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  • by Nicola Boulton August 31, 2022 5 min read

    CBD Vs. THC: Why Full Spectrum CBD May Be Your Best Choice

    There is always that confusion about the difference between the THC and CBD compounds. CBD and THC are found in the cannabis plant. This means that they are also in the full spectrum CBD. The presence of these compounds in the full spectrum makes people prefer using them. Some of the issues discussed in this article include; the definition of CBD and THC, the benefits, and types of CBD.  

    CBD and THC are compounds found in the full spectrum CBD. Most people prefer the full-spectrum CBD because of all the compounds in the cannabis plant, CBD and THC. The presence of these compounds makes it easy for the effects to be efficient and fast. The main difference lies in the ‘High effect.’ CBD is non-psychoactive, while THC is psychoactive. This article focuses on the THC and CBD compounds and the reasons most people prefer using full-spectrum CBD compared to the other types of CBD.

    What is CBD?

    Its technical name is cannabidiol. CBD is a natural compound that is derived from cannabis plants. It is also found in marijuana and hemp plant. However, they are most concentrated in hemp. Moreover, CBD has a lot of benefits to the human body.

    Types of CBD

    There are three types of CBD. They include;

    Full-spectrum CBD

    It has all the compounds of the cannabis plant, making it the reason it is often referred to as whole-plant cannabis. Some full-spectrum CBD compounds are terpenes, THC, and flavonoids. Full-spectrum CBD is the least processed type of CBD, which has retained all the important compounds of the cannabis plant. Most people that use full-spectrum CBD are the ones that want to get the effects of the THC compound. They may as well love full-spectrum because of how fast and efficient it is. Moreover, one does not need to take large doses to feel the effects.    

    Broad-spectrum CBD

    Broad-spectrum CBD does not differ much from full-spectrum CBD. It has almost all of the compounds found in the cannabis plant except the THC compound. However, there are instances when THC can be present but in small amounts. They go through a process in which the main aim is to remove the THC compound. Broad-spectrum can be achieved in two different ways. You can extract the full-spectrum CBD and take it through the process of removing the THC compound alone. The rest of the extract will be known as broad-spectrum CBD. You can also take CBD isolate and combine it with other compounds of the cannabis like the terpenes and get a broad spectrum from them. The latter is the easiest way, as CBD isolate is pure and does not have the presence of THC component.   

    Isolate Based CBD

    This is the purest type of CBD. It goes through several processes to make sure that all the compounds of the cannabis plant are removed and are left with the CBD compound only. CBD isolate exists in two different forms; powdered and crystals. Mostly, the crystals can be grounded and turned into powder. Those that prefer the isolate-based CBD are the ones that are not into the THC compound and do not want to experience the high effect. They may also use it for the medicinal benefits that they offer. The isolate-based CBD is not as effective as the rest of the other types of CBD. This is because it does not have all the compounds of the cannabis, making them slow in efficiency. This is the main reason it is taken in large doses so that its effects may be felt.

    Benefits of CBD

    Relieves Pain and Inflammation

    According to Eskander et al. (2020), CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve pain in the body. Inflammation in the body is caused when a new and harmful substance enters the body and interacts with the healthy cells, thus damaging them. The body cells might swell and become sore. It may also bring about some pain. Atalay et al. (2020) explained that CBD helps in relieving pain through its anti-inflammatory properties. This is done by blocking the harmful substances from contacting the healthy cells, thereby minimizing the pain that would be felt when inflammation occurs.

    Treats Insomnia

    According to Carrieri et al. (2020), CBD is known to be a sedative drug. Most are when one gets home after a long day at work and feels tired. However, they may be unable to get some sleep. The long hours one has without getting some sleep is called insomnia. The CBD helps calm and soothe the mind, making the body relax and preparing it for sleep.

    Gives a Glowing and Radiant Skin

    CBD can be used in creating topicals and bath bombs. These topicals can be very useful in giving someone very youthful and glowing skin. This is why most manufacturers use CBD in their products, as they are known for their wellness properties. They can treat skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis. CBD products are also known to minimize dermal inflammation of the skin.

    What is THC?

    THC is another compound in the cannabis plant and, sometimes, in the hemp plant but in small amounts. The psychoactive compound gives out the stoning and high effect on an individual. It is also known for the benefits they have on an individual.

    Benefits of THC

    Stimulates Appetite

    Marijuana has always been linked with the ability to make one have a crazy appetite. This is why most people who do not have an appetite for food use it even in small amounts to stimulate their appetite.

    Relieves Pain

    CBD is no different from the THC compound. According to Miller et al. (2017), THC can also relieve different types of pain that may be caused by inflammation in individuals.

    It gives the High Effect

    This may seem not to be a benefit, but to those that love it, they use it so that they may experience the high effect. This means that it is not only used for health benefits but also for its high effect. Learn more about storing cbd products

    Why Choose Full-Spectrum CBD

    Full-spectrum CBD is the best choice for individuals who want fast and efficient results. The full-spectrum CBD brings about efficient effects of all the compounds in the cannabis plant. It also means that one does not need to have them in high amounts since they are very effective. Learn more about is cbd beneficial for athletes?


    Choosing between CBD and THC may all be about preference. Do you want to experience the high effect? Well, the best option would be to settle for THC. Is it the medicinal benefits? Then use the CBD. However, both can be found in the full spectrum CBD, which is why full-spectrum is the most chosen type of CBD. The presence of both of these compounds makes it easy for the effects to be felt. However, for one to feel the high effect, they need to take the full-spectrum CBD in high doses, as the percentage of THC in it is so low for it to cause a high effect.   


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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