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  • by Nicola Boulton August 13, 2022 6 min read

    Breaking Down CBD: Are CBD Edibles Legal In The US?

    CBD edibles are legal in the US. Read this article to learn more about CBD edibles' benefits and the advantages of using CBD edibles over inhaling CBD. You will also know the meaning of CBD, THC, marijuana, hemp, and CBD edibles.

    CBD edibles are legal in the 50 states of America, depending on their THC levels. THC is the component of cannabis that gives the plant its psychoactive properties, making the user feel " high." Marijuana and hemp often confuse as they are both belong to the cannabis plant. CBD and THC are chemical compounds found in hemp and marijuana. Most states have legally accepted CBD edibles made of hemp extracts because hemp only has 0.3% of THC. CBD edibles extracted from marijuana are not legally accepted. Whether a CBD edible is legally acceptable or not in the US depends on its THC content.

    Breaking Down CBD: Are CBD Edibles Legal In The US?

    What Are CBD, THC, Marijuana, and Hemp?

    CBD(cannabidiol) and THC(tetrahydrocannabinol) are chemical components in the cannabis plant. THC gives a cannabis plant its psychoactive properties. Grotenhermen & Russo (2002) stated that marijuana and hemp are of the cannabis family and are often confused as if they were the same plant. The main difference between marijuana and hemp is THC's composition. Marijuana has 50% - 90% of THC, while hemp only has 0. 3% of marijuana. Hemp is more legally accepted in most countries than marijuana.  When purchasing a CBD edible, check its THC content on the package to know if you are consuming a CBD edible from hemp or marijuana.

    What Are CBD Edibles?

    CBD edibles are products an individual can ingest, eat, and like food. Individuals may include CBD in their food as an ingredient to make it CBD edible. Individuals may have CBD in many ways besides gummies, food, and cookies. An individual may add it to drinks.

    The Advantages of Using Edibles Over Inhaling CBD

    Long ago, nhaling was the only way a user could use CBD. Non-smokers could not use CBD, but nowadays, CBD products are in many forms, and anyone can use them in the form that suits them most. Below are the advantages of CBD edibles over other edibles.


    The main advantage of an edible over inhaling CBD is that it is discreet and can be used anywhere without causing an alarm like smoking. Lamy et al.(2016) stated that CBD edibles are useful for emergencies, like an anxiety or panic attack, or during first aid as a painkiller or anti-inflammatory product.

    It does Not Damage The Lungs

    Smoking CBD is harmful to the lungs. CBD edibles offer a solution that does not harm your lungs in any way while still providing the benefit that the user would have gained from CBD. Learn more about different types of edible products

    The CBD effect lasts longer

    When inhaling CBD, the effect starts immediately and ends sooner if you ingest the CBD product. When you ingest CBD products, they have to move to the liver and then to the rest of the body, which stays in the body longer than smoke.

    The Benefits Of CBD Edibles To The Body

    The benefits of CBD to the body are as follows;

    Reduces Stress And Anxiety

    Stress and anxiety are common conditions that people have battled with from time immemorial. Ashton (2022) stated that CBD edibles might also be used to manage panic attacks. When people noticed that CBD products could relieve stress, anxiety, and even panic attacks, there was suddenly a rush in the CBD by industries to meet the demands of the growing numbers of consumers. Industries have therefore tried to include CBD in almost every consumable produce, including food, for people to have various options in choosing the form they want to consume their CBD product. You can find CBD in soap, oils, and candles. Creams, lotions, and toners. Evans (2020) suggested that CBD can be used in aromatherapy candles event to offer you some comfort and liven your mood, although CBD lacks psychoactive properties.

    Reduces Pain and Acts as an Anti-Inflammatory

    According to Price (2022), it has the anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties that an individual may need to cope with ailments such as arthritis and multi-sclerosis. An individual does not have to inhale or swallow the CBD to work. A user may have it in the form that they are most comfortable with. You can use it as an infused substance in candles, soap, oil, and creams. Solowij et al. (2018) noted that Using CBD helps a user get relief. CBD  cannot be as addictive as other pain-relieving substances such as opioids. CBD products are especially popular because you can use them without being euphoric as they lack psychoactive properties.

    Use of CBD to Enhance Products

    The CBD market is growing fast; therefore, they come infused with the best products that suit the user. CBD may be used in products to enhance them. Moltke & Hindocha (2020) stated that the benefits of CBD range from relaxation to healing and managing stress. CBD is packaged in many forms like spray, powder, edibles, gummies, and oil. The main reason why CBD is popular is that it is effective yet not intoxicating. Suppose anything CBD has been used to heal addiction to drugs such as opioids by being the alternative. According to Weston- Green et al. (2021), CBD can also be mixed with essential oils for aromatherapy and massage.

    Types of CBD

    Brockway (2020) emphasizes that CBD products are not the same. Some are more effective than others, depending on their chemical composition. The more the chemical compounds, the more effective the CBD product. The entourage effect is achieved when a CBD product has more than one chemical compound.


    When CBD comes in the full- spectrum, it contains THC, Terpenes, and Cannabinoids. The presence or lack of THC will determine if the CBD can have intoxicating effects or not because THC is responsible for the psychoactive qualities. The full-spectrum CBD is considered the most effective.

    CBD Isolate

    CBD isolate is pure CBD and does not contain all the other compounds of cannabis. CBD isolate products are considered the least effective spectrum of CBD products because they only have one chemical compound – CBD.


    When cannabis is described as a broad spectrum, it contains all the other compounds of cannabis except THC. The broad-spectrum is more effective than the CBD isolate because it has a variety of chemical compounds.

    How to Choose a CBD Edible

    The CBD edibles may be safe for you, but it is prudent that first-time users of CBD seek medical advice from a professional. There is an influx of CBD edibles in the market as one of the many forms of CBD products. The edibles are now readily available online and offline in the market, but some of the CBD edibles have additives and impurities that may harm your health. You. The CBD edibles may be safe for you. Still, it is prudent that first-time users of CBD seek medical advice from a professional because sometimes the users may experience side -effects, and some people have medical conditions that may not be compatible with CBD. The doctor may recommend the best CBD edible or an alternative for you and may even recommend the best place to get the CBD edible.


    CBD edibles are gaining popularity because a person may now enjoy the benefits of CBD discreetly. You can even add edible to your food. Some of the edibles are easy to make at home. You no longer have to worry about the smoke damaging your lungs as you would have if you were inhaling the CBD. Inhaling CBD can damage your lungs. The effects of CBD last longer than any other drug as it has to get into the liver first before it becomes effective. CBD edibles come to the dosage; hence, overdosing is unlikely as you would if you used CBD in other forms.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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