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  • CBD Face Wash UK Shopping Guide

    CBD Face Wash UK Shopping Guide

    Before shopping for CBD face wash, you need to know that the CBD market is unregulated, making it easy for low-quality products to find a market. The quality of CBD will determine if you get the results you desire. The price, brand’s reputation, product potency, type of CBD, ingredients, lab reports, and source of the hemp plant materials will guide you to get a high-quality CBD face wash.

    Shopping for CBD products is tiring, and if you are not keen enough, you will buy a low-quality product. The cannabis market is largely unregulated, and CBD producers adhere to a few rules, such as extracting CBD from hemp. The product should not contain more than 0.2% delta-9 THC. CBD has become a widely used compound due to its therapeutic properties, which cannabis fanatic believe has health and wellness properties. There are things to consider when planning to buy CBD face wash in the UK. This guide will give you tips to consider when buying CBD face wash in the UK.

    CBD Face Wash UK Shopping Guide

    What is CBD?

    Cannabidiol, CBD, is a therapeutic cannabis compound. The cannabis plant has more than 100 known compounds like THC, CBD, and CBC. Producers use the hemp plant because it is rich in CBD and less in THC. THC causes a high feeling when you smoke marijuana, and that’s why it is illegal in many countries, including the UK. Solvent extraction is the common method of extracting CBD. The extracted CBD is refined into various types of CBD, used to make CBD products like beauty products, oils, and edibles.

    CBD Face Wash

    CBD face wash is a beauty product infused with CBD. You can use CBD as a beauty product because it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can improve skin conditions (Atalay et al., 2019). CBD treats acne, reduces redness and puffiness, and calms the skin. CBD can also help improve skin elasticity and moisture retention. It can also improve skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. CBD face wash is used topically. Producers may add other ingredients to the face wash to make it more effective.

    Factors to Consider when Buying CBD Face Wash


    The price tag on the CBD face wash is crucial because it will hint at the quality of the product. CBD products are pricey due to factors like the extremely dangerous extraction process. Cultivation of hemp is also expensive; farmers are encouraged to use organic methods because the hemp plant absorbs materials like chemicals from the soil, like heavy metals that will contaminate CBD. Brands give discounts on their products to attract customers, but the product's quality is the main motivator for buying the product.

    The price also determines the product's potency. Products with high potency are expensive compared to those with low potency. If you want a high-potency product, chances are it is pricey compared to low-potency products.

    The Brand

    The brand’s reputation determines the quality of CBD face wash. Brands may offer discounts to entice customers to buy their products, but the product’s quality is the only motivator for you to buy that product. You can learn about the brand’s reputation by checking user reviews on the brand’s website. Brands keep the user review page so that customers can give their experiences. Reading a product review will help you determine the product’s quality. Sometimes customers are honest when reviewing a product, especially when it meets their CBD needs and expectations.

    You can also learn more about the product quality by reading social media comments and posts about the product. Social media comments like Twitter and Facebook provide diverse views on the product. The downside of these comments is that they can be misleading or biased in favour of low-quality products where brands want to attract more customers. When reading the user reviews, you should consider other facts discussed here rather than depending on the reviews.

    The Product Potency

    Potency is the strength of the products. It is the amount of CBD in the product. It is labelled on the product label as mg/ml. Knowing the product's potency will help you buy the right product and evaluate its cost. If you have a critical condition, you will need a high-potency product than when dealing with acute problems.

    The Product Label

    The product label provides you with a summary of the product. It contains information like potency, quantity, ingredients, batch number a d QR code, and dosage. The product label is not very detailed, but it should give you information about the product. You can tell the product quality based on how well the label is labelled and detailed. Read the label carefully before choosing to buy the product. Use the information on the label to compare various CBD Face wash products.

    Type of CBD

    CBD products like CBD face wash are made from full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum, or isolate CBD. The full spectrum has all hemp plant flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids, including THC. The broad spectrum is like the full spectrum, but it does not have THC. Isolate CBD is pure. It does not have hemp plant terpenes or cannabinoids. Most customers prefer full-spectrum CBD products because of the entourage effect.Ferber et al. (2020) explained the entourage effect, as cannabinoids work better when used together. You can take broad-spectrum CBD products if you don’t want THC in your system. Isolate CBD products are easy to dose since they achieve high doses in small amounts.


    Shea butter, avocado, aloe vera, emu oil, chia seed extract, rosemary, coconut oil, and wheat germ are the common ingredients in CBD foot butter are the common ingredients you can find in CBD topical products. The ingredients are usually listed on the product label, but you can conform them from the lab results. The product is ineffective if it contains ingredients you are allergic to or irritates your skin. You can consult a physician about these ingredients or ask the storekeeper for a sample, apply a small amount of the product to the outer skin part of your elbow and wait for a few seconds if you can feel any irritations.

    Lab Reports

    Lab reports or certificate of analysis, COA is a document that contains test results on the CBD. Third-party labs test the CBD for contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides. The labs also test for the product potency and do a cannabinoid profile. The cannabinoid profile lists all cannabinoids in the CBD product and their respective amounts in percentage. The cannabinoid profile will help you know what CBD is in the product. If the product label says full-spectrum and the lab results do not contain THC, the product has a broad-spectrum CBD. You can access the lab report by scanning a QR code on the product label. You can also use a batch number on the product label. The lab reports are under the product description if you shop online. Some brands make the COA readily available, while others produce them when customers ask. Do not buy CBD face wash products if you cannot access the lab results.

    Source of Hemp Plant Materials

    Some brands have their hemp farms, while others depend on farmers. How the farmers cultivate the hemp plants will determine the quality and contamination of the CBD. The hemp plant absorbs a lot of soil content, including contaminants like heavy metals. Thus, farmers are advised to use organic farming methods. This, in turn, will help reduce the number of contaminants in the soil. Customers may not visit the farms to confirm how the farms cultivate their plants, but they may be contented with the brand’s products. The hemp plant should also be non-GMO for high-quality CBD. If the hemp farms have a website, you can also learn how they cultivate the hemp plants.

    Where to Buy CBD Face Wash in the UK

    CBD products are legal in the UK if hemp-derived and contain no more than 0.2% delta-9 THC. THC is also a cannabis compound responsible for the high psychoactive feeling you experience after taking marijuana. You can legally buy and possess CBD products in the UK. You can buy CBD face wash products in the UK from physical location stores or online stores like the brands’ websites and other stores that specialise in cannabinoid products.

    Physical Location Stores

    Physical location stores include pharmacies, shops, and chemists. You can start using your product right after paying for it, and when in doubt, you can get assistance from the storekeeper. You get to compare different products physically by reading their product label.

    The downside of shopping from these stores is that you can easily buy low-quality products because the cannabis market is largely unregulated, and low-quality products easily find their way to the market.

    Online Stores

    Shopping from websites of reputable brands is, so far, the best way of shopping for CDB products like CBD face wash. You can use the points discussed here to find a reputable store and then read the COA before making an order. The brands and stores have a return policy that you can utilise if you receive low-quality or damaged goods.

    The downside of online shopping is that you don’t compare the goods physically, the order can delay, or you may receive damaged goods.

    How and When to Use CBD Face Wash

    CBD face wash is a CBD topical product; you use it on your face. Take a given amount and smear it on your facial skin. Massage the area treated for a few seconds to allow absorption before rinsing your face. The ingredients in the product are not safe to ingest; thus, use it cautiously. Do not use the product if you have a wound on your face because the product’s ingredients may irritate the wound and cause more pain or breeding.

    There is no specific time to use the CBD face wash. You can use the product in the morning, at noon, or before bed. Using the product in the morning when you leave the house will ensure you have a glowing face throughout the day, and using it before bed will help relax your facial skin. 

    Effect of CBD Topicals

    The effect of CBD topicals is localised on the treated skin area. Unlike other CBD products, CBD enters the bloodstream to interact with the cannabinoid system, which is the body’s communication channel (Lu & Mackie, 2016). After taking CBD topicals like CBD face wash, you might not experience CBD side effects like nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, and drowsiness. Drug interaction, perhaps, is the most adverse CBD side effect (Brown &Winterstein, 2019). When taking CBD products, take the suggested dose. Studies on cannabis compounds are in preliminary stages, but it's best for people with medical conditions or on medication to consult a physician. Also, pregnant and lactating women should avoid using these products until they are done with nursing.


    The first step to finding a high-quality CBD product is knowing your CBD goals. What you want to achieve with CBD products will determine the product you will buy. Some problems require CBD products with high potency, while others require low potency. The product potency does determine the price such that high-potency products are pricey compared to those with low potency. When shopping for CBD face wash, consider; the price, brand’s reputation, product potency, type of CBD, ingredients, lab reports, and source of the hemp plant materials. Where to buy the product is very crucial. You can buy from physical location stores or online stores. Weigh the pros and cons of shopping from each store before making a purchase. The lab reports are also very important since they prove that the product is safe and pure. Do not buy any CBD product if you cannot access its lab results. CBD face wash is easy to use as you use it as a body wash. There is no specific time to use the face wash. The effect of CBD topical is localised, and you might not feel the side effects of CBD after using the face wash.


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