is because they have been known to help in treating several diseases. Some of the diseases these two compounds have been known to treat are skin conditions, epilepsy, and high blood pressure. It means that they do complement each other through these benefits. 

CBD and THC are both compounds of cannabis plants. They have a lot of benefits to the body of an individual. Most of these benefits are healthy ones, meaning they can be used to treat several diseases. CBD can be used with any amount of dosage that one likes as it does not cause any risks. However, when it has the presence of THC in it, a high dosage is not advised. It would mean that the consumption of THC is also at a high dosage, and instead of boosting the CBD's effectiveness, it will bring out the high effect and then pose a risk to someone's health. This article discusses how THC and CBD can be used together to assist in treating diseases and how they complement one another.   

What is CBD

CBD is one of the compounds that can be found in the cannabis plant. They exist in three types;

Types of CBD

Full-spectrum CBD

It is also referred to as the whole plant cannabis. It has the presence of all the compounds found in the cannabis plant. Some of these compounds include terpenes, flavonoids, and THC. It is known to be the most active CBD because of its active compounds.

Broad-spectrum CBD

It has almost all the compounds present in the cannabis plant except the THC compound. It is in between the full-spectrum CBD and isolate-based CBD. It is because it can be extracted from the isolate-based CBD and full spectrum. It can be done by eliminating the presence of THC in the full spectrum and remaining with the other compounds of the cannabis plant. It can also be gotten by adding some compounds like terpenes and flavonoids in the isolate-based CBD, turning it into the broad-spectrum CBD.

Isolate-based CBD

It is the purest form of CBD. It does not have any compound of the cannabis plant except CBD. It undergoes several processes to make them pure and free from all the compounds.

What is THC

THC is also a compound that is found in the cannabis plant. It is known to be a psychoactive compound. It is responsible for the stoning and high effect a product gives. It is usually found with CBD because it is extracted from the cannabis plant.

How Do THC and CBD Work Together To Treat Different Diseases

According to MacCallum (2018), CBD and THC have been known to have many benefits to an individual's medical health. However, when THC is used, it should be at lower levels. It is because it is known to have psychoactive effects, thus making it easy for one to get high and stoned when they use it in high doses. It means that when using CBD and THC in treating different diseases, they should check on the amount of THC in it. It is because THC is only beneficial when used in low amounts. It is very beneficial when used together with CBD as it helps in giving fast results. THC helps in boosting CBD in its effects.

Types of Diseases That CBD and THC Can Treat

Skin Diseases Such As Acne, Eczema, And Psoriasis

According to Makhakhe (2022), CBD and THC assist in treating several skin diseases by minimizing their inflammation and itchiness. Some of these skin conditions include; psoriasis, acne, and eczema. Inflammation may be brought about by harmful substances that contact the healthy cells, causing the skin to swell and become sore and painful. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD products are responsible for treating skin conditions. The presence of THC in CBD products, especially in topicals, can assist in minimizing the conditions, especially when applied regularly. 

High Blood pressure

Several factors can cause high blood pressure. Some of these factors include stress, pain, and even depression. The analgesic and anxiolytic effects help deal with the stress and the several causes, thus reducing the blood pressure. When used in small dosages, they can be very useful in treating blood pressure and lowering it back to normal. However, one should take some precautions. It is better not to mix the medications with CBD products. It is because the effects will probably not be felt or effective, and CBD may alter the effectiveness of the medical drugs. The best thing, in this case, would be to choose one way; either medications or the CBD present with THC to treat the high blood pressure. Learn more about can cbd help with an itchy scalp?


CBD is known not to be regulated by the FDA. But in the case of treating epilepsy condition, it has been approved. It is because it has been seen to minimize the several times an individual may have seizures. Sekar et al. (2019) stated that CBD with the combination of THC is used in the medical field to make the Epidiolex drug. This drug is the only one that is issued for treating epilepsy disease. The fact that the FDA has approved the use of CBD in making this drug great for consumption rules out worry one may have about the use and consumption of CBD and THC products. Learn more about can cbd help you lose weight?

Depression and Anxiety

Williams et al. (2021) suggested that CBD is known to have anti-anxiety properties in an individual's body. THC also helps in dealing with anxiety but when used in small dosages. Most of the time, the THC present in CBD is always in small amounts, so the probability of it causing anxiety in an individual is always minimal, especially when taken with caution. The great thing about using CBD in treating anxiety and depression is that it does not have many side effects.


This article shows that CBD and THC can be combined to treat several diseases. CBD is known to have some presence of THC in them as they are both extracted from the same plant, cannabis. The only CBD that does not have the presence of THC in them is the isolate-based CBD. When consuming CBD, be sure not to take them in high doses, especially if it has the presence of THC in them. It is not because the CBD may have an effect, it won't, but because the presence of THC is only meant to boost it and give fast and effective results.


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