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  • by Nicola Boulton December 13, 2023 5 min read

    What Are the Best CBD Capsules for Back Pain?

    Full-spectrum CBD capsules are considered the best due to their entourage effect. This article explains the best CBD capsules, factors to consider when looking for the best CBD capsule and how CBD capsules work for back pains.

    CBD is a compound derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant. It is consumed in different forms, including capsules, oils, foods, cosmetics, and lotions. CBD capsules, pills, or tablets offer a convenient, easy and quick way for many individuals to consume CBD. This method provides an option for individuals who might not like the earthy smell or taste of other cannabidiol products. Many prefer this method to consume CBD since it contains various nutrients and vitamins that offer additional benefits.

    What Arethe Best CBD Capsules for Back Pain?

    There are three types of CBD capsules for back pain in the market. These include full-spectrum CBD capsules, broad-spectrum CBD capsules, and CBD isolate capsules. They deliver the benefits of CBD to the body, but they are different. CBD isolate capsules contains only pure CBD and no additional components. Broad-spectrum CBD contains all the cannabinoids found in cannabis, like terpenes and flavonoids but does not contain THC. According to Marinotti & Serial (2020), full-spectrum CBD capsules contains all the cannabinoid in the Cannabis Sativa plants, including THC. It is considered the best CBD capsule to treat back pain. When a small level of THC is added to the CBD capsule, its effects become stronger and more effective. It brings what is called the entourage effect. Full-spectrum CBD capsules do not make individuals feel high since THC in them is in small amounts below 0.2%.

    Factors To Consider When Looking for the Best CBD Capsules for Pain

    There are things that individuals should consider when looking for the best CBD capsules.

    CBD Formulation

    Users should consider the type of CBD that suits their needs well. For instance, full-spectrum CBD capsules are the best for consumers experiencing pain. However, CBD isolate and broad-spectrum CBD capsules are the best alternatives for users who do not enjoy THC.

    Brand’s Reputation

    Users are advised to visit the CBD website to get the best CBD company. On the website, many companies sell CBD products. They should read the reviews to get the best one out of them. A company with positive reviews will likely sell high-quality products safe for human consumption since many individuals like them. A company with negative reviews seems its products are of poor quality and unsafe for consumption. Individuals should always look for a reputable company to get the best products. They are advised to ask for a certificate of analysis and a third-party lab test result. This will make individuals sure that the product is safe for consumption. If a manufacturer denies disclosing these forms, users should stop buying them. Many manufacturers in the market have been claiming to have the best products and selling them at cheap prices. Cheap prices should not be one of the factors to consider when buying CBD capsules or other CBD products. Some of these products are of poor quality and may harm the human body. It is better to spend money on a high-quality product that will be effective and safe for consumption than purchasing a cheap product that will be ineffective and harm the body.

    Extraction Method

    Individuals should ask about the method used to extract CBD products. This is because some extraction methods leave impurities behind, making the product appear unsafe for human consumption. The CO2 extraction method is considered to be safe. It brings about pure CBD with no contaminants. It is good always to consider this when purchasing CBD products.

    THC Levels

    Users should again look at the amount of THC in the product. This is because some products may contain large amounts of THC, making individuals feel high and failing to deliver the benefits of CBD. The amount of THC above 0.2% can show up on a drug test and alter the mental states of individuals. When THC is high, an individual taking CBD capsules for pain may not benefit from it. It is only effective when it is used in small amounts. Consumers are advised to read the product's label to see if the ingredients used may be allergic to them to avoid complications after consuming them.

    How CBD Capsules Work for Back Pain

    According to Argueta et al. (2020), CBD has shown its potential benefits for pain relief. It relieves muscle and joint pain, especially for athletes, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, back pain, and other related pain in the body. Its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties make it able to reduce general discomfort associated with various health disorders, inflammation, and pain. Cannabidiol provides the option for individuals having chronic pain. CBD capsules take some time to be absorbed into the bloodstream. This is because it has to be dissolved into the small intestines and then enter the bloodstream when it is swallowed. Individuals may take longer to experience relief from their back pain when they use this method, but they may enjoy the long-lasting effects. CBD interacts with the system in the body called the endocannabinoid system accountable for controlling many functions in the body like immune response, appetite, sleep, anxiety, pain, and the reproductive system. This system is also important to maintain the body in its equilibrium state. It binds with the cannabinoid receptors, that is, CB1 and CB2, where they send the messages to the endocannabinoid system. Anandamide is a compound related to controlling pain, improving mood, and reducing pain discernment. CBD increases the levels of anandamide in the body, where individuals start experiencing relief from pain, inflammation, and overall well-being. CBD also limits inflammation in the nervous system and the brain, which may benefit individuals with insomnia, pain, and some immune system responses.

    Other Benefits of CBD Capsules

    When individuals consume CBD capsules, they may experience improvement in their sleep. According to Williams & Nutbrown (2021), CBD has calming properties that make individuals feel relaxed and calm after a long and tiring day. This makes them fall asleep faster. Pain is a factor that can make individuals experience difficulties in sleeping. Since CBD has shown the ability to reduce pain, it makes individuals feel refreshed and more comfortable. When pains are reduced, individuals may fall asleep without struggling. According to Henson et al. (2022), CBD also interacts with cannabinoid receptors to reduce mental disorders like anxiety, depression, and stress. These are disorders that can cause insomnia. When they are reduced, individuals can fall asleep more easily.


    Full-spectrum CBD capsules are the best when it comes to treating pains. Due to the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties CBD has, it makes it potential to reduce back pain and other related pains. There is no specific dosage for CBD capsules to treat pains, but individuals are advised to start at a low and increase when it responds well to the body. They should consult the doctor before purchasing or consuming any CBD product to help them determine the right dosage.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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