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  • by Nicola Boulton December 13, 2023 4 min read

    How Long Do CBD Edibles Last?

    CBD edibles remain in the system for a relatively longer time than other edibles. This article discusses the duration taken by CBD edibles and their potential side effects.

    The popularity of phytocannabinoids has led to an increase in the number of products available as edibles. The edibles are popular and widely available in online or walk-in stores. It is not uncommon to find people consuming edibles. Someone new to CBD needs to get the facts right. Before the CBD edibles, one should know how long they last; this information will make one aware of what they are getting into. The edibles’ effect is a function of factors including, but not limited to user’s age, weight metabolism, and potency of the CBD.

    What are CBD Edibles?

    Any edible product infused with Cannabidiol is considered a CBD edible. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the main compounds found in the cannabis plant. Most approved CBD is derived from the hemp plant, the non-psychoactive strain of cannabis. The cannabis-infused edibles are available in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate concentrates. Because they are pleasant, handy, and well-dosed, the cannabis-infused edibles are well-liked cannabis products; they offer convenience in taste and discretion, making them appealing to many users. 

    Types of CBD Edibles 

    CBD edibles are available as drinks- tea and juices, which can be premade or homemade using tinctures or isolate powder. Available candies infused with cannabis include; lollipops, lozenges, and sweets. Chocolates, protein bars, and gummies are the most common edibles. They offer an easy, convenient and discrete way of taking cannabis. Edibles are widely available in different flavors, tastes, and concentrations. Manufacturers indicate the amount of Cannabidiol in the edibles and recommend an appropriate dosage. 

    How Long Do CBD Edibles Last?

    The effects of CBD edibles last longer than those from vaping or smoking; While Vaping and smoking manifest much sooner, their effects are short-lived. Edibles, on the other hand, can last from 6 to 8 hours after ingesting. Some users might even feel the effects after 12 hours; the effects vary from one user to the other depending on how much CBD they have consumed. 

    What Determines How Long CBD Last?

    The duration taken by cannabis-infused gummies is dependent on many factors. For example, bioavailability determines how much CBD from the edibles reaches the body; a higher amount lasts longer than a relatively lower amount. The bioavailability of a product varies with the products and their different method of administration. Even small quantities of products with a higher bioavailability are more likely to enter the bloodstream and stay longer in the system; the edibles must pass through the digestive system before getting absorbed; chewy CBD products have the lowest bioavailability. Mozaffari et al. (2021) observed that eating fatty foods increases the absorption of edibles, making them last longer in the system. 

    How Long Does For CBD Edibles to Take Effect

    CBD edibles can have an onset 30 to 90 minutes after consumption; this can, however, be unpredictable since many factors determine the duration. Edibles such as candy and gum can absorb through sublingual routes since they do not involve swallowing, giving them a shorter work period. Millar (2020) observed that edibles passing through the digestive system, like cookies and bars, must be absorbed through the liver before reaching the bloodstream; this path takes longer to dispense the cannabis effects. The difference in metabolism rate, age, weight, tolerance to cannabis products, and frequent use also affects how long edibles take to have an effect. Users must take time to gauge how their body reacts to CBD edibles.  

    How Do CBD Edibles Work? 

    When ingested, CBD is metabolized by the liver, then absorbed into the bloodstream and sent to the brain. Plumpers& Thacker (2019) explained that CBD directly impacts the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS controls digestion, sleep, mood, inflammation, and pain. CB1 and CB2 receptors of the ECS, which are principally in charge of delivering signals to the brain, are intercepted by CBD.  Shannon et al. (2019)  indicated that Cannabidiol regulates ECS receptors, helps them with pain management, and reduces inflammation and anxiety. It also helps with insomnia and sleep-related conditions, and neurodegenerative diseases. 

    Frequently Asked Questions about CBD Edibles

    Can I Take CBD Edibles on an Empty Stomach?

    Professionals recommend taking edibles after a meal; this not only boosts the absorption but ensures the effects are not too harsh to the individual, especially those new to cannabis edibles. 

    Where Can I Buy CBD Edibles?

    CBD edibles are widely available in walk-in or online stores. Finding a trusted and legit brand with high-quality products is important to ensure one gets the right quality products. One should research the options available and read reviews from other customers.

    Is it Safe to Buy CBD Edibles Online? 

    Online buying is one of the safest ways to purchase CBD. However, users should ensure they order from a trusted and legitimate company. 

    Will CBD Edibles Show Up on a Drug Test?

    CBD products should not show up on a drug test. The product does not contain the active compounds targeted by most drug tests. Cannabidiol-infused products are non-intoxicating, allowing one to get its benefits without getting high. 


    CBD edibles are among the most common cannabis products in the market today. Different people use edibles for various reasons, from pain management to suppressing inflammation and anxiety. The products are widely available in local stores and online platforms. Cannabis-infused edibles come in different tastes, sizes, and flavors. The edibles mainly last 6 to 8 hours, although the duration could extend to 12 hours for some users. CBD beginners should get them from a reliable source, start small and low on the dosage and adjust according to their body’s reaction to the edibles. Patience is needed to find the correct dosage for the intended effects. 


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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