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  • CBD Massage Oil UK Shopping Guide

    CBD Massage Oil UK Shopping Guide

    CBD body massage oil is available in licensed shops and online stores across the UK. This blog is a shopping guide for Cannabidiol-infused massage oil in the UK.

    CBD is a non-addictive cannabis compound legalised in the UK for its pharmacological utility. The compound was authorised for medical use after the 2018 amendment of the UK's 1971 drugs act. The organic cannabis compound has attracted many users due to its limited side effects; the product is infused in many topical products, including, but not limited to, massage oil, due to its health and therapeutic benefits. However, removing hemp from the list of harmful substances has led to an influx of many companies dealing with CBD products across the country. It has invited a wide range of unregulated products into the UK market. Consumers must navigate the varieties available to get the best CBD massage oil; this requires a thorough understanding of cannabis-infused products.

    CBD Massage Oil UK Shopping Guide

    What is CBD?

    CBD, abbreviated from Cannabidiol, is among the over 100 cannabis compounds found in hemp or marijuana. The two cannabis sativa plants have varying levels of active compounds; the former is famed for a higher concentration of CBD, while the latter has elevated amounts of the psychoactive THC. On the one hand, THC is associated with the psychotropic effects of marijuana. In contrast, CBD is a non-addictive and non-psychoactive component of the cannabis sativa plant with numerous health and therapeutic benefits. It is dissolved in a carrier oil like MCT or coconut oil and infused in many products. CBD is used in topical products and applied for localized skin conditions like pain, Inflammation, and other skin disorders. Although Cannabidiol has traces of THC, the UK laws regulate it below 0.2%; the low concentration is incapable of inducing mind-altering effects associated with cannabis.

    Therapeutic Benefits of CBD Massage Oil

    Massage has multiple health and therapeutic benefits, which help users unwind after long strenuous physical and mental activities. Massaging is mainly conducted on the skin. The topical products used in CBD massage oil are absorbed into the body through the dense network of receptors domiciled in the peripheral nerves.

    According to Cooray, Gupta & Suphioglu (2020), our bodies contain a unique system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Scientists believe that The ECS contains cannabinoids similar to those produced by plants like hemp. This compatibility makes CBD effective for mediating the physiological functions of the ECS system in many ways. The ECS regulates fundamental functions like digestion, immune response, breathing, and pain perception. Irregular body functions like pain, Inflammation, and mental-related disorders like stress, depression, and anxiety inhibit the ideal body balance. The ECS interacts with pharmacological drugs like painkillers, sleeping aids, or ant-inflammation drugs to restore the body's balance. Though anecdotal, studies show that the ECS system interacts with CBD to restore irregular body functions caused by pain, Inflammation, or mental stressors. Cannabidiol-infused topicals provide interaction with the ECS to dispense the following benefits. 

    Reduce Anxiety

    CBD massage cream contains analgesia and anxiolytic properties, which exerts therapeutic effects on the body. According to De Gregorio et al.(2019), CBD increases the firings of 5-HT receptors releasing serotonin in the body. Shannon et al.(2019) observed that an increase in the serotonin hormone suppresses anxiety-related behaviours. Whiles studies on the effects of CBD on serotonin firing are animal-based, reports from unsupervised consumption of CBD show that Cannabidiol exerts similar effects on the human body.

    Improves Sleep Quality and Quantity

    Lack of quality sleep is a function of multiple factors including, but not limited to, stress, anxiety, and pain. Kesner & Lovinger (2020) observed that CBD reduces sleep-related disorders by stimulating the release of melatonin hormones responsible for sleep. The hormone instructs the brain to induce sleep whenever there is darkness; Cannabidiol also improves sleep quality by allowing the brain to fall into the REM sleep stage. Other properties of Cannabidiol, such as anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory conditions, improve sleep by reducing anxiety and Inflammation, which are common inhibitors of quality sleep. 

    Treats pain and Inflammation 

    Topical CBD treats pain and inflammation side effects like opioids or steroids. According to Atalay, Jarocka-Karpowicz & Skrzydlewska (2019), CBD has anti-inflammatory effects. The Cannabis derivative binds to inflammation-carrying neurotransmitters, blocking their capacity to transmit pain signals to the brain. Although anecdotal, studies show that the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD make it an alternative for arthritis-related pain and Inflammation.

    Smoothes Sore Muscles 

    CBD's anti-inflammatory properties work for sore muscles. The dense network of receptors in the peripheral nerves suppresses muscle pain. CBD massage gel contains inorganic additives like menthol, eucalyptus and peppermint, which cool muscles and provides therapeutic effects after strenuous physical activities.

    Aid Collagen Production  

    Collagen is a protein that boosts skin firmness and elasticity. Low collagen production leads to sagging, wrinkling, and the formation of fine lines, according to Brave (2019). CBD stimulates collagen production, reducing pre-mature ageing signs like dull skin, sagging, and inelasticity. Other causes of ageing signs include skin breakouts, dark spots, and pimples. CBD's effect on sebum products makes it an effective pharmacological alternative for such conditions

    Other health benefits of CBD massage oil include;

    • Reduce depression 
    • Boost collagen production
    • Oxidise free radicals 
    • Treat eczema, acne, and psoriasis


    How to Apply CBD Massage Oil

    CBD massage oil is a topical product for localised skin conditions like soreness, swelling, and internal pain. The amount of CBD to apply depends on several factors, such as; the user's age, concentration, potency, and the severity of the condition, among other factors.

    Cannabidiol massage oils should not be applied on broken skin or rubbed on open wounds. Instead, it should be applied to the skin around the affected area. CBD massage oil with high potency may require lower amounts than low-potent CBD. The product's potency is indicated as CBD in grams or a percentage of the total weight. 

    Timing is a crucial aspect of CBD products. Users who wish to massage a sore muscle to get quality sleep should apply the topical a few hours before bed. Similarly, the massage cream is effective in the evening if the user wishes to unwind with the product. Other therapeutic tools like fragrances, a warm bath, or music add to the therapeutic effects of the massage oil.

     Cannabidiol products are relatively novel. There are limited studies on its efficacy and risks, although available data shows that CBD affects users differently.

    A new user should take a patch test to determine their reaction to cannabis ingredients in the massage cream. A patch test involves taking a small amount of CBD on the skin to gauge its reaction in the body. If there is no itching or allergic reaction, one should stop using the massage lotion and seek alternative treatment.

    Advantages of CBD Massage Oil

    CBD massage oils are not processed through the gut. They cannot cause psychoactive effects to their users like edibles or vapes. Similarly, they have a higher bioavailability than edibles; bioavailability is the amount of CBD reaching the body after digestion, metabolism, and other processes. Unlike tinctures and edibles, topical massage oils do not expose their users to the earthy taste of cannabis. Many beginners dislike the earthy, grassy flavour of full-spectrum CBD; the presence of flavonoids and terpenes in the whole plant makes it harsh taste unpleasant to taste. Users of CBD topicals benefit from the bitter terpenes or flavonoids without enduring the taste.

    Limitations of CBD Massage Oil

    Topical products have the following limitations;

    • They are unsuitable for deeply lying conditions 
    • They could cause irritation, rashes, redness, and allergies
    • They have mild effects on mental-related conditions like mood
    • Unsuitable for pregnant users, toddlers, or lactating mothers
    • May react negatively to over-the-counter drugs

    The massage oils could lead to side effects like;

    • Lightheadedness 
    • Low blood pressure 
    • Change in weight and appetite.

    What to Look For When Shopping For CBD Massage Oil


    The following gold standards are useful for UK shoppers:

    Understand the Legal Requirements 

    CBD products are subject to strict legal rules. The UK's Home Office requires sellers of cannabis topicals to obtain the right license before selling to the public. According to the Home Office, it is illegal to import, sell or cultivate any cannabis derivative without approval license from the home office. All CBD products in the UK must conform to these provisions; they should declare their products' THC level at 0.2%. Any additional THC makes the product outlawed in the UK; users with more than 0.2% of CBD massage oil may face legal consequences. 

    Buy Products with Positive Customer Reviews

    Customers express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with cannabis products through their comments. Brands in the UK provide their users with a platform to share their experiences and rate the quality of the products; new users should avoid products with negative listings as they may have harmful effects on the skin. 

    Decide on the Type of CBD You Need.

    CBD massage oil comes in three spectrums with different potencies. Full-spectrum creams contain the most active cannabis derivatives and give the best treatment outcome. However, it may have THC suitable for some users. One should understand their allergies and response to THC and other ingredients found in massage oil. If allergic to THC, buy massage oils without THC; some full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate massage oils lack THC.

    Compare Prices and Pick the Best Deal

     Online shoppers benefit from a wide range of massage oils and enjoy the range of prices for the same products. Sometimes, companies provide free delivery services or discounts and other customer-friendly services. Therefore, buyers should compare the prices of other brands to avoid paying more for products available at cheaper prices elsewhere. 

    Understand Your Medical History

     The effects of CBD products on the body are user-specific. Treatments with blood thinners, some steroids, pain killers, and anti-histamine medications predispose the users to negative effects from CBD massage oil. Drugs with grapefruit warnings should not be used alongside CBD massage oil. When under specific medications, postpone the use of massage oil until the end of the treatment.

    Verify the Product's Labeling

    UK's Home Office recommends that manufacturers sell products with clear labels of their ingredients, cannabis profile, and potency, among other considerations. However, many products have inconsistent labelling between the certificate of analysis and the package; some brands exaggerate their cannabis profile to lure unsuspecting users. Therefore, one should ensure that the labels and the cannabis profiles in the certificate of analysis are consistent. Products with consistent labels should be considered for quality.


    CBD massage oil is novel and requires its users to have a thorough knowledge of Cannabidiol products to navigate the labyrinth of the market. The UK's Home Office classifies CBD as legal with 0.2% THC; otherwise, the product is illegal and may attract legal consequences. Buyers should ensure to buy products with consistent package labels; the details in the certificate of analysis and the one given in the package should be consistent. Online buyers should also prioritise products with positive customer reviews to get the best treatment outcomes. Many users relatively tolerate CBD massage oils. Nevertheless, new users should perform a patch test to determine their reactions to CBD before incorporating the cannabis derivative into their massage routines. 


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