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  • by Nicola Boulton September 05, 2022 5 min read

    How to Create a Great Morning for Kids

    A good day starts with a good beginning. The mood of the entire day of a child or a normal human being can be determined in the morning, how they wake up, which activity they engage in, and the type of food they take for breakfast, among other things. All children need a fresh start that is healthy for their lives to help them maneuver smoothly over the entire day.

    A great morning for kids can be created in various ways. Various aspects should be put into consideration to be able to help a better morning routine. Most parents dwell on the child’s physical needs when they wake up, finding their books, taking breakfast, and getting their shoes on, among other aspects. Kids can also be prepared both emotionally and mentally. A drastically kind of morning routine can be created for a child with little planning in place. It can be a plan that entails physical, mental, and emotional needs, which can help a kid stay focused, peaceful and happy. If not well prepared, morning can be super stressful; most individuals do not doubt it. Trying to keep the family on toes with the kids being a priority to be fed, dressed, and out of the house for school or other relevant daily plans and activities is not easy. Consider various aspects to beat the rowdy routine that may not help children.

    The Night Before

    Ladds et al. (2020) explained that individuals should be keen on planning for the next day before going to bed after a tiresome day that can contain a hard daily activity. It will help kids in the morning, and the entire family is ready for the day. Coordinate and set out any accessories and clothes needed for the next day. Some kids choose their clothes and dress themselves up, unlike others who depend on their parents to dress them up. All this should be done the night before going to bed. Prepare the next day’s meals, lunch, and breakfast at night to save the cooking time in the morning for freshening up and doing other basic things. Prepare any extracurricular activities and bags needed for the next day to help save time.

    Create a Command Centre

    Evenings are tiresome, especially after a long day at work; parents should try to create a command center in the house. Thomas et al. (2022) recommended getting a place where related aspects and activities are dealt with by not mixing them with other staff. It can be created for mornings and organizing a kid’s school routine. All the things needed for school should be assembled at one place just after school to be able to access in the next morning. Parents should create command centers for their kids to accommodate every aspect without much problem.

    Wake Up Before Your Kids

    Waking up early is better as it helps create a stress-free morning routine needed for all kids. It will be better to be showered and dressed up before your kids and help them pack their lunch and get ready to access the command center. Waking up early is one of the essential aspects that an individual can use to tackle any stressful morning. With enough time, meditate, engage in some exercises, and have a cup of tea, among other things, as the kids wake up and get ready for the day.


    When the kids wake up, try connecting with them for five minutes. Abels et al. (2021) stated that it is important to show love for your kids by cuddling, relaxing with them, or playing games together to help them get active in the morning. When they sleep alone, most kids end up being needy in the morning. Parents should try to accommodate their children to help them show love and attention. Avoid waking the kids up on a frazzled day.

    Routine Charts

    It is hard for young kids to switch gears in the morning. They cannot be easily responsible for getting on and brushing their teeth, eating breakfast, and heading out of the door alone. They need guidance and help. It is more difficult when a child is autistic or suffering from ADHD or any sensory disorder. Visual routine charts can be used for a kid as it helps them understand what is going to happen in the morning and evening. They need to follow the routine every day. Routine charts contain typical daily duties like;

    • Taking breakfast
    • Dressing up
    • Brushing teeth
    • Combing hair
    • Preparing lunch
    • Putting on shoes
    • Leaving for school

    Prepare an evening chart that a child can easily accommodate. Parents should be available for their children and be sure that the child can go through all the aspects that are in place before anything else.

    Use a Timer

    Using a timer can be the best strategy for better morning accomplishments. It helps a kid move along with all the needed routines and the necessary tasks in place. A timer helps a child know the amount of time they’ve been left with for them to complete a certain task. Each child has a specific working ability, and parents should consider their kid’s flexibility or organization. A child needs to grow up knowing how best they can keep time and be productive.

    Remain Calm

    Calmness is key, and each person should learn to be calm. Becks (2020) suggested that parents should always stay calm, be positive in every aspect, and behave cheerfully to prevent negative relationships and unproductivity. A child needs to see a vibrant face in the morning. When the child is anxious, help them to prevent any unwanted behavior afterward. Calmness is key and helps one reduce the morning pressure and disorganization that can be encountered.


    Parenting is not easy, and many aspects must be considered to help a kid have a perfect morning routine. It should be a daily routine for five days a week and every month where your child is engaged. A frazzling morning can change if parents consider the aspects explained above. Individuals should be able to create a suitable routine and stick to it daily as, with time, it will become your second nature, making life activities easier.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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