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  • by Nicola Boulton September 27, 2022 5 min read

    Different Types of CBD Products

    CBD products are many, and they take different forms. This article discusses some of the CBD products in the market, including; gummy bears, CBD oil, CBD topicals, CBD vape edibles, CBD drinks, and CBD skincare products.

    CBD products are everywhere, and thus most consumers can access them. They can be bought from online stores and walk-in stores. However, you are not forced to purchase ready-made products, and you can make the product at home (DIY). For example, instead of buying CBD soap, you can make your soap. This is the best since you will use the ingredients you desire. CBD is a compound derived from hemp and cannabis plants. CBD on its own cannot get you high. The legal amount of THC in the products is below 0.3% since it is approved as non-intoxicating.

    CBD Oil Gummy Bears

    CBD gummies bears are candies infused with cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD. CBD gummies come in different shapes, flavors, and colors. They are chewy and thus good for beginners since they are convenient enough and thus considered God since they cover the weedy taste. They also can be taken at any time and place. CBD is non-intoxicating; most of the CBD used is hemp-derived since most tastes legalize it. Hemp is a breed of cannabis that has a high amount of CBD than THC.

    CBD gummies bears are in high demand both online and in walk-in stores. CBD gummies also have specific dosages. They range from 5 mg to 30 per gummy or more. Therefore, they are easy to monitor the dosage. For example, when you take two gummies of 30 mg, you will know the total amount of CBD you have had; 60 mg. According to García-Gutiérrez et al. (2020), CBD can enhance the relaxation of the body and the mind, and thus relieving stress and anxiety.

    CBD gummies can be infused with full spectrum CBD or broad spectrum. An increase in the dosage of full and broad-spectrum CBD increases the effect, which is not the case with CBD isolate.

    CBD Oil

    Naturally, CBD is extracted as a powder. After extraction, the compound is combined with carrier soils such as coconut oil and hemp seed oil. The oil does not affect the potency of CBD. They give it a new formulation for easy storage and use. Although CBD oil is used without being infused in any other compound, it does not alter the user's mental state.

    CBD oil can be infused in foods and drinks or can be taken in its oil form orally by swallowing the content. CBD taken in the body orally tends to take a long time for the effect to surface since the compound is digested before being absorbed into the body. CBD is widely appreciated for its therapeutic impact on the body. Teitelbaum (2019) showed that CBD could treat two kinds of epilepsy. Epidiolex is the only legalized CBD drug for medical use. Patients exhibited significant change after using CBD (epidiolex) compared to a placebo.

    Topical CBD

    CBD topicals have the widest dimension. They include; creams, salves, lotions, balms, soaps, moisturizers, masks, and transdermal patches. They are mainly designed to be used externally; on the skin surface. Many are good for pain relief and treating external infections. Gildea et al. (2022) noted that CBD could treat fungal and bacterial infections since the compound has an antibacterial and anti-fungal infection. Therefore, CBD can be used to treat psoriasis, a skin infection characterized by rashes and itchiness. CBD topicals are good for pain relief since the compound can be directly applied to the affected area and thus provide an immediate effect.

    CBD Vapes

    Vaping delivers fast results since the compound is directly inhaled into the lungs. This involves using CBD vapes filled into the cartridges and then exposed to a certain temperature. This makes the compound change into vapor and then inhaled directly into the lungs or can be through the mouth to the lungs. This will depend on the type of vaping pen used.

    Darabsehet al. (2020) discovered that vaping is healthier than smoking; thus, most smoking addicts use it to quit smoking. However, there is a need for more information about vaping and its effect on the body, both long-term and short-term. CBD oil cannot be vaped; CBD vaping does not have to get you high since the compound does not have a psychoactive impact on the brain. CBD vaping can be good for anxiety and sleep. since vaping has a fast kick-in, it can be good for people with problems falling asleep. The amount of CBD you need through vaping to serve your need will depend on the body's tolerance for CBD and the reason for taking CBD. Note that people have different responses to CBD

    CBD Edibles

    CBD edibles are the most discrete and convenient to use CBD. They include food and drinks. CBD edibles could be effective when taken in high doses. CBD edibles are subjected to first-pass effects, where they are broken down in the liver and digestive system. This makes the effect take; a long to surface. Edibles can be purchased ready-made or made at home, for example, gummies, foods, drinks like water, and CBD sublingual. CBD sublingual products include tinctures, a solution made after soaking cannabis leaves in alcohol. The products come with a bitter earthy natural taste.

    CBD Drinks

    Many people love having drinks for refreshment. You can relax the body and the mind by using CBD drinks since you will benefit from the widely appreciated cannabis compound. CBD drinks can be manufactured, or you can make your own by manually adding the required amount of CBD to your drink.

    CBD drinks can help relieve different body aches, such as headaches, alleviate stress and anxiety, and help the body and the mind to calm. CBD drinks provide an effect by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors in the body. They are easily aborded into the body compared to edibles. The amount of CBD taken will depend on how much the body can tolerate. Although the food standard agency recommends70 mg away, some people take 100 and more and do not experience any effects.

    CBD Skincare Products

    Skin care products include moisturizers, serum masks, bath salts, bath bombs, and body oi. CBD for skin helps with antioxidation. Pellati et al. (2018) revealed that CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect and thus can be used to reduce internal and external inflammation. Therefore, CBD skin care products can help curb acne, eczema, and skin infections caused by bacteria and fungi. They provide effect by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors in the skin.


    CBD is appreciated by many since it offers the body more than relaxation but tends to treat a different health problems. For example, epilepsy and treating conditions with severe pain as the symptoms. For easy accessibility for all CBD consumers to cater to their needs, CBD is infused in many products, including edibles, drinks, skincare products, vapes, and topicals. The different forms are good can Abe good for diverse therapeutic effects. For example, CBD vaping and gummies are good for relieving anxiety and stress. Skincare and topical CBD products are best for pain relief and external use, majorly on the skin.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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