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  • by Nicola Boulton September 01, 2022 5 min read

    What Do Terpenes Taste Like?

    Terpenes are divided into different types according to their taste, smell, and percentage in the cannabis plant.

    Everybody has their best taste when it comes to terpenes. You might wish to relax or change your mood to keep your mind focused using a sour taste of terpene, or you wish to gain confidence from your favorite CBD product and attain some other medical benefits; there are a variety of flavors in the market to satisfy your need. Some people prefer sweet-smelling profiles just for their taste. Regardless of your individual need, there is a diverse collection of tastes to cater to you. Let's understand how terpenes taste and the different tastes

    What Do Terpenes Taste Like?.

    Terpenes as the Aromatic Agents

    Terpenes are scent agents found in plants and natural herbs. They serve as the main part of resins in plants. This enables them to be the key extract for oil-producing plants. Thus, terpenes provide a distinctive essence or smell that we confuse with botanical plants.

    Even if terpenes are contained in most herbs and plants, Lowe et al. (2021) noted that they are known to be the potential molecules that provide cannabis with its distinctive smell and therapeutic potential. Oils obtained from cannabis have a pure smell of the herb from where it is obtained. In the laboratory, terpenes can be used to add fragrance value to the build-up of the product. Separating and obtaining botanical terpenes can acquire these different smells and flavors and set wider strain formulations. This article has narrowed down some of the commonly obtained terpenes with their taste to equip you with knowledge of their taste if you wish to go for them.


    It has a sharp, fresh, and pine-like smell


    Pine-like and earthy smell


    It has a woody and intense aroma.


    It has a sour and citrus-like aroma


    It has a smell similar to that of fruits and cloves.


    It has a sweet and citrus-like taste.


    It is woody and has spice in the taste


    It has an earthly and a spicy taste


    Smoke and herbal–like the taste


     It has a taste similar to that of rose flower and citrus fruit


    Its smell is sweet, rose-like, and with a little citrus


    Its floral and spicy-like taste

    Flavor Chamber

    Do you wish to add some qualities to the herb you are using to vape? Terpenes flavor chamber is the solution. While some people use it in the cooling chamber or as a store, it has several unexplained uses. You can remove the terpenes in this chamber, and you may add more natural herbs, plants, and vegetables to facilitate the process of vaping. Warm air passes over the material, thereby enabling the extraction of terpenes. Lavender is added to the chamber, and then the mixture is allowed to relax. Terpenes are very important; they enhance our knowledge and research on cannabis. They play a major role in medicine. They also enhance flavor, but they can also make you high. They also seem to change the moods of the individual and energetic profile. Tangy and limonene profiles have a citrus smell and are extremely sweet. Beer manufacturers are now adding terpenes to beer to enhance their flavor. Liktor-Busa et al. (2021) commented that terpenes are likely marketed as obtained from Marijuana instead of any other herbs. Researchers aim to maximize the plant's importance, but users must be careful with everything they use from the plant. Thorough research is needed before consumption to reduce the side effects.

    Taste Enhanced Terpenes

    These terpenes are the best everywhere. E-juice is the most common artificially taste enhanced, and it has a better taste than terpenes alone. Taste-promoted terpenes are obtained from cannabis with additional flavor included. According to Skalicka-Woźniak & Garrard (2014), these terpenes provide inherent health benefits with the additional advantage of a delicious taste. Some taste-promoted terpenes include strawberry and cream, while non-fruit branded terpenes include cereals. The taste of terpenes depends on the level of the flavor desired, sweet-smelling chemicals, and the user's mood. Some terpenes are scientifically made to challenge the ideal inherent terpene proportions. We consider the terpene proportions found in profiles to make specified terpenes and reverse the procedures while excluding CBD from the mixture. Ensure you test the ideal cannabis at a legalized laboratory, remake the terpenes strains in the laboratory, and try the formulations against the ideal cannabis plant. It shouldn't be marketed if the terpene strain doesn't match the ideal cannabis. Some terpenes are made to agree with the strains of terpenes obtained from essential oils. Sometimes, their names don’t taste like the actual thing. Learn more about what do terpenes do

    Artificial Tastes vs. Natural Terpenes

    Marijuana has a wide range of tastes; it doesn't taste naturally like cake or berry among the artificial tastes without natural terpenes. If you wish to vape, you will require artificial tastes that cannot be found anywhere else. Inherent terpenes are gaining popularity; they are good choices if trying to give a product an additional taste. Desaulniers Brousseau et al. (2021) argued that these terpenes could increase the sweetness while the CBD extract may go missing in the mixture, allowing the manufacturer to manufacture a product without negative effects.

    Go for terpenes if you wish to have inherent tastes found in the cannabis plant. If you want an unnatural taste, you can go for artificial tastes.

    The Taste of E-Juice

    The juice is commonly used in vapes. It contains nicotine that has different tastes to take care of everyone. It is made of glycerin, which adds a sweeter layer to the vapor. Mixing terpenes with e-juice can help you achieve the taste of your interest.


    Terpenes have different variety of tastes. Create enough time trying to understand what taste pleases you. Note that some flavors may not taste like the real ingredients or by their names. Even though many people expect what they are using to match their taste, this is contrary in terpenes, but it doesn’t mean that the terpene is harmful. Ignore all the negative misconceptions about terpenes because some studies have verified that terpenes are good for human consumption. Stick to your favorite terpene, and you will gain several benefits.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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