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  • by Nicola Boulton September 28, 2022 5 min read

    Can CBD Gummies Harm You?

    CBD Gummy Bears are chewy candy-like products laced with cannabidiol. This article describes CBD's potential health benefits and why Cannabidiol Gummies may have side effects. It will also describe how to buy harmless cannabis gummies.

    The legalization of Hemp in the US in 2018 was a global hallmark for the cannabis market. It marked the end of cannabis stigmatization as the US federal government removed hemp products from the list of controlled substances. The removal sparked more awareness about CBD. Industries sprouted and produced CBD in many forms that appeal to the diverse needs of cannabis users. Think of any regular product you wish was available as CBD, and chances are that it exists in the market. CBD is available in skin care products, hair products, vapes, soap, and edibles. Gummies are the most popular among CBD edibles. Through them, users can enjoy CBD in different convenient flavors, a phenomenon that masks the earthy taste associated with cannabis. While the gummies dispense vital health and therapeutic effects in the body, they may have some side effects too.

    Can CBD Gummies Harm You?

    What is CBD?

    Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical component of Hemp and marijuana. Hemp and marijuana are cannabis family with numerous health and therapeutic benefits. Although they belong to the cannabis family, they have varying levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC co-exists with CBD and hundreds of other chemical components (cannabinoids). Notably, THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive properties of cannabis. Marijuana makes the user' feel high' because of the high levels of THC (90%).

    On the other hand, Hemp has only 0.3% or less THC and cannot make the user feel high. The THC level has been the determining factor in the legislation of cannabis in most states. Many countries allow cannabis use if the THC is 0.3% or less.

    What are CBD Gummies?

    CBD gummies are chewy candy-like products laced with CBD. The gummies fall under CBD edibles.

    Can CBD Gummies Harm You?

    CBD gummies are mainly used for their recreational and therapeutic properties. They are safe for most people depending on the plant from which they are derived. The main reason why CBD Oil Gummies may be harmful is the intoxicating properties that to expect from cannabis. Hemp-derived gummies do not have psychoactive properties present in marijuana-derived Cannabidiol Gummies. While hemp-based gummies are the most common in the market, marijuana gummies products can also be present depending on the laws of the land. Users should be keen on the THC level of the gummies before buying. If the THC amount exceeds 0.3%, the gummy becomes a marijuana product and will cause intoxication.

    Why Do CBD Gummies Have Side Effects?

    Cannabidiol Edibles are safe; however, they are bound to cause a reaction if not used appropriately. The side effects of CBD gummies are diarrhea, fatigue, nausea, and drowsiness. The following are some of the reasons that may make the gummies have side effects;

    Overdosing on the CBD Gummies

    Bass (2020) highlighted that overdosing is the main cause of CBD's side effects. While Cannabidiol Gummy Bears are harmless, overdosing tends to upsets the lining of the internal tissues, resulting in nausea, drowsiness, diarrhea, and fatigue. The side effects may hint that you should reduce the dosage or stop using the gummies. Liu (2019) recommended that a first user starts with a lower dosage. Users should seek medical advice if the symptoms persist after halting the consumption.

    Being on Other Medications 

    Cannabidiol Sweets can react with other medications if used simultaneously. Working et al. (2022) stressed that seeking a doctor's opinion is crucial to confirm that it is safe to use these gummies with your medication.

    Using CBD Gummies While Suffering from an Underlying Illness

    CBD Infused Gummies may be harmless but can worsen an underlying illness. It is prudent that the first-time user seeks the doctor's opinion before using the gummies as a treatment plan; it may fail to treat the disease and cause complications. It is worth noting that the research on CBD is still ongoing and its effect on some illnesses is still not known.

    CBD Gummies That Have Additives, Ingredients, and Contaminants

    As aforementioned, the CBD market is poorly regulated; finding genuine products is challenging, especially for new users. Contraband products with added contents are also available in the market and mislabeled to mislead the users. Lachenmeier et al. (2019) stated that the harmful contents of CBD products usually cause most of the side effects associated with gummies.

    How to Buy Harmless CBD Gummies

    Purchasing CBD-Infused Gummies can be challenging; differentiating defective products from good-quality products may be difficult. You can apply the following tips to buy safe CBD-Infused Gummy Bears.


    CBD gummies are available online and in stores where they are legal. Similarly, contraband CBD Sweets are sold in the same CBD market. Double-check how some additives listed in the products can influence your health. If unsure, seek medical advice. 

    The Reputation of the Company

    Companies that have an excellent reputation sell the best quality products. The following are the features associated with a company that has a good reputation;

    The Availability of a Certificate of Analysis (COA)

    The COA is available on the website or can be delivered to the user upon request. It details the additives and ingredients used to make a product. The availability of a COA means that the company is trustworthy and transparent about its products. If the company is reluctant about availing of the COA, it may indicate a poor-quality brand whose content they do not want to be disclosed.

    CBD Gummies have Undergone Third–party Laboratory Testing

    The company may use a third-party laboratory to confirm that the contents indicated in the COA are accurate. Allowing a third-party laboratory to test the product implies that the company is credible and transparent.


    CBD Oil Gummies are usually safe, although they may have other harmful additives. Similarly, the drugs may have side effects if used inappropriately. Many side effects are caused by overdosing or using CBD Gummy Bears while on another medication. Some of the common side effects result from the presence of contaminants. The side effects are avoidable through quality products from reputable companies. Users should cease consumption of the drug when they experience side effects; if the symptoms persist, seek medical advice.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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