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August 31, 2022 5 min read

Broad-Spectrum Vs. Full-Spectrum CBD

With the legalization of hemp cultivation in the United States, the commercial use and cultivation of hemp and related products rose. Cannabis was legalized, and individuals adopted its use. Individuals could find other cannabinoids in different concentrations and potency. This article explains the various concentration and strengths of CBD that an individual can access.

CBD, also called cannabidiol, is among the hundreds of cannabinoids extracted from cannabis plants. The legalization of cannabis in the United States increased the popularity of CBD consumption, leading companies to find better ways of addressing the needs of consumers. Different strains of cannabinoids were extracted from cannabis like THC and CBD. CBD, unlike THC, is well adopted and consumed by many individuals as it helps one to relax and be calm. THC is intoxicating and, on consumption, provides a high feeling effect to an individual. Different products in the market give varying feelings and results to an individual; thus, there are various CBD products that one can choose from, including; complete spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate.

Types of CBD

CBD as a whole compound can be found in various types and aspects depending on an individual's preferences and choice. The kinds of CBD differ in potency, concentration, and compound composition. There are three known CBD types that an individual can access, and the difference comes from the compound composition. The full spectrum contains all the compounds found within the cannabis plant. The broad range includes all the compounds just like the full spectrum but lacks THC, and CBD isolate has only pure CBD.

What Is Broad Spectrum CBD?

It is one of the main compounds of CBD and is known to contain every compound that one can access from the cannabis plant, including CBD, terpenes, and flavonoids. Broad spectrum CBD is void of THC, making it different from the full spectrum CBD. Individuals can feel the entourage effect from this type of CBD without experiencing the effects of THC.

Benefits of Broad-spectrum CBD

There are many benefits that an individual can access from broad spectrum CBD. De Assis et al. (2021) explained that individuals could benefit from pain and anxiety reduction after consuming broad-spectrum CBD. It also helps improve an individual's sleep and contains anti-inflammatory properties that benefit an individual. Several individuals stated that broad spectrum CBD provided them with beneficial compounds like terpenes, natural aromatic compounds found in different plants, including cannabis. Andre et al. (2016) stated that individuals using phytocannabinoids and terpenes together helped in the management of fungal infection, pain, and depression, among other known conditions.

Drawbacks of Broad-Spectrum CBD

Some broad-spectrum CBD can contain low THC levels, which can affect an individual, making it possible to test positive for a drug test. This type of CBD is better for an individual who does not want THC effects, but it is disadvantageous as one may be missing some of the crucial benefits of the entourage effect. A better entourage effect is obtained when CBD is used with other cannabinoids, giving a better outcome.

What Is Full Spectrum CBD

It is a type of CBD that contains all the compounds found in the cannabis plant and is naturally beneficial to an individual. Full spectrum CBD contains cannabinoids which are over 100 in number, including CBD and THC, which are the reason for the psychoactive and therapeutic effects of the product. It also contains terpenes and flavonoids, which affect a plant's fragrance and have medicinal benefits.

Benefits of Full Spectrum CBD

The Entourage Effects

Nahler et al. (2019) stated that CBD is more beneficial when combined with other cannabinoids like other lesser cannabinoids with terpenes and flavonoids, too; thus, the entourage effect. Combining THC with CBD in the full spectrum may aid with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits. Also, low THC levels of below 0.3% should not make an individual feel high, but it depends on the product's potency and how much is consumed.

Widely Available

The full spectrum is widely available and easily accessible. It is easy to find products infused with various forms like gummies, creams, and lotions.

Drawbacks of Full Spectrum CBD

Contain THC

The full spectrum contains THC, which every person does not adopt. Individuals prefer avoiding it or getting worried about it appearing in a drug test. Individuals should look for legit products to prevent consuming more THC than claimed.


Individuals should check for the amount of THC in the products they purchase. Some products can be from marijuana and have more than the stipulated THC levels. Most of the products in the market are hemp-derived, which should contain less than 0.3% THC levels and thus are federally legal but still illegal in some states.

Broad Spectrum Vs. Full Spectrum: Which Is the Best

Maayah et al. (2022) explained that full spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD are best for users but will depend on personal interest. The difference between the two products is one contains THC while the other does not contain THC. Both have the whole plants' compounds with slightly different THC compositions. Individuals interested in feeling the entourage effect without THC effects can use broad spectrum CBD. In contrast, those who want to feel the THC effects and intoxication can use full-range CBD.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum CBD

When purchasing such products, individuals should consider various aspects;


Look for the ingredients contained in the specific products. Some companies can produce broad spectrum CBD products with THC levels; thus, one should be keen.

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

During purchase, one should ensure that the products are up to date and have a comprehensive certificate of analysis coming from a reputable third-party lab. Look at the potency levels, any contaminants, and cannabinoid levels.


Purchase products from companies with organically accessed hemp products mainly cultivated from the United States as most products are through better regulations making it a better shot.


Broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD are some known types of CBD and are naturally beneficial to an individual. The broad spectrum contains no THC levels, while the full spectrum contains THC levels of not more than 0.3%, per the federal laws of United States. It is essential to see an individual's composition, differences, and effects on consumption of CBD. Consider transparent products with a better analysis certificate and no unsupported health claims.


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