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  • by Nicola Boulton August 17, 2022 5 min read


    Terpenes are some organic compounds responsible for different plants' smells and aromas. Some are found on the peels of fruits. Terpenes exist in different types that do not offer the same benefits. Some of the different types of terpenes include; limonene, pinene, and humulene.

    Terpenes are organic components found in most plants. They are responsible for the scent present in the plants. Most of the time, the scent helps in keeping predators away from the plants. Those that are into marijuana farming have an advantage as they use the terpenes to introduce some therapeutic effects to some of their products. There are different types of terpenes. Each of them has its benefits for an individual. The benefits of these terpenes depend on the ailment one wants to treat. Terpenes can treat insomnia, relieve stress, and calm the mind, as discussed in this article


    How do Terpenes Affect Individuals?

    Most terpenes are bioactive, meaning that they will be able to affect an individual's body. However, this effect will depend on terpene concentration in the body and how it is used. The sweet scents they provide have made most people rely on them for therapy sessions. Some are used during aromatherapy. The scents produced may affect an individual's stress level and moods, especially when inhaled.

    Studies show that terpenes can affect the probability of a person getting high as they are using cannabis. This is known as the entourage effect. This implies that they will interfere with the THC and CBD effects in the body. 

    How Different are Terpenes from Cannabinoids?

    Cannabinoids are elements found in the cannabis plant. Each part of the body has the presence of the endocannabinoid system. Cannabinoids like THC are responsible for activating the body's receptors, thus making one high.

    According to Dariš et al. (2019), CBD is another type of cannabinoid. They are mostly known for the medicinal benefits that they contain. Like THC, CBD also acts on the endocannabinoid system but does not have the same effects as THC. They cannot make one high because they do not have the presence of THC, the component responsible for making one high.

    Terpenes are also found in the cannabis plant. They are the compounds that are most abundant compared to the rest. They, however, act in the endocannabinoid system differently compared to THC and CBD. The body can absorb the terpenes and use them differently.  

    Types of Terpenes 


    This is a common terpene that is mostly recognized for its scent. Just like the name suggests, limonene terpene gives the scent of lemon fruits, citrus, and oranges. They are mostly found in the peels of citrus and lemon fruits. They have some therapeutic effects on the life of an individual. Yu, Yan & Sun (2017) stated that limonene contains anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve or minimize the pain that is felt when one has a swelling. According to Sharpe et al. (2020), Limonene terpenes assist in elevating mood and relieving stress and anxiety. Studies show that limonene assists in checking the behavior of the immune cells responsible for protecting the body to avoid some disorders. They can be taken as a supplement. Moreover, limonene is known to have more dominant strains than the rest of the terpenes. Some of the strains that are dominant in limonene include banana punch and sundae river.


    Pinene terpene is known to have the effects of calming the body and mind. They give out the sweet and fresh scent in most plants. Some plants that have lots of pinene terpene are basil and rosemary. Their benefits are so therapeutic. Studies show that the pinene terpene can be therapeutic depending on the amount in the air. They are known to play the role of a bronchodilator. They do this by allowing some air to get into the lungs. Pinene has anti-inflammatory properties that help fight against some germs, especially when inhaled. Some dominant strains found in pinene include; shark shock and Diamond OG.


    This terpene is found in different vegetables and herbs. Some of them include black pepper and cinnamon. According to Hernandez-Leon et al. (2020), Caryophyllene terpene performs anti-inflammatory functions. They help in minimizing the level of pain in individuals. They also help in fighting mood disorders like anxiety. Studies show that analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects are essential in fighting long-term chronic pain. The anti-inflammatory properties help in blocking harmful substances from entering the body and damaging the healthy cells that cause one to have inflammation.


    Linalool terpene has some floral scents with some calming effects. They are mostly found in purple color. This is why it is most abundant in the lavender plant. They are most beneficial in aromatherapy sessions due to the calming properties it has when one inhales the scent of the lavender or the terpene's essential oil. Studies show that linalool assists in minimizing anxiety and stress. This is why most manufacturers prefer using lavender in making wellness and self-care products. Linalool terpene can also be used when one has issues dealing with insomnia. This refers to the long hours one stays without getting some sleep. Milanos et al. (2017) suggested that the calming effects of the linalool help in soothing the mind and make one fall asleep easily.


    This terpene is known for its unique smell. They are mostly found in herbs. They have a very fruity, fresh, and citrusy aroma. Their dominant strains assist in elevating and uplifting moods. Some of its dominant strains are orange cookies and clementine. Learn more about is it safe to take terpenes?


    They are mostly found in ginger and clove. They are a key element in the hop plant. Studies show that they can prevent asthma and some allergic reactions. They also have protective effects on cells found in the body. These effects assist in preventing the occurrence of cancerous cells. Learn more about what do terpenes look like?


    Terpenes are the compound responsible for most plants' scent and aroma. They are mostly found in herbaceous plants, cannabis, and fruits. They not only play a role in a person's health benefits but also assist in keeping the plants healthy for survival. At times, being in an area that is surrounded by terpenes and inhaling them may benefit one's health.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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