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  • by Nicola Boulton September 27, 2022 5 min read

    How to Apply CBD Cream to Your Eyes

    A lot of caution must be taken when applying CBD cream to the eyes. Some of them include; being gentle on the skin around the eye and making sure that the cream does not enter the eyes. When applying the cream, use a pea-sized amount on the area around the eyes. Apply in dots and take some time before applying the other beauty products.

    CBD eye cream should be used daily. They have been acclaimed to have a lot of benefits, such as moisturizing the skin, treating fine lines and wrinkles, and minimizing sebum production around the eyes. However, most people have questions about how CBD eye cream should be applied. The area around the eyes also needs to be taken special care of to avoid having eye problems. This article answers how CBD eye creams should be applied and their benefits to the eyes.    

    Identify the Area of the Skin to Apply the CBD Cream

    The first thing is always to identify the area beneath the eyes and where the CBD eye cream should be applied. You can target the area you feel needs special care and attention. Identifying the part where the CBD eye cream should be applied to will assist in getting proper benefits as the CBD topicals will only be felt on the localized area and the parts where the CBD cream has only been applied. If one is unsure about the part that they would want to feel the effects, they can apply it to the skin surrounding the eye. This will make the effects of the cream felt in the areas surrounding the eye.

    Prepare the Skin on the Area Where the CBD Eye Cream Should Be Applied

    Stella et al. (2021) stated that one of the main reasons one would apply CBD eye cream on the skin is that the CBD can get absorbed by the skin and interact with the endocannabinoid receptors so that the effects can be felt. This, however, cannot be possible if the area surrounding the eye is dirty. Dirt blocks CBD eye cream ingredients from getting soaked into the skin, making the effects not felt. Therefore, wash the area where you plan to gently apply the CBD eye cream with a soft cloth and warm water. This will clear any dirt and sweat that may block the skin from absorbing the CBD eye cream ingredients. Make sure the area has been dried off using a dry towel, and prepare the area for applying the CBD cream. 

    Place a Pea-Sized Amount of CBD Cream on the Finger Directly

    Use a small amount of CBD eye cream on the skin. CBD eye cream tends to be thicker and more concentrated, unlike normal moisturizers. The small amount of CBD eye cream is enough to be used on eye areas. You can place the CBD cream on the ring finger as it is the one that has the lightest touch. Ali & Akhtar (2015) stated that CBD cream should be applied to the sensitive area below the eyes, and be sure not to apply too much pressure on the area being applied the CBD cream. 

    Apply in a Few Dots

    When applying the CBD eye cream to the eyes, start with small dots at the inner corner and move your way up to the brow bone. Tap on the area beneath the skin, gently applying the CBD cream to stimulate the product's circulation and allow it to be absorbed.

    Take Some Time Before Applying the Other Products

    One can plan to add some skin products on the face, like make-up or other routine skin care products. However, be sure not to apply some skin products to the face immediately after applying the CBD cream. Wait for about 2-3 minutes so that the skin may absorb the CBD eye cream's ingredients, and its effects may be efficient. You can apply the make-up and other skin care products you love after the time elapses.

    Wash Your Hands After Applying the CBD Eye Cream

    After applying the CBD eye cream to your face, ensure you wash your hand or the fingers used to apply the CBD eye cream to your face with some soap and warm water. This is to ensure you do not ingest the CBD eye cream or even get to touch the eyes with them.

    Tips to Follow When Applying CBD Eye Cream

    Be Gentle on the Skin

    Evans (2020) stated that when applying CBD eye cream, do not stretch the skin. Rub and massage the area where you are applying the CBD gently. Also, do not use much energy on the area as the cream may get into the eyes and cause more risks than benefits. It may bring about irritation and eye infections.  

    Do Not Apply to the Eyes

    You should apply CBD eye cream in the areas around the eyes. The skin can absorb the CBD cream, making the endocannabinoid receptors interact with the cream's ingredients. Its effects will be felt in the eyes or the areas surrounding the eyes. Applying it directly to the eyes may bring a lot of risks, such as blindness and eye irritation.

    Use Full-spectrum CBD Eye Cream

    According to cream (2020), the great thing about the full-spectrum CBD eye cream is that it has almost all the compounds in the cannabis plant, making it the most active and effective type of CBD. The other forms, broad-spectrum and isolate-based, can also be used, but they won't be as effective as when using the full-spectrum CBD.


    CBD eye creams have become a necessity in the pharmaceutical market. They have advantages to the skin, such as removing dark spots, moisturizing, and minimizing the skin's soreness and swelling. Most people have seen it as a great addition to the skincare routine and have taken full advantage of them as they use them together with their other skin care products. Getting to know how to apply CBD eye cream may differ. However, this article will surely guide you to the steps to follow when applying CBD eye cream to your eyes.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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